The Top 10 Best In-Ear Gaming Headphones

You’re playing your video game and suddenly someone on the other end says something, but you miss it completely. Or, instructions come up as part of a narration, but you can’t make out certain words. That means it might be time to invest in some in ear gaming headphones. These headphones are some of the best in ear gaming headphones we could find. They provide you with crisp clear sound quality, some of them by actively cancelling out the noise coming in. These types of earbuds that fit snugly in your ear are perfect for gaming, so you don’t miss anything while playing.

What should you look for when purchasing in ear gaming headphones?

You may want to look for headphones that also feature a mic. This is usually used when you play a live action online multiplayer game. These mics can be used to communicate back and forth between players. The better the noise cancelling mic, the better the other players will be able to hear and understand what you are saying.

You may also be looking for one that comes with adjustable ear tips. This is important if you notice average earbuds usually don’t fit you properly. You will want to look for ones that come with various sizes, so they won’t be falling out of your ears.

All of these earbuds feature amazing sound quality, but some do have higher rates of noise cancellation. If you are looking for top headphones in producing the best sound for game play, then check out the list below of our top picks!

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Need earbuds that have a mic? Look at this list!

1. Wired Gaming Earphone with Adjustable Mic

The Maxin in ear gaming headphones are one of the best not only because it features a mic, but it also has various controls. The easy to reach volume controls can be used while you’re in the middle of gameplay, making this pair of headphones extremely convenient. There is a mic control switch and then controls for the volume. On the back of this control pad is a small button. This button can be used for pausing and playing songs. These high tech buds feature noise cancellation, which means you’ll only hear what is produced by the headphone. Use it with your cellphone, Xbox, PS4, and desktop computer. The mic is one of the best we have seen that have been attached to earbuds. The mic is completely adjustable and long, so you can use it easily while hands free. You can place it in front of your mouth or move it up and out of your face.


2. Hi-Res In-Ear Earbud Headphones

Chalked has produced one of the best in ear gaming headphones on the market for gamers. The inside of these earbuds feature a dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver. This means that the sound is level and is of amazing high resolution quality. The specially designed eartips limit the amount of noise that can penetrate past the earbud. This means you will only enjoy the sounds coming from out of the actual headphone. The headphones come with a carrying case and extra ear tips. It also features a switch on the cord of the earbuds to stop and play music or to adjust the volume.


3. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The TaoTronics earbuds are one of the best in ear gaming headphones we found for noise cancellation. The little box attached to the cord works as a noise cancellation device, but also allows you to interrupt its functionality to hear things such as: an alarm or subway pulling up. If you need a perfect mic for gaming, one that keeps your voice crips and clear without environmental disturbances, then TaoTronics has you covered. This mic is not only perfect for gameplay, but also for conference calls. The earbuds are quick to charge up and can last up to half a day being used continuously. If you are looking for superior sound quality and true innovation when it comes to noise cancellation for your gaming pleasure, then TaoTronics will not disappoint.

3 taotronics.jpeg

4. Lonfine Dual Driver Earbuds Super Bass Earbuds

Although these earbuds are pretty compact and do not really look like much, they are one of the best in ear gaming headphones out there. They feature a unique transparent shell. This is, of course, pleasing to look at, but also shows us how well this earbud was designed. It features a protective shell, a composite diaphragm, and acoustic damping. It’s professional acoustic layout proves to us that this headphone was designed to be simple, yet effective. It features a high powered microphone. On the same block on the cord is a button to pause and play music. The silicone earbuds are specifically designed to fit in your ear comfortably and not fall out.


5. Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit Earbuds

What’s all the hype around these little in ear gaming headphones by Sennheiser? These earbuds are specifically designed to not fall out, even when you’re walking around and doing activities. So, you can trust these earbuds will not just pop out in the middle of your game play. The headphones are excellent at filtering out ambient noise. They feature a small slider, so you can have the freedom to adjust your headphones as needed. You won’t have to worry if you’re planning on playing games at a friend’s house and don’t want to get distracted when playing split-screen. These headphones are perfect for busy environments.


