10 Best Japanese Dreamcast Games

One specific gaming system that hosted some of the most distinctive and creative games included the Japanese made Dreamcast. From this system came games that take you to far of lands you could have never imagined to even futuristic cities built with that classic arcade style in mind. We are undeniably head over heels for the games produced for this system and to prove it, we put together a list of the top ten Japanese Dreamcast games out there!

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1. Napple Tale: Arisia in Daydream 

Dreams can be fun and absolutely nonsensical, but if we had to actually live in one, would we still think they were fun? Welcome to the world of Napple Tale: Arisia in Daydream, a tale about a young girl, Poach Arisia, who on her way to the annual Summer Festival is mistakenly transported into an entirely new realm altogether. The novice Spirit Guide, Straynap, who is at fault at the unexpected transportation, explains that Arisia is now in the world of Napple, a land that rests inbetween the real world and the Deep Dream realm. Napple World consists of contradictory rules and elements that all feel familiar like that of a dream. Six fairy-like beings, called Petals, escape from Arisia and she must go on a journey to retrieve every single one in order to return home. Go on a quest in a world unlike any you've seen before with the brave heroine Arisia and the in-training Spirit Guide Straynap. We love everything this game has to offer, from its whimsical tone to its wide range of quests, it has everything and more you could want in a story! Be sure to jump into a beautiful adventure in Napple Tale: Arisia in Daydream today!


2. Border Down

We may have set foot on the Moon, but we have yet to travel to Mars any time soon. Well in Border Down the future is here, and we have successfully colonized and inhabited the planet Mars. Just when things seem to be going well, all contact is lost from a nearby asteroid mining station. With a little investigation, it is soon discovered that the disruption was due to an invading hostile extraterrestrial force known as F.A. (First Approach). With the approaching threat, the Solar System Defense Forces have created a novel unmanned combat vehicle called R.A.I.N. (Remote Artificial Intelligence Network). Now you have all the power in your fingertips to defend against these alien attackers and protect the new founded civilization on Mars. In a horizontally scrolling style of game play, your goal is to shoot down as many enemies as you can. With an entertaining science fiction plot and an addictive game play, there's nothing not to love about Border Down! If you're ready to save the solar system then we think this might just be the perfect game for you!


3. Zero Gunner 2

High-tech helicopters on a mission to save the world? Sign us up! In this stunning sequal, Zero Gunner 2 takes you on one whirlwind of an adventure to stop the rise of dangerous machines. With the invention on ONI, a specific weather control machine with intentions to take over the world, the call of duty for special defense forces arises. It's with this that the Zero Gunner Squadron must fulfill their role and stop the impending doom. Pick your helicopter out of three different styles, each equipped with their own individual firing pattern. Battle your way through seven battle stages and through seven bosses of increasing difficulty. This Dreamcast game has a lot to offer, from giant robots to futuristic fighting helicopters, and is one we can't recommend enough, especially if you have a soft spot for classic style arcade games. Give Zero Gunner 2 a whirl for your fill of action and robots all in one!


4. Cosmic Smash

We can't deny that arcade games have some unexplained specific appeal that allows them to remain popular even today. Cosmic Smash takes advantage of this appeal, as it reforms its original arcade version into a completely new and addictive Dreamcast game. Brought to you by Sega, this single-player game is a futuristic paddle game that includes all there is to love about sports and video games into one. With an aesthetically appealing minimalistic artistic style, this game starts you off with simple rules and slowly challenges you more and more when you learn new skills and moves. What's great about Cosmic Smash is that it truly combines both the complexities and the simplicities of arcade games mixed with your everyday video games. You simply can't get enough of this game and you'll find yourself continually coming back for more!


5. Puyo Puyo Fever

Tetris is undoubtedly fun, but what if we said we found a game that has everything tetris has but with a kawaii twist? We want to introduce you to the number five on our Dreamcast list Puyo Puyo Fever. The Puyo Puyo collection has a number of games that are irresistible and downright fun, but we thin that this one may just be the best of them all! In this game, set up like the familiar format of tetris, the player must make technical chains of unusually colored blobs, or puyo. The goal of the game is to match the puyo with their corresponding colors to clear the screen and fight against time. What's even more is you can switch over to story mode and play as one of the adorable designed characters of Amitie, Klug, Oshare Bones, and even more! Puyo Puyo Fever truly lives up to its reputation and to its predecessors.


