The 10 Best Japanese PSP Games That are So Otaku!

The Play Station Portable makes gaming accessible from just about anywhere while at the same time offering the same variety of enjoyable and challenging games to choose from. From a slew of games being produced for the PSP, Japanese games arguably have the highest ratings and reviews from fans around the world. These games range everywhere from intense fighting scenarios all the way to elaborate strategic role-playing objectives, each one with a unique cast of characters, plots, and settings. We can say for certainty that these 10 Japanese PSP games rank the highest among the many vying for your attention.

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1. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Developer: Capcom

Interested in taking up sword and magic to save the world from an onslaught of monsters? The real world might lack these types of quests, but Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will take you there in an instant.

The third installment in the series, Monster Hunter features an action role-playing game in a high fantasy environment. As indicated by the title, the player enters the game as a hunter and quests to both capture and kill a wide range of monsters. Highly praised in its graphics and game play, Monster Hunter 3rd truly transports the player to a fun, and equally as challenging, gaming world.  Although the game is conducted entirely in Japanese, the objectives are straightforward and easy to comprehend regardless of language. We think this game is an absolute must for the PSP, as it includes user-friendly game play and addicting battles all in one graphically beautiful setting. 


2. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Developer: Square Enix

Any fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, Disney tales, or even imaginative game play, will love this prequel to the acclaimed Kingdom Hearts Franchise.

The game follows the stories of three individual heroes,Terra, Venta, and Aqua, ten years before the original, who all take the player on three unique stories. The over-arching plot then reveals itself through the completion of each character's journey. With numerous customizable options for the controls, multiplayer opportunities, and new character content, the game fairs well in its place within the Kingdom Hearts legacy. The game features the nostalgic Disney worlds such as  Deep Space, Neverland, and Olympus Coliseum, all to pay homage to the older games while also adding a fresh variety. It also does well in creating emotional attachment with the viewer and the three different perspectives they play all throughout. Birth by Sleep does not disappoint, and we think its a beautiful game for lovers of gaming and Kingdom Hearts alike.


3. Valkyria Chronicles III: Unrecorded Chronicles

Developer: Media.Vision

Have a passion for dramatic battles, stories of redemption, and historical fiction?Then the third game of the Valkyria Chronicles is the perfect fit for your gaming needs.

Strategy and role-playing make up the majority of this game as the player follows a penal military unit called "The Nameless" on a series of dangerous missions. The unit includes a variety of societal misfits such as global criminals to even military offenders. Already coming from a highly praised franchise, this game follows its predecessor's momentum in wowing the players with unique character designs and exceptional art.  Through a linear set of missions to be completed, more and more maps are revealed and accessible to the player. The player also has a lot of power in deciding how the maps are unlocked and which courses they choose to embark and prioritize. Accompanied by a memorable soundtrack, the game sets a dark tone which successfully emphasizes the historical setting of the Second European War. Those who already fell in love the other Valkyria Chronicles games are sure to love this third sequel with more worlds and characters to explore and conquer. 


4. Jean D'Arc

Developer: Level-5

Role-playing games have always been a popular genre among the gaming community. Jean D'Arc is one that does a good job standing out amongst the saturated RPG market we are constantly being exposed to. 

Inspired by the true events surrounding the renowned french heroine Joan of Arc, this game transports the player into the Hundred Year's War between France and England. It begins with the unfortunate possession of France's Prince Henry by a cruel demon and the onslaught of English soldiers in a small village in Lorraine. This propels the main protagonist Jean into action to free her country, all with the help of her friends Roger and Liane along with a mysterious armlet that holds great power. These characters drive the story of this game and do well in binding the player to the struggles they each face. With a charming soundtrack and a plethora of artistic cut scenes, Jean D'Arc highlights all the fun and attraction of playing a RPG.


5. Phantasy Star Portable

  Developer: Sonic Team

You can never really get enough RPGs, and Phantasy Star Portable is another one that stands out amid the crowd.

With a truce between the races, the world was able to drive out the alien invaders called SEED. Their success; however, was short-lived as protagonist Vivienne and her partner discover the remnants of SEED causing problems within the universe once again. The player joins forces with Vivienne as a newly trained member of the GUARDIANS, a security group who vow to protect the Gurhal star system. The character customization is a fun feature that adds a lot to the otherwise pretty straightforward game play. Especially since it goes as far as to allow the player to choose everything from the ears of their character to even their voice pitch. The missions really take the player around the solar system to explore all the different worlds that exist and demonstrate where the creators put a lot of their efforts in creating the game. Even if you only have a small interest towards the RPG realm and futuristic science fiction settings, this game has a lot to offer. 


6. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Developer: Namco

As far as fighting games go, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ranks pretty high among fans and critics alike.

Dark Resurrection's story parallels that of Tekken 5, all with the addition of three new playable characters and a slew of upgrades on statistics, rankings, and other such features. It begins immediately following the  conclusion of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, with an intense father and son duel. This game offers a wide variety of fighting styles and moves that the player can learn, either by engaging directly with another player, or in a mode called ghost battle in which the game generates computer fighters for you to practice and/or play against. With a large roster of characters to choose from, players can also enjoy taking the time to really learn each one's strengths, weaknesses, and differing combat styles. A definite bonus for fans of the Tekken series involves the game including elements not only from previous games, but with the addition of more game play, intriguing graphics, and intense battles. If you love exploring contrasting fighting characters combined with endless battle sequences, then Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection would be a perfect fit for you and your gaming needs.


7. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Developer: Quest

Often times, games of an older age create a number of concerns for players looking for new material; however, this game game definitely breaks the mold.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is the seventh chapter in the Ogre Battle saga, bringing to life a fresh look at tactical role playing. For those already familiar with the series, the plot looks a lot like the the very first game, but for those not familiar, the plot revolves around an ominous evil presence on route to spread its corruption. It's the player's goal to create  a new Liberation Army to free the people and to stop the evil in its tracks. This turn-based strategy game allows the player to really spend time and consideration into how they will compose their army in a way that will ensure their success.  Although the sound effects, music, and overall game aesthetics are a tad dated in terms of games being developed presently, what the game lacks in effects it makes up in captivating game play and strategic decisions. Timeless in its story line and epic strategic decisions, enthusiasts of role playing games will love this "blast from the past".

8. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Developer: Atulus

Mature themes and captivating story lines await those brave enough to take on this dark game.

On the surface, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 appears to be a slice of life role playing game peppered with a cast of ordinary students all set in a traditional boarding school. Those willing to scratch below the surface will discover a game with intricate turns and twists that will leave you questioning your every move. This game introduces a type of mysterious creature who only appears during the "dark hour", a time between midnight and 1 a.m, in which these creatures go out and spread a disease called "apathy". Apathy leaves its victims without a trace of emotional capability and it then becomes the goal of the player to get in touch with their inner personas and fight these dark creatures. The player attends the boarding school on a daily basis and must develop relationships amongst its students and attend various extracurricular activities. The decisions the player makes in these specific scenarios determine the consequences that ensue as well as how well the player fights in the dark hour. Complexity in story and characters, shocking plot twists, and an overarching dark theme make up the Persona series. Players of all kinds will not be able to forget this kind of game and its twist on every day life. 


9. Final Fantasy Type-O

Developer: Squar Enix

Square Enix is back at it again with another Final Fantasy to add to their vast, yet nontheless captivating series.

Final Fantasy Type-0 sets the stage for another sub-series that mimics themes similar to Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV. Real time-combat and strategy-based battles make up a majority of how the game is played. Magical academy, Vermillion Peristylium, sends out a group of fourteen students that create the Class Zero. They venture out to defend the Dominion of Rubram and in turn discover numerous hidden secrets about their past and why they have come to exist. Inspired by historical events, settings, and documentaries, this Final Fantasy aims to encompass a darker theme than others in the expansive franchise. It aims to question youth in the face of constant war and its inevitable violence and death. Quests await the player in all corners of the map, and the ability to roam the world upon entering the game is a definite bonus.The game also has so much to offer in terms of replaying, as it has offers quite a set of quests and strategies that can be discovered even after the first play through. Enticing characters, battles, and an expansive map all bring a fresh addition to the Final Fantasy series. 


10. Y's Book I and II

Developer: Nihon Falcom

Another blast from the past,  you really will be able to experience a wave of nostalgia in the refurbished game of Y's Book I and II.

The story begins with a red-haired boy who finds himself intrigued about legends of a kingdom by the name of Y's, ruled by two Goddesses. Through time, the history behind the great kingdom began to disappear as it became known as Esteria, and only those who once served the Goddesses remain to answer the call of the their will. The player follows the young adventurer as he seeks the rumors behind this ancient kingdom and its rapid disappearance. From the art to the soundtrack, the player has complete control on if they want to utilize the new features or play the original format that first made its appearance in the form of  a CD-rom. Intricate mazes, interesting scenerios, and challenging bosses all await the player in this classic RPG. We believe that any game that can get a restoration such as this is worth a play through at the very least. With options to choose to play in either the classic format or the new, this game has a lot to offer in both nostalgia and stimulating quests. 

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