The Top 10 Best Japanese Air Fresheners (JDM) you won't be able to live without!

I grew up in a very white neighborhood and I was always fascinated with the stores when I visited a more densely populated Asian area. Supermarkets and little shops would be filled with these air fresheners that looked quite different than the ones I had seen before.

The designs were way cuter and the scents tended to be quite a bit stronger and long lasting. You’ll often here Japanese air fresheners references as JDM Air Fresheners. JDM isn’t a brand as I first though, but refers to Japanese Domestic Market, meaning that the product was made in Japan!

Here are my Top 10 picks for the best Japanese air fresheners on the market!

Air Spencer CS-X3 Car Air Freshener - BEST OVERALL PICK

The Air Spencer CS-X3 is our #1 pick for the best JDM Japanese Air Freshener and it has a strong fragrance, which is what I want in a freshener. It might not be the best fit for you if you have a super sensitive nose or you can opt to place it under your driver's seat instead. The most popular squash fragrance has a zippy fresh scent that I love. It also comes in Citrus, Crystal and, Lime. The featured squash scent comes in a blue and black/gray case, and the other scents also come in their general corresponding colors. Not sure why Squash is in blue though? Somehow I don't think that the Japanese mean the green squash that comes to squash definitely smells nothing like this air freshener

It definitely costs more than the average cheapo Japanese air freshener but it does the job! This air freshener lives on your dashboard via the double sided tape that it comes with. It's refillable which is more convenient and earth friendly. The fragrance is the strongest in the first week and lasts for about a month before it needs to be refilled. This Japanese Air Freshener is our best pick because of it's refreshing, strong and long lasting fragrance!


Treefrog Xtreme Air Freshener - BEST RUNNER UP

Next up we have the Treefrog - Natural Air Freshener, also featuring a squash fragrance. This is a high quality, natural air freshener made with a water based gel. It's designed to go under your car seat and is much larger than the Air Spencer air freshener. 

It's funny, from the photo you imagine that it's going to be around the size of a cassette tape but when the package arrives you see that its more the size of a VHS tape! (for those who are old enough to remember what those are). If you aren't a fan of the large size, check out some of treefrogs other air freshener selections, available in different can sizes, sprays, hanging leaves and more.

We love Treefrog because it has a light, soft aroma that is not too overpowering. Although the Treefrog is designed for the car, you can also use it in your home or office. It's not refillable but it lasts up to 60 days. We recommend opening the seal partially in order to make the scent longer lasting. The Treefrog Japanese Air Freshener is available in 8 scents: black squash, marine squash, black cherry, lemon, white peach, lavender, and black musk. It's a great pick for those who need a deodorizer, smokers, those with pets, or kids.


Carall - Glare Air Freshener

Why do all Japanese air freshener come in the squash scent? Our next brand Carall also features their product in squash with their Glare product. We love the elegant container that this product comes in, you'll love to show it off on your dashboard. Many of the gel air fresheners also come in glittery gels, so kawaii! It's fragrance is derived from real oranges, apples, peaches, and lemons. The Carall brand has positioned their Glare product as more of a high end, luxury style air freshener with its sleek design, but still with a bargain price tag.

This air freshener has a strong fragrance and its very nice so you'll love to invite guests to come sit in your car. What's interesting is that you could hack and refill this air freshener with gel from the Treefrog or My Shaldan brand, although the air freshener is not designed to be refillable. The Glare comes in 8 different scents: water squash, squash, gv squash, fine squash, unisex, ck fresh, eg forest and marine squash. Pick this air freshener if you're a girly girl like me!