6. E-3lue Gaming Headphone with Detachable Mic

If you’re a gamer who uses or needs a mic, then consider the E-3lue in ear gaming headphone with a detachable mic. It features a box on the cord with three buttons to adjust volume and pause or play. The mic is long and can wrap around your head to be right in front of your face. But, it is also adjustable and removable, so if you don’t want it in your face you can simply remove it. The mic is no attached to the cord, so this provides convenience to you because you don’t have to hold the mic. Sick of your in-game chats being disrupted or hard to hear? These headphones are very sensitive, so they pick up almost everything in the game play and block out noises from your environment. This means they are perfect for gaming chats between other players. They are also very comfortable to sit in your ear. This in ear gaming earbuds can be used with your desktop, laptop, Xbox, and PS4.


7. Avantree Dual Drive Headphones

Prepare for ultra-clear midtones with Avantree’s in ear gaming headphones. It’s 5mm provides you with perfect treble and clear midtones. The 8mm gives you your heavy bass. These are some of the most snug earbuds we have seen and have a piece of ergonomic plastic covering the bud for an extra tight fit, but also to block out more noise. On top of that, an ear hook lock keeps the earbud from ever falling out. It features a built in metal microphone that allows you to speak hands free, while still playing your games. Avantree also added an extra unique feature, making these headphones sweat proof. That means that if you also want to take them on a run with you, they still won’t pop out of your ears. This means you can trust that while you are playing your games, you won’t have a mishap with the earbuds you’re using.

7 avantree.jpeg
8 sony.jpeg

8. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset

Of course we have to have Sony on this list. Sony is very trustworthy and has great electronics. They also have very high quality sound systems. So, it’s not a shock that these in ear gaming headphones are one of the best. The tightly designed acoustic system allows for beautiful sound to be pumped out, but not a lot of noise interruption to be let in. The silicone earbuds will fit comfortably in your ear and won’t slip out. The product comes with multiple different sizes, so make sure you are choosing the right size to fit snugly into your ear. The control button is attached to the cord and also features a built in microphone.


9. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds

The Symphonized NRG earbuds were chosen as one of the best in volume control. But, overall they are one of the best in ear gaming headphones for various reasons. What’s special about these headphones? They are handcrafted out of wood. Thus, the listening experience sounds incredibly unique and unmatched to some plastic headphones. The mic is built in and features a control block used to control the volume. It comes with several different earbud sizes to comfortably fit any ear size. Our favorite part is that the natural acoustic capabilities of wood really shine in this product.

9 symphonized.jpeg

10. Betron YSM1000 Headphones

Betron headphones are one of the most heavy duty in ear gaming headphones on the market. We have chosen the Betron, because not only does it have an impeccable sturdy design, but it also has bass driven sound. This is perfect for those action games you might be playing. You’ll actually get to feel those sounds and be more immersed in game play. Betron focuses their headphones on dynamic drivers. Dynamic speakers are very important to capture all of the sounds in today’s games and music. Without one, you would be missing certain sounds. It comes with a compact leather carrying case.

These were some of the best in ear gaming headphones we could find and they did not disappoint us. We were looking for headphones that were compact, easy to use, provided us with convenience, and had an ample amount of noise cancellation. Noise cancellation was our primary focus, since these headphones are intended to be used for game play. These in ear gaming headphones are the perfect new addition to your gaming ensemble.

Whether you are looking for earbuds with high functionality in regards to noise cancellation or earbuds that also feature a mic, the above list has it all. When looking for the perfect pair of in ear gaming headphones, you should consider a few things. If you are also going to be using these earbuds for exercise, you may want to consider a pair that has capabilities to lock in place or are sweat proof. If you are using the headphones for music as well, you may want a pair that can stop and play music at the touch of a button. Or, you may want to pair that will significantly increase the acoustics of your music through the use of all natural wood. Regardless of what case you are interested in, this list compiles the very best in ear gaming headphones for producing superior sound.

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