Top 10 Japanese Xbox 360 Games

In desperate need of an escape to battle futuristic robots or to become a world famous idol?We think everyone needs a break every now and then our every day rituals. So, we've found the top ten Japanese Xbox games that will no doubt transport you to amazing worlds to meet bizarre characters and fight monsters you could only dream about!

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Ready to embark on an all expansive quest during a magical-industrial revolution? Then get ready to play the number one game on our list, the Xbox phenomenon Lost Odyssey! This game starts you off as the protagonist, Kaim, a man who has not only lost his memories but who has also been sentenced to live out a life of 1,000 years. Follow Kaim as he lives through multiple generations and experiences threats brought on by the oncoming industrial revolution of a magical nature. With game play similar to that of an RPG (role-playing game), the player has almost free reign in what areas to explore and how to strategically live out life as the mysterious Kaim. The story is one that develops slowly as you continue to play, especially as you begin to regain memories and learn the enigmas of the world. With the traditional combat system and strategic game play, combined with the unique story and modern graphics, this game is one to remember! If you've ever yearned for immortality and captivating magical settings, then we cannot recommend Lost Odyssey enough!

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Being a student can have its challenges for sure! There's homework, studying, and of course, slaying giant demons. Welcome to Students of Round, an immersive gaming experience that takes you along a group of students bound to hunt down an infamous demon. Set in the standard of an RPG, this game tells the story of a blood thirsty demon lord who has yet to be defeated by a plethora of heroes. A hundred years later, a new batch of warrior students think they have what it takes to take down this demon and save the world! Students of Round features a wide range of monsters, beautiful music accompaniment, challenging dungeons to conquer, and various characters to pick and favorite. Anyone who loves classic role-playing games and intense battles will do doubt love this game! What's even better is you have the option to switch out the regular standard artwork for a more adorable chibi style of each of the characters, which is special to this game alone! Take a stab at defeating a world-threatening demon in Students of Round.


We've all had that fantasy of learning spells and magic only to run off and complete some world-saving quest at some point in our lives. Well, we bring you good news as you can do all that and more in the Japanese Xbox game Blue Dragon. Begin your journey in a medieval inspired realm in a more futuristic setting, where you play as one of five characters on a quest to rid the world of evil. The game is very open in terms of exploration, quests, even which combat style you choose. You're allowed the option to train in the arts of Shadow Casting, which contains its own specific sub genres of Sword, Assassin, and Power Magic. Once you're skilled and battle ready, feel free to roam the game with a respectable amount of freedom for a video game. What's even more, is that the game includes stunning graphics that really turn the simplicity of the plot into a beautiful narrative. Play the game that inspired it all, everything from anime to even manga. Blue Dragon is indeed a spectacle to play and enjoy for years to come!

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Classical music might seem mundane and maybe even a tad bit boring, but in this visual masterpiece its been reinvented into a brand new image!Eternal Sonata is an innovative game that brings to life compositions from the famous Polish composer and pianist Chopin. His romantic music comes to life as the game features a visual narrative for the last hours of his young life. Through a combination of musical elements and whimsical magic, you play as Polka in a dream-like world battling entities of darkness. With death on the horizon, Polka decides to dedicate what time she has left to save the world that once rejected her. With creative characters, all featuring elements and names from music terms, this game truly has an amazing story that you won't be able to resist. We think you absolutely must check out Eternal Sonata if you're on the lookout for one inspiring and individual game!


Who can resist a story filled to the brim with heartfelt moments and motivation to avenge a loved one? All of this and more can be found in the much awaited sequel Mushihimesama Futari. Your adventure in this Japanese game begins immediately after the defeat of Aki, the God of Koju by the esteemed Princess Reco. The defeat brings Koju to the truth about his situation in the Shinju Forest and how long ago he chose to reside their to project it from the human touch. He then hands this responsibility of protecting the forest from humankind to the Princess Reco. Now a protector of the forest, Reco comes across a young boy shrouded in mystery, and from there her life suddenly takes a drastic turn, for better or for worse. Stunning graphics and captivating worlds really help the story along in this heartfelt sequel we've all been waiting fore. Experience a fantasy game like no other in Mushihimesama Futari, where you will not be able to put the controller down for anything! 

