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Over the last forty years, the explosion in computer and internet based entertainment has led to an equally pervasive expansion of gaming equipment. Initially basic in design, companies soon had to deal develop products that were of higher quality and with greater features. Earbuds are one such product that has seen wonderful diversification.

Initially released as a feature of Apple’s iPod, earbuds (earpods) were never seen as something that would gain widespread acceptance. Today, however, earbuds represent a large portion of the headphone market. Called in-ear headphones, they may not have received the acceptance as traditional headphones for the true gamer but the improvements in comfort and sound quality are not to be dismissed. This list provides some of the best options currently available on the market for the gamer who prefers earbuds over full sized headsets.

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Product Reviews

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1. KEKU 3.5mm high Fidelity Earphones with Extension Cord and PC Adapter (Black)

Looking for a set of earphones at a reasonable price? These multi-purpose, wired earplugs should be considered. The set comes with one 3.5mm Sport style earphone, inline microphone, cable, extension cord and a PC adapter that makes it compatible with multiple devices. Constructed of silicon for comfort, the set includes tips for small, medium and large ears. Anchor the device in the ear and reduce external noise at the same time with the included ear hook. There is no need to be concerned about losing the sound while walking or jogging. The total available length of the cords is approximately 2.2m or about 7ft. giving the user plenty of room to move while still tethered to the game or video screen. Providing clear stereo quality sound with a strong base range, these headphones are perfect for everything from video to music. The built-in microphone even makes it possible to answer a phone call while actively engaged in game play.


2. Klim Fusion Wired Earphones for Gaming with Microphone

Newly designed for 2018, Klim Technologies has created a comfortable fitting earphone that has excellent sound quality and noise reduction at an affordable price. The earbud and built-in microphone speak to the gamer for truly hands free operation. The stereo sound offers a recognizable base range and the best audio clarity in its price range. Cords are approximately one meter in length or 3ft. The shaped memory foam tip offers comfort and keeps the device in place during activities. The tight fit reduces the level of outside noise. The company offers a 5 yr. Warranty with up to 4 replacement tips per purchase. This product may not offer too many extras but it comes through in sound quality and comfort which is ultimately where it counts.

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3. Vogek Stereo E-Sports Gaming Earbuds

Known for its clear and crisp sound quality, this set of sports and gaming earbuds is designed to be easy to use during all activities. Highly compatible with any device that supports a 3.5mm headphone jack, the set comes with an extension cord and PC adapter cord. The set includes one pair of earbuds, three sizes (S,M,L) foam cushions, and two ear hooks. Never worry about stopping to replace the earpiece during the height of gaming action. The detachable microphone fits into the earpiece and can dangle for general use or can be held to speak directly into the mic for more private conversations. A deep base range and sensitivity to background noise keep the sound clear whether listening or talking. The manufacturer provides and 30-day money back return policy and 18 month warrant for added consumer confidence.


4. Urulilm Earphones, Earbuds with Mic for Gaming & Music

Stylishly available in purple, pink or orange color variations, this pair offers comfort, excellent sound quality and durability in a simple design. The lightweight construction of aluminum alloy ear pieces and copper fiber wiring provide a durable long lasting earphone. The silicone ear tips which are customizable in small, medium and large create a good fit that keeps out up to 90% of all external noise. A combination of bright treble and deep base offer optimal sound quality at all volume levels and from all sources. The set is compatible with Android and iOS devices and the inline remote uses a three button system to allow management of any playlist. The 1.2 m (about 45 inch) cord allows some flexibility for movement away from the input device and the built-in microphone allows hands free operation for calls. A quality and colorful choice for individual tastes.

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5. Hi-Res Wired Gaming Earphones by TekTek

A unique concept in earphones, this pair offers hybrid dual drivers for sound quality and an 18 pore ear tip that generates more sound than single aperture devices. Compatible with most smartphones and devices that have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, the earplugs and wire control box are made of metal alloy which increases the durability of this product. High fidelity sound and great bass quality provide noise cancelation for a better listening experience. The soft rubber ear tip design keeps the device in the ear without other hooks or fittings. The inline microphone and volume control provide hands free operation. Take a call while staying engaged in the video game action. Reasonably priced, the simple design offers some of the best clarity at all volumes in this price range. A relative newcomer to the marketplace, the innovative look and features make this a good choice for on-the-go gaming while traveling.


6. UROPHYLLA Earbuds with Microphone for iOS and Android Cell Phone, Laptops, Tablet, MP3, Gaming, Fits All 3.5mm Interface Device

Tested to find the optimal ergonomic design for both comfort and noise isolation, this set has a 20-degree tilt to the earplug for the most natural fit available. The silicone ear tips (available in three sizes - S,M,L) add a degree of customized fit that works in concert with the larger tip base that keeps the pair anchored in the ear while blocking external noise. The inline microphone and multi-featured remote fine tunes the control of a playlist for play, pause and track navigation while also being able to pick up and end a personal call. Four feet of cable keeps the user connected while having enough room to be flexible This simple design is complemented by clear sound quality with a rich treble and bass balance. Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty and customer service. Ideal choice for the gamer who prefers tablet and smartphone apps to a full gaming console.

