10 Best Japanese N64 Games That Will Hit You with Nostalgia

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

From Nintendo EAD comes the adventure of one elf on a solo quest to save the world from the villainous Ganondorf, all while traveling through time and saving the Princess Zelda.

Gamers of all kinds will immediately fall in love Ocarina of Time, the fifth installment in the famous Legend of Zelda franchise. The player begins their journey as Link, the classic protagonist of the series, who is set on a daunting mission to stop Ganondorf from obtaining the sacred relic, titled the Triforce, which grants its user any wish they desire. With the ancient Ocarina in hand, the player journies with Link through time to solve puzzles, combat dungeons of a wide variety, and ultimately stop Ganondorf before its too late. The story, set in the whimsical land of Hyrule, is one that keeps you coming back to play again and again, wanting more than anything to save Zelda and save the world you've been introduced to. This game is absolutely perfect for adventurers and puzzle-solvers alike, as it has an extensive range of quests that really do well in challenging the player. We can say with confidence that this is the best Japanese N64 Game, as it has such an intricate plot filled with everything from learning songs on the Ocarina, to gathering chickens for a side quest, you can't help but fall in love with everything it has to offer.

Paper Mario

Nintendo brings to life yet another Mario game, combining sweet nostalgia with a fresh new look that gamers have yet to experience.

The role-playing game Paper Mario involves a journey similar to that of the popular franchise, featuring classics such as the great Mario himself, Bowser, and of course Princess Peach. This time; however, the player gets to experience an all new way of playing the Mario series with the timeless 2D style of game play mixed with the creative paper cut out art. The creators have gone all out to make players feel as though they have entered a story book while playing the game. For them, it means that all of the graphics involved in the game are hand-drawn and painted in a way to mimic that of a actual painting. These impressive graphics really bring the game to a whole new level, and to accompany these visuals are some new remixes of the classic Mario tunes players already know and love. We can't praise this 2D Mario game enough, as it really gives the players what they want in terms of the traditional role-playing game play combined with visually entertaining designs of a new kind. If you're bound to stop Bowser from stealing the magical Star Rod and save the lovely Princess Peach from his grasp, then Paper Mario is a perfect fresh take on this classic story. 

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Yet another Legend of Zelda game makes its way to the top of the list as Majora's Mask captures gamers with its enticing, and equally as complicated, plot.

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask keeps the same main cast and basic story points that appear in most of the other Zelda games, but this time its presented in a way players are completely unfamiliar with. Taking a moment to himself after defeating the infamous Ganondorf, Link decides to embark on a less life-threatening adventure. Nevertheless, the elf finds himself in once again right the middle of another world-threatening plot. After being robbed by a local thug called Skull Kid, Link discovers that the thief is under the influence of the devious Majora's Mask. Under its power, Skull Kid intends to crash the moon into the planet's surface in a mere three days. With the entire world in jeopardy, the player must continue to replay the same seventy-two hours, discovering exactly which conversations, quests, and events will trigger the specific moments needed to beat the game. Players must combat time itself in this nail-biting Legend of Zelda game in a set of stimulating quests and puzzles.  With a difficulty level a tad higher than that of Ocarina of Time, players can really take the time to get involved in every small detail the game presents, really justifying this game as number three on our list.

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Resident Evil 2

Prepare both your weapons and valor to take on Resident Evil 2, a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.

Following the plot to the first successful Resident Evil game, this sequal starts the player off just two months after the original story in a world bursting with zombies in every corner. We follow protagonists S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they escape Raccoon city to not only find other survivors like themselves, but to seek a sanctuary to take refuge in as well. This zombie adventure has a nice variety in game play, ranging any where from intense action sequences riddled with suspense, to solving puzzles in locked rooms. It's also successful in bringing the horror from the game directly to the player, all with the help of perfectly composed music and sound effects. As far as zombie and suspense games go, Resident Evil 2 definitely ranks high in this category. We dare you to take on this game of intense zombie battles and precarious situations all to discover why we think it deserves a spot in the top five of the best N64 games.

5 super mario 64.jpg

Super Mario 64

Ranked as the best selling N64 game around the globe, Mario once again takes the spotlight in Super Mario 64.

Another tale of Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach ensues in Super Mario 64, but this time, the player has all the freedom of open world playability, a feature unique compared to the two-dimensional style of other Mario games. Exploration really features a key part in this game, which in turn, evolved the gaming world upon its release in 1996. Not only does this game offer the three-dimensional way of playing, but it also throws in its original two-dimensional side-scrolling as a nod to its traditional roots. This game sets the player free in a whimsical world collecting stars, defeating a plethora of bosses, and solving fun puzzles all as the character we all know and love. If you're a fan of any of the Mario games, or even just interested in setting upon an imaginative journey to save a princess, we cannot recommend this game enough. It offers all there is to love about the original Mario quests combined with a fresh look that continues to inspire games today.