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You might expect stories of justice to be more of a superhero kind of thing, but not for this  Japanese game! In Tales of Vesperia, join in on a journey with former knight Yuri to uncover the secrets of the world and how they can change life as we know it. The story follows a number of complicated character arcs and, in turn, reveals that some characters may not have the truest of morals. With the discovery of an ancient technology referred to as "blastia", Yuri finds that his original quest for justice might have to bend the rules a little to get what he wants. The player witnesses as characters struggle with how to use the "blastia" and if they want to be capable of destruction or creation. With profound themes of morals, justice, and compassion, this game really sets the standard for well written plots and characters. With not only a very intriguing storyline, the game also has fun anime-style characters and gorgeous scenery graphics. Don't be afraid to uncover the truth in Tales of Vesperia!


Not all games have bright colors and whimsical tales, sometimes they bring about much darker and serious tones. To display just this, we present one of the newest games on our list, Nier Automata. Having premiered just earlier this year, this game tells the story of a post apocalyptic world overrun by machines. Attempting to end the continual reign of these powerful mechanoids, protagonists 2B, 9S, and A2 use their programmed skills as androids to bring them to an end and uncover their hidden agendas. Because humanity was driven out by these foreign mechanical beings, they send over battle androids like 2B to try and take back the planet, and in turn, create an overwhelming war between machines. With a more grimy tone and dystopian settings, this game enlightens issues about technology and incorporates mature themes not found in your every day Xbox game. Because of how new the game is, it also includes amazing graphics that truly allow the game to shine in the gaming industry. Hardcore action sequences, hidden secrets to be revealed, and sinister undertones all await you in Nier Automata!

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Five girls against the entire forces of Hell? Might sound a tad unbelievable, but not in this game by CAVE titled Deathsmiles. Deathsmiles takes the old fashioned arcade style of horizontal shoot 'em up games and modernizes it in this wildly fun and addictive Xbox game! The player has the option to pick one of five angels to battle the evil forces unleashed from Hell to defend the land of Gilverado. Each angel has a different set of skills and strengths to be considered when picking one to fit your fighting style. With art styles influenced from gothic and occult culture, the aesthetic of the game is one of the most notable aspects about it. Sometimes it's fun to pick up a game that doesn't have too heavy of a plot to focus on and is more about the action and enjoyment. Pick your fighter and save the world from Hellish forces in the undeniably entertaining Deathsmiles by CAVE. 


Who doesn't love a complete medieval fantasy epic?! Well here to provide just this is the RPG adventure Enchanted Arms. To begin your story in this game, you play as protagonist Atsuma who dreams of learning the ways of the enchanted arts. Simultaneously, the world is at risk at the hands of Queen of Ice who has recently come into possession of an insane amount of power. Although Atsuma still has a lot to learn, he decides to embark on a life changing journey to save the world from the Queen of Ice. On this journey, he unknowingly uncovers the secret ability to control Golem creatures, which can be combined and trained all throughout the game. Face a number of challenges that will test Atsuma's abilities and skills in a way you could have never imagined in a turn-based type of game play. Enchanted Arms will truly take you on a fantasy adventure extraordinaire as you strategically plan the best ways you and your team can take down the vicious Queen of Ice!

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We think it's time for you to live out your dream of being a world famous pop idol in this beloved Japanese sequel The Idolm@ster 2! This game immediately throws you into the action as you start off as a producer of a company looking to take a team of three girls and make idols out of them! Before you get there; however, you must start with twelve girls who just recently made their debut and train them to become pop stars! With this, you must interact and learn about each character so that you can understand each girl's strengths, weaknesses, and if they're ultimately up for the task of being an idol.Strategically try and find how to rise to the top while enjoying the complete kawaii aesthetic the game has.  Fraught with adorable characters, music fit for dancing, and fun challenges,  you can't help but fall in love with The Idolm@ster 2!