3 carall.jpg
4 smooth cologne.jpg

Smooth Cologne Car Air Freshener

If you are looking for an air freshener/deodorizer, the Smooth Cologne Air Freshener is another solid pick. Like the Treefrog, it designed to be placed underseat in your car but feel free to use it anywhere else you like. It doesn't last quite the 60 days that the manufacturer promises but it definitely lasts longer than your average air freshener (some stop working after just a day or two!) It's a gel air freshener and comes in a total of 11 scents: Cherry, Light Squash, Luxury Scent, Fruit Soap, Aqua Marine, Pure Shampoo, Strawberry, Sexy Soap, White Musk and White Peach

This air freshener is not refillable so just pick up a new one when the scent runs out! We love the cute packaging, with photos of cherries, flowers, and the ocean. The Aqua Blue scent features a picture of fish swimming in a brilliant blue ocean....I just thought it was strange to include fish on the packaging of an air freshener as fish aren't usually associated with fresh scents. Ahhhh the Japanese, got to love them!


Rabbico Car Air Freshener

We were instantly won over by the Rabbico Car JDM Air Freshener because of it's super kawaii bunny ears! These air fresheners come in a two pack and are meant to be clipped into your air vents - we love it, so cute! The Rabbico comes in a plethora of girly pastel colors besides a basic black color: light pink, hot pink, blue and purple - each color corresponding to a different scent. Of course the prerequisite Japanese air freshener squash scent is offered.  I absolutely died over the glittery pink version. They are also available in a glittery gold or silver version. 

The Rabbico is not only an air freshener but it also deodorizes. The fragrance is very light, it's one of the best selling air fresheners in Japan, and we aren't surprised. We would buy this air freshener for its design alone!

5 rabbico car.jpg

Cue Clip-On Air Freshener

Next up we've featured another air freshener from the Japanese brand Carall, this time featuring a clip-on air freshener. We love the cute, shiny ball design here available in all kinds of super cute, bright colors. The plastic packaging of the product makes it very enticing, I would totally scoop it up if I saw it hanging in a store aisle. 

In general the clip-on types of air freshener have a shorter scent life compared to the standalone air fresheners, this one is no exception. These balls are refillable and they are sold in a two-pack with one refill included. It's available in five scents: Platinum Shower, Pinky Musk, Fresh Scent, Shiny Berry, Tropical Fine. What? It's not available in the omnipresent squash scent? So confused! 

If you are looking for a super cute air refresher with a great smell, make sure to pick up Carall's Cue Clip On Air Freshener


My Shaldan Japanese Air Freshener

The My Shaldan air freshener looks similar to one of the super popular American air freshener brands that comes in a can. It fits perfectly into your cup holder and comes with an adhesive if you are in need of more of a tight fit. Natural fruits, citrus peel extracts and a substance called Limonene were used in the scent of this product. It comes in nine delicious flavors: Squash, Apple, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Mixed Berry, Orange, Peach, and Sweet Gardenia

This is yet another gel air freshener on this list with a strong, but not overwhelming scent, which is citrusy. This is a great bargain Japanese air freshener pick!

8 viccolor.jpg

Viccolor Japanese Fresh Perfume

The Viccolor Air Freshener cleans the air and freshens it at the same time. It comes with adhesive so you can stick it on your dashbaord but really you can toss it anywhere in your car and it'll work just as well. Similar to many products on this list, the Viccolor is available in all kinds of bright colors. We love its clean scent!

This air freshener comes in a whopping 15 scents: Berry & Berry, Apple, Bitter Fruit, Fresh Soap, Blue Water, Floral, Perfume Air, Peach & Kiss, Perfume Air, Light Squash, Squash, Sexy Air, Shampoo, White Water, Tropical, and White Musk. The Viccolor air freshener is a great pick for a super wide selection of yummy smells!


Rabbico Air Freshener

Rabbico is featured again on this list and this time they are back with a standalone bunny air freshener to complement their clip-in air vent product. Staying true to their brand name, the rabbit ears are featured again on this air freshener.   These air fresheners are refillable. 

This air freshener can fit easily in your cup holder but it also comes with adhesive so that you can stick it onto your dashboard. This one is available in five scents: Angel Snow, White Musk, White Soap, Premium Rich and Aqua Blue. This air freshener is just so damn cute!

9 rabbico air freshener.jpg
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