Top 15 High School Romance Anime

Anime is a beautiful style of hand-drawn and computer aided animation. It is usually associated with Japan. The actual word “anime” comes from the Japanese language and means animation. It is often characterized by having bright colorful graphics, eccentric characters, and a wide range of different themes. There are almost no boundaries when it comes to anime, which makes them incredibly versatile and able to fit many different audiences. This industry is home to over four-hundred and thirty production studios. One of the top names that you have probably heard of, whether you’re familiar with anime or not, is Studio Ghibli.

If you aren’t familiar with what anime looks like or aren’t sure if you know what it looks like, think of Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. There are so many different genres and themes within anime, but we will only focus on the top fifteen best high school romance anime.

These anime follow students that attend different types of high schools. Some are prestigious and elite, while others take place in just regular high schools. You can probably tell just by glancing, but a lot of these anime feature a “bad” boy or girl that may or may not turn soft. These theme is prevalent and popular because it is relatable, but also fantastical. The anime chosen below have well developed themes and characters, making them the top fifteen best high school romance anime.

The anime world has a plethora of romance genre series. You can find ones about mature romantic relationships, ones involving lots of drama, ones that are just a slice of life romance story, and, maybe the most common, ones considered romance shoujo.


1. Konbini Kareshi

Konbini Kareshi is also known as Convenience Store Boy Friends and is one of the best high school romance anime. The story follows Mishimi Haruki and Honda Towa as they mingle with new high school friends. But, even though they both are not seeking a relationship, they end up meeting girls that they are both interested in. It is a very heartfelt and innocent in nature and shows the ups and downs of having your first love. It is one of the best high school romance anime because of it’s purity and easy to follow story line.


2. Special A

Special A starts as a comedy drama set in high school, but the characters development progresses and they begin to fall in love with each other. Each character is given a different and unique backstory, which is made known to the audience. It focuses on rivals Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima. They have been fighting with each other since as long as they can remember and now they are in high school and it’s as heated as ever. Unfortunately, Kei is always second to Hikari. They both are enrolled in the same elite class: Special A, furthering their rivalry. This high school romance anime is very engaging and keeps the audience interested.


3. Kimi Ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke is also called From Me to You. We have heard that this anime is extremely unique. First impression is that it wouldn’t be as good as it is, due to the poster art not being the greatest. However, the animation is beautiful for this anime, which makes it one of the best high school romance anime. The story focuses around Kuronuma Sawako and Kazehaya Shouta. Since Kuronuma is deemed as being kind of creepy and an oddball, she is given the name Sadako. Kazehaya is very popular in school and is almost the opposite of Kuronuma. Due to Kazehaya’s nature, he easily approaches Kuronuma and she’s hopeful it is the start of a friendship.


4. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Tomato no Kaibutsu-kun is also known as My Little Monster. It focuses around Shizuku Mizutani and Yoshida Haru. Yoshida Haru is being suspended from school and Shizuku is tasked with delivering papers. Yoshida looks to far into this and thinks Shizuku is being kind, although she was instructed to do so. She earns the nickname: “Dry Ice”. Yoshida Haru becomes fascinated with her and both shuffle through their own feelings in their own unique ways. My Little Monster is one of the best high school romance anime because it is wholesome and unique in it’s own special way.

tonari no kaibutsu kun.jpeg

5. True Tears

True Tears focuses on a student named Shin’ichiro Nakagami. Shin’ichiro is very artistic and has amazing talent. Hiromi Yuasa’s father was a close friend of Shin’ichiro’s family. So, when her father passed away his family allowed her to move in and attend school with Shin’ichiro. However, things are starting to get awkward because Hiromi has been acting very coldly towards him and it’s only getting worse. Although Shin’ichiro is becoming fascinated with Hiromi, the story does not focus exclusively on their relationship and follows closely with Shin’ichiro’s friendships.


6. Wolf Girl and Black Prince

This story follows Eirka Shinohara and Kyoya Sata. Erika Shinohara is very lonely at school and is desperate to fit in. Everyone in her newfound friend group has a boyfriend. So, to fit in, Erika lies about having one as well. She takes a picture of a random person to show them, but doesn’t realize he is the most popular boy at their school. Erika ends up begging Kyoya to pretend and he agrees, but under one condition. Erika soon learns the dark truth behind Kyoya and tries to understand him better. The story follows them throughout their high school years.


7. Kare Kano

Kare Kano is also known as His and Her Circumstances. Yukino Miyazawa is very popular in school and gets perfect grades, causing her to be the envy of some classmates. However, this is just a show she puts on. When she is home, she doesn’t keep up her appearance and is somewhat spoiled. She is top in her class until Soichiro Arima knocks her off of first place. Her egocentric nature powers her and she vows to knock him off the top. But, when he reveals he has a crush on her, Yukino is left with confused feelings. But, things take a turn when Soichiro stops by Yukino’s house announced.