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7. SoundPEATS Hi-Res Wired Gaming Earphones

Chosen for their high resolution audio quality, these wired gaming earphones by SoundPEATS are simple in design and comfortable to wear. When not attached to a gaming console, this pair works great with all cell phones and music devices that support a 3.5mm headphone jack to offer superior stereo sound and bass. The in-line microphone and volume buttons provide hands free operation while picking up a call or managing a favorite playlist. The set comes with small, medium, and large tips to customize comfort and is constructed of high quality materials and braided line for continued quality sound performance. Manufacturer offers a 12 month warranty and excellent customer service.


8. Gaming Earbuds, Noise Isolating Stereo Bass in Ear Headphones with Microphone - 87 Inch Long Cord Extension Cable PC Adapter

It was easy to see this was an ultimate choice for the avid gamer when wireless options might not be available. Excellent sound quality, noise isolating capabilities and an 87 inch total cord length (about 7ft.) offer as much freedom as one can get without going wireless. These magnetic in-ear headphones are not meant for subtle use with their bright red and black color

Complete with three sizes of silicone ear tips and a soft memory foam jacket, the fit is comfortable and the noise reduction is good. The built-in microphone and remote facilitates communication between gamers and still permits the user to control the media. High fidelity sound quality is achieved with a well-balance base and clear reproduction of tone. The manufacturer offers a 2 years warranty on it product making this an excellent choice for the gamer who wants to avoid the weight of the typical gaming headset.

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9. Somic G618Pro, Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Gaming Headphones

While not as common as wireless gaming headsets, this pair of bluetooth enabled in-ear gaming headphones provides good quality materials and adequate compatibility for gaming devices. The large but fashionable ear plugs include an ear hook to keep the device in place as well as more noise reduction than other smaller earplugs. An inline and detachable microphone are included to provide the best of both worlds, The detachable microphone which connects to the ear plug is solid enough to be used for voice activated gaming while the inline microphone doubles as a remote for playlist navigation or call pickup. Light weight and completely portable, the set connects easily with compatible devices and works for up to 8 hours off of a single charge. Sound quality is good particularly when the microphone is in use. This set is designed more for the mobile gamer than an avid console user.


10. Ansten Down to 92%(22dB) Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds

Seen as the best all around option for the person who is not shy about wanting the best, these noise cancelling and bluetooth earbuds by Ansten offer great sound quality, durability and comfort. Made from premium materials, the design fits comfortably in the ear and stays there regardless of activity level. The long-lasting battery handles 8 hours of listening pleasure on a 1.5 hour charge. The inline microphone and volume buttons are positioned near the ear to allow the comfortable neckband to remain out of the way when working. Superior sound quality cancels up to 92% of external noises to enhance the listening experience. Three sizes of silicone ear tips with professional IPX 4 sweat proof coating mean comfort and worry-free maintenance. Proprietary technology and the manufacturers 45 day money back return policy and 12 month warranty provide an added level of consumer confidence in this purchase.

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Buying Guide

As one looks at a purchase of earbuds or in-ear headphones specifically for use during gaming activities, there seems to be five factors (other than price) that impact a consumer’s satisfaction. Briefly, those factors are explained here.


Audio Quality

Probably the most important criteria for the majority of consumers, audio quality varies widely from item to item. Consumers who are looking for good audio should look for descriptions which include words like high fidelity sound, dual-drivers, balanced sound or strong bass.

Noise Cancellation

A method of improving sound quality by canceling out external noise with preferred sound is known as noise cancellation. Earbuds that rely on noise cancellation tend to provide better audio quality but smaller ear tips. With noise cancellation, the user may still hear the external noise but may not pay attention to it because of the clear and preferable sound of coming from the earphones.

Noise Isolation

This method of improving sound quality provides a barrier between external sounds and the video effects. Tightly fitting ear tips and larger ear plugs do a better job of blocking unwanted sound than less visible ear pieces. A combination of good sound quality and well fitting in-ear earphones will generally give the best quality sound.


For the most part, the items on this list are made of quality materials. Of course, quality is not always a sign of durability. Working parts of metal alloy are by their nature more durable than soft substances such as plastic and rubber. Durability may be a factor for the sport user but not be a consideration for the consumer who is always misplacing their earphones.


Not offered as much in earbuds as in gaming headsets, wireless (usually bluetooth) technology is not always as successful in an earbud. Assuming that the user of earbuds is interested in a greater level of activity, connectivity might be a problem as the user shifts through varying zones of signal strength. One might need to take the position that when it works it is great and when it doesn’t, it doesn’t. A wired backup set may need to be a companion to any wireless set of earbuds.

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