6 super smash bros.jpg

Super Smash Brothers

A fighting type game that consists of all of your favorite classic characters? Sounds too good to be true!

We're here to tell you that Super Smash Brothers truly does it all as the takes your favorite characters from your favorite games and puts them into a single fighting game that you can't put down. This game differs from your ordinary fighting style of game play, as it mainly relies on knocking your opponent off the stage rather than just depleting their life bars. Super Smash Brothers also separates itself from the crowd by putting together a roster of characters all from every spectrum of the Nintendo universe. A roster like this is compiled of characters such as Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus Aran, Fox McCloud , and many others for every player to choose from. Each character, respectively, has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that really make it interesting when playing in the fights. Not only are the characters all together in one place, but so are the individual settings from their corresponding games. Places like a castle, accompanied by The Legend of Zelda theme, welcome those who go to Link's stage; or even Arwings for a certain Starfoxx stage. Super Smash Brothers is an absolute blast for any type of gamer, as its fun to play in multiplayer or even by yourself. We think this game really does well in hooking you in with characters you already know and giving them an outlet for everyone to enjoy.

7 starfox 64.jpg

Starfox 64

Unlikely heroes join together to save the universe in this futuristic tale of good and evil.

Starfox 64 sets up its complex story in the Lylat System, a group of planets comprised into a single fictional solar system. Fox McCloud and his team of Starfox, mostly comprising of various mercenaries, travel through the Lylat System as they are tasked with finding the evil genius Andross and in so putting a stop to his dangerous use of biological weaponry. This game does well in following the original Starfox's footsteps in the way of success. It does so by drawing in the player with its creative story line and cinematic feel, both rare finds in a game such as this. A classic aircraft combat game would normally get lost in the vast sea that is the shooter genre, nevertheless, Starfox 64 stands out with its energetic, as well as memorable, characters and plot that you can't help but love. Prepare your spacecrafts as you take off in this one of a kind game that is deemed a classic by all standards.

8 harvest moon.jpg

Harvest Moon

The combination of both the simplicities in life and the hardships of growing up come to together to create this one of a kind game.

Harvestmoon is one that not only stands the test of time, but is unique in a way that is hard to compare to other pre-existing games. The player begins their journey as a character, gender of their choice, that decides to take over and restore an abandoned farm. On the surface the game appears simplistic and unimaginative, but as reviews have raved over and over again, it is quite the opposite. The player takes on a number of tasks that will in turn fully restore the farm, such as raising livestock, growing vegetables, and even fishing. Not only these tasks occupy the player's attention, but so do the tasks of socializing and even finding a husband/wife. This game is one that takes you to a whole other world in which you have almost realistic responsibilities, all without realistic consequences. You have the absolute freedom to create and manage your farm how you like and ultimately live your life in which ever path you choose. A game such as this, filled to the brim with various chores and opportunities, all sprinkled with quaint rewards, definitely deserves at least one play through.

9 mario kart 64.jpg

Mario Kart 64

Nintendo does it again with this classic game that combines racing and memorable characters.

Set in a go-kart style, this racing game plucks our favorite Mario characters out of their games and onto the race tracks. Players have the ability to choose from a wide roster of characters, karts, and tracks to compete against their friends and family. To make the races full of intrigue and unpredictability, the tracks are chalk full of mushroom power ups, flying Koopa shells, and even banana peels. Racing games have always been a household favorite, but Mario Kart is an absolute classic, setting the stage for racing games in the future. The entertainment that comes from each race is endless, really drawing on the fun of choosing such fun characters and playing in a multi-player setting. Even if you've never played a single Mario game in your life, this game should absolutely make your list. You can't help but have a good time as you race on quirky tracks and do all in your power to come in first.  

10 kirby 64.jpg

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Absolute whimsy awaits those who journey with Kirby in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Dark Matter, a mysterious evil entity shatters a powerful Crystal when attempting to steal it from the hands of the Ripple Star fairies. To save the world from the grasp of Dark Matter, Kirby is enlisted to find the broken shards of the Crystal and return them to fairies. With the help of his friends, Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and King Dedede, Kirby travels the galaxy with the great threat looming over all of their shoulders. An array of bright colors and fantastical game play makeup Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It's an adventure that calls to anyone ready to take part in a world with imaginative lore and contrasting characters. The game has an overall atmosphere of youth and innocence, but that's what makes the game differ from a majority of the nitty gritty games that already exist. A definite air of bliss and pure entertainment awaits those who choose to play any of the  games a part of the Kirby franchise, and this game is no exception.

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