6. L.O.L.: Lack of Love

The mundane rituals of everyday can often get tedious, well here to change up your routine with a new kind of life is L.O.L.: Lack of Love. From ASCII Entertainment comes a Dreamcast game so unlike anything you've seen before that you just have to try it out! This game starts you off as a lone creature on a foreign alien planet where the entire goal of the game is to simply survive. You grow with the creature as it evolves and learns about the environment around it. Robotic terraforming becomes a part of the world and the creature you play must interact with other species and the ever changing world. The amazing soundtrack really gives this game its edge and brings to light how unique of a plot it truly has. Much like our lives,  we simply aim to stay alive, and this game parallels just that notion. Take a break from your life to enter a whole new world as a whole new creature L.O.L.:Lack of Love, a game you won't soon forget!


7. Triggerheart Exelica

In need of a game that encompasses every meaning of the genre  of science fiction, then we think we've found the game for you! Trigger Heart Exelica takes you on an intergalactic quest starting in a galaxy far away from our own. There, the violent alien robotic race of the Ver'mith are at war with soldiers from the Triggerheart strike team. In the midst of an intense battle, two humanoid sister soldiers from the Triggerheart squadron are suddenly transported through a mysterious portal that ultimately brings them to Earth. Once there, they realize that the Ver'mith are slowly making their conquest to Earth and decide to set up base and save their new home. Play in this exciting game fraught with intense battles and eye-catching battle space suits! Take up arms with the Triggerheart sisters to save the galaxy from the life-threatening grasp of the Ver'mith in Triggerheart Exelica. 


8. Cool Cool Toon

We're constantly surrounded by all types of new apps, but a lot of these apps draw inspirations from older video games. Of these games included the classic Cool Cool Toon, the game that inspired rhythm-based game play you might know and love today. If you're unfamiliar with how these types of games are played, it's all about pressing the right button at the right time, usually in correspondence to the music playing in the background. What makes this game stand out is not that its one of the first of its kind, but of the music selection and the art style that really compliment one another that's featured throughout the game.  Games like these are enjoyable for all ages and every type of gamer out there! You can take on harder levels or challenges, all in the name of music. Apps might be what's in right now, but you have to see where they all came from in the brightly colored and designed Dreamcast game of Cool Cool Toon!


9. Rez

Ever feel a tad bit intimidated by the rapidly advancing technologies all around us? Well the popular Dreamcast gameRez draws its inspiration from exactly these fears. This game sets place in a futuristic computer "super network" known as Project K where the entirety of the data is at the hands of an AI called Eden. With increasing intelligence, Eden begins to fear the amount of data and knowledge gathered in its system and in turn threatens to shut the entire system down. The goal of the player is to go in as a hacker and stop Eden from any damage and any viruses you might encounter along the way. Although the player doesn't directly control the path of the game, your actions and abilities determine the outcome of the story. Rez is ahead of its time in game play and story alike, and will no doubt steal all of your attention to finishing the plot. To ensure the safety of the world's data and secrets, play Rez for the ultimate technological battle!


10. Space Channel 5

Dance Dance Revolution might have been a hit for a lot of people, but for our list we chose a different game of similar nature. Last on our list includes the funky Space Channel 5, a game all about dancing and memorable music videos. In this Dreamcast spectacular, you play as well-known space reporter Ulala who sets out to free hostages from the hands an evil alien race called the Morolians. To free these hostages, Ulala must have a series of dance offs, hence the nature of the game. If you love games with a science fiction plot with a fun music twist, then this game could not be any more perfect! We can not get enough of the fun character designs and the irresistible music compositions, this game truly puts Dance Dance Revolution to shame. Be sure to move your feet in Space Channel 5 today