10 Best Japanese Gamecube Games

The Gamecube is arguably one of the best gaming systems out there, as it really paved the way for some amazing games we all came to know and love. Some of these games didn't get there start here in America, but rather over in Japan. We did some research and figured out which Japanese Gamecube games were the best of the best that we recommend to any type of gamer!

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When we make mistakes in the real world, we often have to face the consequences whether we want to or not. Giftpia follows that exact same logic as you play as Pockle, the protagonist of this story who manages to accidentally oversleep and miss his very own coming of age ceremony. Outraged, the mayor of the island charges Pockle with a ridiculous arrest fee of five million "mane", the local currency of the game. Pockle must now head out on a wild adventure to earn all five million mane, and in the process  work for and meet some very eclectic individuals. Through odd jobs that involve fishing, collecting fish, and even repairing signs, Pockle must learn what it means to become an adult. Play through Giftpia as it will take you on wild adventures and share profound stories that mark a true tale of coming of age. Relatable characters,enticing puzzles and a beautiful score can all be found in our number one Japanese gamecube game.


Doshin the Giant

If you've ever felt like just a speck in the larger scheme of the universe, then we've got the perfect game for you! Doshin the Giant is a wildly innovative game with a peculiar plot that will no doubt have you hooked from the very beginning. The game opens to a tale being told by a man named Sodura, a tale about a giant who rises from the sea every morning as the sun rises on an island. Soon the player is able to control this giant, and learns that there are specific duties that must be accomplished by the inhabitants of the island. Helping the islanders earns hearts and appreciation, but you can just as easily hinder the islanders and their work on the island. Either negative or positive action will help the giant grow, its appearance in relation to these actions. You have all the power in this game as you can choose right or wrong and good or evil, all in the context of the powerful giant Doshin. With a unique plot and a player driven story, Doshin the Giant is one game you will not soon forget!



A world of endless possibilities awaits you in this one of a kind game! With a wide range of story lines to follow, mascots to collect, and lands to explore, Homeland allows the player an extensive freedom in game play. Right off the bat, the player gets to design their own avatar who sets off for an adventure that can vary from person to person depending on specific key events and story choices. This game lands a spot as number three on our list not just for its individualistic game play, but because it's one of the only Gamecube games designed for online use. This multiplayer option truly sets the game apart from so many other titles and its really what makes this game what it is. Enter Homeland for a multiplayer expansive universe that will take you on a number of quests to heroism!

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Nintendo Puzzle Collection

Ready to take a break from dangerous adventures and quests to stimulate your mind, then we have the perfect Japanese Gamecube game for you! Welcome to the Nintendo Puzzle Collection,an extensive compilation of all your favorite puzzles from Nintendo. Featuring games like Dr. Mario, Yoshi's Cookie, and Panel de Pon, this collection takes classics and remasters them all for one console and one ultimate game. Not all of us are up to embarking on a world-saving quest that most other games offer, sometimes it's nice just to challenge yourself with addicting and unique puzzles like the ones offered in this game. Nintendo won't let you down in Nintendo Puzzle Collection, and we can't say enough how refreshing it is to have such beloved puzzles all together in one!


Donkey Conga

Time to toss away your typical Gamecube controllers and pick up a pair of bongos! Let us introduce you to a game that is entirely in its own category includes the interactive and entertaining Donkey Konga. The goal of the game is to be able to play a wide variety of songs on the bongos, songs that range from classics like "We Will Rock You" to even Nintendo favorites like tracks from The Legend of Zelda series. Follow along Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong through increasingly difficult levels that challenge you on rhythm and technique alike. You can't help but fall in love with Donkey Konga as you get to play the bongos to your favorite songs and beat the game's challenges and levels. For an experience that is entirely unique, we say you grab your bongos and play along with Donkey Kong today!


Dream Mix TV: World Fighters

What would happen if you took a group of diverse characters from all different realms and backgrounds and pitted them against each other? Well, now's your chance to find out in Dream Mix TV: World Fighters. In a shocking turn of events, a struggling television program must cancel some shows due to poor audience approval. Instead of simply choosing which shows to cancel, the producers decide to take characters from each show and have them battle for survival and to up the ratings. Play as very contrasting characters in this solo or multiplayer battle, characters that display their each individual skills and attacks to learn and master. The last fighter standing wins and ultimately proves with show is the best for the TV station! Take a chance in this character driven battle style game and prove who's the best in Dream Mix TV: World Fighters.


SD Gundam Gashapon Wars

Robots and strategy all wrapped up in one game, sign us up! For the first time ever, SD Gundam Gashapon Wars  takes famous Japanese Gundam robots and pair them with strategic gameplay for a perfect combination of action and tactic. The Gundam types have long been a Japanese classic in robotics, and now you can experience all they have to offer in this Gamecube game! If Gundam robots weren't enough to sell you on this game, then maybe the fun contrasting styles of Chibi and realistic featured throughout the story will do the trick! It's hard to deny to appeal of robots fighting each other, and this game uses that very same appeal to cleverly create an interactive and stimulating type of play through. For the battle to success amongst Gundam robots, we suggest you check out Gundam Gashapon for a game you won't regret!


Battle Stadium D.O.N.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that if Naruto and Goku were in a fight, who would come out a winner? Well, believe it or not Battle Stadium D.O.N. caters to just that type of thinking! In a game play very similar to that of Super Smash Brothers, this gamecube game impiments a "tug-o-war" style of fighting that allows the players to alternate both attack and defense. With this, the game offers a creative selection of characters to choose from, all ones that make appearances in pretty well known anime. These characters include Son Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Monkey D. Luffy, Sasuke, and more from titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece. In single player mode, you get the option of obtaining special missions that increase in difficulty as you go up in level. These types of missions help you learn both the strengths and weaknesses every character has to offer and which one fits your fighting style the best. If you're a fan of classic action anime and battle type games, then we thinkBattle Stadium D.O.N might just be the best fit for you!


Animal Crossing

Is real life sometimes just a tad too overbearing and stressful? Ever wanted to run away and just start all over? Take a train and land in a brand new town in the beloved Japanese game of Animal Crossing. This sweet and oh-so-charming game takes you to a new town where you begin a new life, all in the company of animal villagers of all types of personalities.  Meet each villager and find ways to pay off your debt for your brand new home! Activities like fishing, catching bugs, designing new outfits, and collecting fossils all await you in this whimsical alternate reality. You even get the option to personalize your avatar any way you like and live out the relaxing life you've always dreamed of. Loads of characters await you in this game where the story and pacing are all about the choices you make. Say goodbye to your ordain lifestyle and stressful schedules, and say hello to a brand new world full of eclectic treasures in Animal Crossing!


Squash Kururin!

Puzzles, mazes, and gold stars, oh my! On our number ten on our list we have a game that takes you around the inviting stylistic world of Squash Kururin!. On a family vacation around the world's four countries, you come back full of laughter and memories, only to notice that all of your sibling's have disappeared on the trip! Now you must fly back around the world and solve a number of challenging mazes and puzzles to locate each one. If you manage to fly through a maze without a single crash, you're awarded a precious golden star and coins used later throughout the game. Challenge yourself in each course to beat the required time and avoid crashing at all costs! The combination of puzzles and aircraft flying makes for a wonderful game. With dazzling art and hard to resist character designs, Squash Kururin! certainly has it all!