The 10 Most Comfortable Futons in the World!

Futons can be a staple inside any home. These work great in small dorm rooms or studio apartments, but can really work virtually anywhere. We found that they are also the perfect alternative to sleeping guests in a guest room, especially in combination with a guest bed if you house a lot of visitors at once. But, not all futons are created equal. You wouldn’t want to invite a guest over and then have them sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. The good news is that we have searched for the best most comfortable futons and compiled them into this list. Futons are a great alternative to a floor mattress because they are much more comfortable and can be stored as a sofa versus a bed taking up unnecessary room. Futons provide you with a modern, versatile, and convenient option for your bedroom, loft apartment, office, or guest room.

There are some things you want to consider when purchasing a new futon.

You’ll want to consider the weight of your futon. Although most of the futons listed below are on the lighter side, there are a few bulky models. Why did we include these? Sometimes less is more, but sometimes it’s not. We are a fan of storage and those bulkier futons provide us with just that! But, that can mean your futon will weigh a little bit more and may be harder to relocate.

You’ll also want to consider style. Depending on where you are putting your futon, you’ll want to consider what kind of style you want. Most of these futons would pass for ordinary couches, but some resemble more of a daybed. If you’re looking for something more inconspicuous, you’ll want to consider the futons that don’t resemble daybeds. However, you may be looking for something casual.

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1. DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

If you are looking for a beautiful futon that doesn’t sacrifice it’s looks for comfort, look no further than the Emily futon by DHP. DHP is a well trusted futon manufacturing business that always uses the best materials for their products. This is why we included the Emily on our list of the best most comfortable futons. The Emily comes in several different colors to match your decor. It converts from a couch to a bed within seconds and only takes a few minutes to assemble.  The tufted back rests and seats add to the design detail, but also add comfort. This modern option is complete with metal chrome legs for support. We personally love the tan color with the contrasting metal legs.


2. Laguna Perfect Sit & Sleep Pocketed Coil Inner Spring Pillow Top Sofa Sleeper Bed

This comfortable option by Epic Furnishings is definitely on another level in the futon world. We included this futon on the list for the best most comfortable futons because it’s unique microfiber seude is kid-porof and pet-proof. It can also be purchased with a leather looking fabric instead of the suede. It can be purchased in a chair size, queen size, or full size. The arms are available in oak, walnut, or mahogany. The pillow top mattress is very modern looking and includes inner spring pocket coils which allow for extra comfort. This company promises you will never feel the bars of your futon, which can be common in traditional sofa-sleepers. It can hold up to 750 pounds. We love that Epic Furnishings provides you with two cute and comfortable accent pillows to go along with your futon purchase. This would be a perfect option for a guest bedroom, as it is made of the highest quality materials. It also can comfortably fit two to three adults depending what size you are looking for.


3. Arden Dark Espresso (Near Black) Futon Set

This comfortable futon is full size and is armless. We love the overall appearance of this futon, as it features a dark hardwood versus a black futon frame. One of the main reasons we added this futon to the list of the best most comfortable futons is that the mattress is extremely durable. This could be because the mattress is considerably plush and eight inches thick. It features three different seating positions versus some futons that only have two options. This positions are sofa, longer, and bed. The mattress support is superb and provides you with medium to firm support. You may be thinking: no armrests is a no go for me. But, we have included no armrest options because we have learned from our taller friends that the armrests can really get in the way. This is also perfect for scooting an end table and having somewhere close to put drinks and snacks without reaching around an armrest.


4. Better Homes & Gardens* Solid Wood Arm Metal Futon

One of the many great things about this futon by Better Homes and Gardens is that it has a removable slip cover that can be washed and changed out. We are ranking this futon on our list for the most comfortable futons because you can not feel the bars through this mattress at all. This stylish futon has a very plush mattress and sturdy metal frame. The arms are solid wood and provide some minimal storage. It turns into a full size sleeper. Inside the mattress are twill covered coils encased separately. This allows for you to sleep in extreme comfort that we found to be exceptional for a futon. We noticed that people often don’t realize it is a futon, probably due to it’s elegant and comfortable design. The best part about this futon, in our opinion, is that it doubles as a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing couch. It is also compact enough to fit into virtually any room through any doorway.

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5 epic furnishings brentwood.jpeg

5.Brentwood Mission-Style 8-Inch Loft Inner Spring Futon

This futon is the perfect couch by day and sleeper by night. It comes in a wide array of colors to match your home decor and style. The mattress is the key element in this futon, as it features thirteen inches of materials compressed into an eight inch mattress. The outermost layers of this mattress are composed of compressed cotton batting for amazing comfort. It can hold up to 750 pounds, so you know that this futon was made with durability in mind. The backrests and seat area are made of a black metal grid, so you will always have durable support. The premium quality coils are knotted, so you will never hear this futon squeak. It features wooden oak arms that are very comfortable to rest on. The mattress on this futon does not leave you aching in the morning and can be slept on everyday with no problems. You can not feel the bars when you are sleeping on this mattress. It provides just the right amount of comfort and support for your back. It is perfect for a back sleeper! We love this option for an apartment, dorm, guest bedroom, or ven a cabin.