8. School Days

This story follows Makoto Ito and Kotonoha Katsura’s blossoming relationship. Makoto Ito rides the train to and from school every day. He notices a beautiful girl also does the same and her name is Kotonoha Katsura. However, they do not have any classes together. He really wants to get Katsura to notice him, but can’t figure out a way that will work without looking desperate. So, he asks the help of his friend Sekai Saionji. But, Saionji is in love with Makoto Ito and he doesn’t know this when he asks for her help. This anime is one of the best high school romance anime because it is very realistic, not over the top, and has a very interesting love triangle.


9. Clannad

Clannad has received some pretty high praise and is definitely one of the best high school romance anime. The story focuses on Tomoya Okazaki. His mother was killed in a car accident. His father is so overcome with grief that he is distant with Okazaki. On top of this, Okazaki is struggling in school and just doesn’t see the point anymore. That is when he meets Nagisa Furukawa, who is in charge of revamping the drama club and enlists Okazaki to help her. This story is beautifully told, although dark in the beginning. However, this portion of the anime is very realistic and easily relatable which makes the anime that much better.


10. Toradora

Toradora is known for being very lighthearted. In fact, it does seem very romantic comedy like in the beginning and is very light. However, the story at play does actually have depth and gives meaning to the characters. The story follows Taiga Aisaka who definitely has an attitude problem. Her anger issues make her feared by almost everyone at school. She meets Ryuji Takasu and the two plot to get their two best friends to fall in love. But, the plan backfires and Aisaka begins sifting through feelings of her own.


11. 5 Centimeters Per Second

This story focuses on Takaki Tono. It begins when he becomes friends with Akari Shinohara after she has just transferred to his elementary school. They end up creating a strong bond, since they both have similar mannerisms. After elementary, Akari has to move away because her parents got different jobs. They try to keep in contact through letters, but then Takaki learns he will be moving further away. They try to make arrangements to see each other one last time. The story follows them through their senior years, as they try to remain in contact.


12. Maid-Sama

Misaki Ayuzawa works part time in a maid cafe to earn money to help support her family. She attends Seika High, which used to be an all boys school. She is the class president and has a reputation at the school to uphold. Unfortunately, Takumi Usui finds out about Ayuzawa working in the cafe and uses her situation to blackmail her. First, he stakes out in the cafe often and watches her and begins to grow interest although he is harboring a secret about her. Usui is very smart, just like Ayuzawa and realizes she could like him for who he actually is and not just his looks.


13. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

This very light romance is about the Sakura Dormitory hosting a very unique boy, Sorata Kanda. He was kicked out of the regular dorm for kicking a cat. He is just settling in when a world famous artist also moves into the dormitory. Her name is Mashiro Shiina. Mashiro Shiina is lovely, eccentric, and a bit of a mess. She struggles to take care of daily tasks and gets distracted easily. Sorata becomes her handler and the story follows them through their daily activities


14. Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda’s mother died in a car accident. She moves in with her grandparents, but realizes soon enough that she won’t be able to stay there. So, Tohru moves out and begins living on the street in a tent. However, not soon after, she moves in with a very popular classmate: Yuki Sohma. Tohru learns that the family she moved in with is living with a curse and are possessed by spirits. She grows fonder and fonder of her cursed adoptive family and seeks out ways to help break them free. The story follows her journey as she learns the different personality of each cursed family member.


15. Say “I love you”

Mei Tachibana is a sort of shy and unique. She is also very wary of people and not very trusting. This is why she has went through the majority of her high school years without making any friends or getting a boyfriend. Popular boy Yamato Kurosawa becomes increasingly interested in her. Yamato is patient and kind to Tachibana, creating a lighthearted friendship with her. This soon allows Tachibana to form other relationships as well, as she breaks down her walls.


Everyone loves a good romance, whether it is a little dark or a happy light hearted one. We were on the hunt for something that would fulfill our romance craving, but also keep us genuinely interested in the storyline and characters without going overboard. These top fifteen best high school romance anime have proved that they deserve to be on this list by bringing us simple themes all the way to expanding our horizons with anime like: Fruits Basket and The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.

Romance within anime is one of the best genres to view, because the characters exhibit emotion so vividly. It is easy to become in a trance when watching them and fall in love with the characters, especially when they are so developed like the ones above. 5 Centimeters Per Second isn’t your average high school romance anime, but neither is Clannad. Both are very unique and very powerful in their own ways. This is why this genre is so well evolved in the anime community. Regardless of which anime you decide on, you will be in for a unique and entertaining treat. If you are looking for the top high school romance anime, then be sure to try one out from this list if you haven’t already.