The Ultimate DIY Guide - Naruto Cosplay

No one can deny that Naruto is an absolute classic in the anime world, so it's no wonder that his cosplay is a popular one. To help you live out your childhood dreams of being Naruto, we put together a list of every day items you can easily put together to create a DIY cosplay in no time!


For any cosplay, the wig makes or breaks the character! This is especially true for Naruto since one of his most identifiable features includes his spiky blonde hair. So, to get this look just right you'll need a wig flexible to style and thick enough to stick up in every direction. 

First glancing at Naruto, it's not just his hair that stands out, but his unique headband on his forehead. This piece is absolutely crucial for cosplaying this character!


For the actual clothes, you'll need to make sure you have the perfect orange and black colors that are Naruto's signature look! We think this track suit and these cargo pants make the perfect pair, and really pull the whole look together!


Sandals? Boots? Why not both! For Naruto's shoes we suggest these pair of boots with a little modification to tops to make them look just like the bizarre hybrid.


With your wig, jacket, pants, and shoes in place, you're almost done with your Naruto cosplay! Now we just need the finishing details to really complete the look! Along Naruto's right leg, he has some bandages and a black pouch. For just this, you'll need some ACE elastic bandage to wrap around and on top you'll need a black utility bag.

Last but definitely not least, Naruto would not be complete without his throwing ninja knives! We think the perfect addition to your cosplay are these black knives almost identical to the ones from the show!

Put everything together, and you have your complete Naruto cosplay from head to toe!

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