6.Stanford Futon Set - Full Size Futon Frame with Mattress Included

Nirvan Futons presents this extremely comfortable three-setting futon sofa-sleeper. The three settings of this futon are sofa, lounger, and bed. This futon converts a full size bed. As is common in some futons, internally bunching up of materials can happen. This leaves your futon feeling lumpy and uncomfortable. With the Stanford, you don’t have to worry about that. This is because the mattress is solid twill or microfiber and is tufted. The mattress is also eight inches thinck which will provide you with just enough support to have a good night’s rest. We included this futon on our list of the best most comfortable futons because the mattress is made out of poly-cotton and four layers of foam. This foams adds so much comfort to this product. While it is not memory foam, it adds thickness which allows the mattress to be more firm than a traditional futon.


7. Best Choice Products PU Leather Convertible Futon Sofa Bed

I don’t know what it is about leather that is so comfortable to me, maybe it is how it is always like sleeping on the cool side of the pillow. This futon features a tufted design for added comfort and durability. The frame is made of a durable wood with crossbars for support. You are able to sit on this futon like a regular couch at a moderate height. It easily adjusts from sofa to sleeper in a matter of seconds. Relax and unwind watching tv with this classic PU leather option. It weighs around sixty-one pounds, but can still fit into some smaller spaces. If you need a high-quality futon, but you are worried about how much space it will take up, this is the futon for you without a doubt. Especially, if you need more of a firmer mattress. We noticed this leather mattress provides a more firmer sleep, which we didn’t have a problem with at all. We personally love this option because we have a thing for style and this Best Choice futon is definitely very stylish and modern looking. It really does look like an expensive couch when it is sitting in your home. The four legs are included and screw on easily to the futon. We found this futon to be perfect for dorms and studio apartments. It adds just a bit of style, but at the same time is really durable and comfortable.


8. DHP Dillan Convertible Futon Couch Bed with Microfiber

Who doesn’t love microfiber? Have you ever owned a microfiber blanket? Now, just imagine having that in futon and couch form. We absolutely love the material of this futon, if you couldn’t tell. Not only is it extremely soft, but the mattress is very plush as well. It is able to go from sitting, to sleeping, and to lounging. So, not only do you have a comfortable and soft bed, but you always now have a very comfortable couch. The angles the DHP Dillan sits at is very supportive of our backs, which we have to say is very important when it comes to furniture. Nobody likes waking up to an aching back! We love the versatility of the DHP products. If you’re looking for a unique way to spice up your living area, consider DHP futons or their other products. These futons look very contemporary and even fit together nicely if you want more of a sectional look. The only assembly required is screwing on the four wooden legs that it is shipped with. It is the perfect addition to any room, even as a daybed. We have seen this product used as a cute beach cottage daybed, in a nursery, and even in a home office.


9. Bali 8-Inch Loft Inner Spring Futon Sofa Sleeper Bed

The Bali is a very unique looking futon that we added to our list of the best most comfortable futons for several key reasons. The first one is this product has low wooden arms. This may seem like an inconvenience, but we noticed these arms fell at a natural sitting height, which ended up being more comfortable for our arms. We also found that this was useful for sleeping and we didn’t have to worry about knocking our legs against metal arm bars in the middle of the night. The mattress features tightly coiled springs and cotton batting. This means you will never feel the bars of the futon. This futon comes in a wide array of different colors and the mattress cover can easily be removed or changed. The front of this futon features hinges so your mattress will stay in place. This futon looks very unique with it’s lower arm rests. We think this gives this futon a more industrial feel. It would look amazing in a loft apartment or something similar.


10. Westfield Futon Set with Microfiber Sussex Khaki Mattress Included

We added another microfiber option to our list of the best most comfortable futons. We personally love the quality present in the Nirvana Futons brand. This solid hardwood framed futon by Nirvana Futons features three different seating styles. These styles are lounge, sofa, and sleeper. This futon is perfect for just sitting because it is at actual sofa height. This means that your legs won’t be up by your chest when you are just trying to sit down. We have found that these types of mattresses are more comfortable and allow your legs to sit out naturally. The mattress will provide you with medium to firm support because it is eight inches thick. The internal coils and poly-cotton won’t be bunching up because this mattress is tufted. The mattress is thick, comfortable, and can easily sleep two adults. We noticed that out of all the products we have listed, Nirvana futons tend to have the most plush and luxurious feeling mattresses included with their futons. We have never come across mattresses of this quality and that are so large. We are truly impressed by the Nirvana Futons brand.


Aren’t futons just for college kids? No!

Why should you invest in a futon? See below!

Futons are extremely affordable options, especially if you consider where you will be putting it. If you’re looking for a new couch, consider getting an upgraded futon. Some styles, you really can’t tell it is even a futon and that way your guests will even have somewhere to stay. Futons are now sometimes used as stylish daybeds. These can go in nurseries and even guest rooms. Speaking of guest rooms, instead of getting a floor mattress consider getting a plush microfiber futon for your guests to sleep on. They sure will be a lot more comfortable!

Normally, futons have a lot more options to choose from than a regular bed or couch set. Not only are there more mattress colors, but there are also different finishes and materials to choose from. This means you could choose from leather to cotton to tweed. There are also different types of arms and areas of storage. Some futons are a bit more bulky, but will provide you with lots more storage areas. This saves you space in the long run.

So, next time your remodeling or need a new guest bed, consider investing in a futon!

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