The 10 Most Cheap, Affordable, and Inexpensive Futons

Sacrificing comfort for price is not in our game plan and it shouldn’t be in yours either. We love new styles that give us plenty of options, but we don’t always like the price tag that comes with them. That’s why we personally curated this list of the best most affordable and inexpensive futons for you to browse for the newest addition to your home or office. Futons provide the ultimate space saving bed and couch combos that work for just about any location. But, they are most popular in apartments and dorms. The good news? These futons are not as “college” as they sound. Some of these futons are funky fun additions that would be perfect for a dorm at college due to their space saving techniques. But, most of the futons on this list would look just as good sitting in your living room, maybe with guests not even knowing it was actually a futon as well.

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1. Best Choice Products PU Leather Convertible Futon Sofa Bed

This futon is one of the best most affordable and inexpensive futons we have come across, while also providing consumers with a sleek look. It is incredibly easy to assemble and the four wooden legs screw easily onto the bottom of a futon. The frame has durable cross bars for added support, which you can’t feel through the thick mattress. This futon definitely feels very modern and is slim enough to fit almost anywhere. It can adjust from a sofa to a sleeper in a matter of seconds, providing the perfect option for sitting back and watching tv in a guestroom. If you want a futon that looks very high quality, but doesn’t break the bank, then this futon is for you. Also, if you are someone that prefers a firmer sleep, you may want to consider this option. We have noticed that leather futons provide consumers with a firmer sleep, which has it’s advantages. This piece would look exceptional in any home and give it a boost in regards to home decor.


2. DHP Kent Convertible Microfiber Couch Bed

The Kent futon by DHP is extremely affordable and very durable, perfect for a new apartment or dorm. When you want an inexpensive futon, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, that is when you should turn to DHP. The Kent is no exception with it’s comfortable microfiber mattress. Not only is microfiber very comfortable, but it is also easy to clean versus a traditional mattress. It features three different comfort settings: sitting, lounging, and sleeping. We found that the Kent model is very easy to assemble and would be the perfect addition to a dorm or loft apartment. We love how sturdy the metal legs are and the frame. Futons are great if you are planning on remodeling and want something more space efficient and the Kent will fit into just about any space. In addition, the mattress is padded, which adds extra comfort and will make it so you won’t feel any bars underneath.


3. Springaire 8-Inch Loft Inner Spring Futon Mattress, Full-size

The Springaire by Epic Furnishings is definitely innovative when it comes to one of the most best affordable and inexpensive futons. First off, we love when a brand offers us with more than one color choice. For this model, Epic Furnishings offers seventeen different colors for you to choose from. The mattress is made out of microfiber and twill, making it very soft and comfortable. The coils in this mattress are wrapped in inches and inches of cotton, making it so you cannot even feel them. Even more, it provides a soft resistance for a deeper sleep and none of that annoying creaking that regular futons can sometimes have. These materials are kid proof and pet proof, so you’ll never have to worry about mishaps or spills. It features a queen sized mattress that comfortable fits two people when it is in the sleeping position.


4. Best Choice Products Modern Entertainment Futon Sofa

Another beautiful faux leather couch makes it’s way onto our list of the best most affordable and inexpensive futons. We were completely blown away by this luxury-inspired futon, from the material to the features. This sofa can easily be converted into a sleeper. All you have to do is remove the armrests and recline the seats. But, a key feature to this futon is that it doesn’t even look like a futon at all! It looks like a regular modern loveseat and even has a set of cup holders in the middle to divide the seats. This cup holder option easily flips up into the sofa when you want it to be a sleeper. This futon definitely raises the bar for home furniture with it’s sleek and slender design to fit in virtually any home. Prepare to get your drinks and snacks ready to binge-watch your favorite television show on this executively designed futon. It is the perfect addition to any dorm, apartment, or guest room.


5. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed

DHP makes our list again for the best most affordable and inexpensive futons on the market today. We present the Emily futon to you with high hopes this will be the newest addition to your home or office. With eight colors to choose from, the Emily has a simple design that also features relaxing comfortable materials. The modern look is achieved by DHP for giving this futon a tufted mattress and durable slanted chrome legs to finish the look. One of the neat things we like about the Emily is that you are able to by a full set from DHP, including an ottoman and armchair. The tufted design and padded coils give this mattress a firm and durable build, while also not allowing the bottom frame bars to be felt.


6. DHP Dillan Convertible Futon Couch Bed

DHP is one of the most common household names when it comes to futons for someone’s home. They provide solutions for small space living and call themselves: “the small space living experts”. What more do you need than an expert on your side when it comes to deciding on an affordable and comfortable futon? The Dillan has a unique sturdy wooden frame that gives it an almost rustic feel versus modern. It is easy and simple to go through the three different seating options: sitting, relaxing, sleeping. We love the Dillan for it’s simple design and it’s relaxed feel. When we go into a home, we want it to feel inviting and relaxing. That is exactly what the Dillan provides, whether it is situated in a living room or a guest room. You have the option to choose faux leather or microfiber for the material.


7. DHP Estera Sofa Sleeper Futon

What says elegance more than fine linens? We had a hard time believing the Estera was one of the best most affordable and inexpensive futons with how high quality it was. But, DHP proved us wrong with this model. The natural wood rounded legs are topped with an imported black linen mattress that is absolutely gorgeous. If you want modern and elegant on a budget, the Estera is the perfect futon for you. The seat area is smooth black linen and the back rest is stitched, which makes the details pop. It easily switches from a sleeper to a sofa and to a lounger. DHP has carefully crafted this model to make it exceptionally easy to put together. It also features a space saving design that DHP is known for so that the Estera can fit wherever you need it to. It comfortably fits two people and can hold up to six-hundred pounds.


8. Mozaic Full Size 6-inch Cotton Twill Futon

Did someone ask for the most plush futon mattress known to man? We aren’t exaggerating when we say the Mozaic full sized futon feels like sleeping on a cloud. If you have a memory foam bed or even a foam topper, then you know what we are talking about. This futon mattress is made from very high-quality double sided memory foam. The memory foam is also wrapped in a mix of cotton for extra support while sleeping. The mattress is tufted in cotton twill, which keeps it puffy and comfortable! It comes in eight different colors, so you won’t have to worry about it not matching your decor. This futon is very easy to clean and spot treat.


9. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

This is one of the more expensive futons on our list, but it is worth it believe me. We have never even seen a futon like this. It looks straight out of a Victorian home. Okay, maybe not that far back, but it is definitely giving us some cool retro vibes. If you have a unique home or need a statement piece, this futon will definitely be an affordable option. It comes in five different colors to suit your buying needs. It provides you with comfortable armrests and can easily be pushed down into a sleeper position. The linen upholstery is gorgeous and we love how easy it is to keep it clean as well. Our favorite part has got to be the ribbed tufted back that is not only stylish, but also comfortable since it has memory foam inside.


10. Mainstay* Memory Foam Futon

Nothing says stylish and affordable quite like a Mainstay. It features an extremely durable wooden frame with metal legs for support. It also has a split-back design and arms that fold up, allowing for optimal comfort. It quickly and easily goes into sleeper position. Sleeping on this mattress is very comfortable due to the memory foam backing and the tufted design. The faux leather of this product is actually quite soft. But, it definitely still provides support so you won’t be sinking into the bars. It looks beautiful in any room and immediately adds a level of charm to the space it is in. The folding down arms on the side give it a bit of a makeover for when guests arrive as well.


Not all futons are created equally. Shopping for futons is not even as easy as it sounds. These additions are no longer just for the college dormitory. Futons are now coming in more styles, selections, and materials to even be able to sit in your front living room. These models are some of the best most affordable futons on the market. Price matters when you’re shopping and we don’t believe you should sacrifice quality for price. These futons feature elegant styles and imported materials that will dazzle your guests and even spice up your room. Not only are they stylish, but extremely convenient. Now, when guests come to visit it will be super easy and comfortable for them to stay. They may even be surprised your comfortable memory foam living room sofa is actually a futon! Who knew that a futon could be a conversation piece?

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