10 Best Japanese Futons for the Ultimate Sleep


Have you ever struggled to find a mattress that is not only comfortable, but is also sturdy enough to help your back? As far as your normal every day Western mattresses go, they often fall short. For the perfect sleeping experience we think the traditional Japanese futon is the way to go!

Futons were first introduced to the Western world around World War II, and instantly became the newest trend! Individuals from every corner of the world realized how practical, comfortable, and even portable these mattresses were and sought out the best futons Japan had to offer.

Ready to get your own and see why these Japanese mattresses are so popular, then check out this list of the best futons out there!

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1. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress "Classe" with Igusa

Top of our list is one futon that truly has it all! From EMOOR we have a traditional Japanese futon mattress that is not only insanely comfortable by anyone's standards, but also includes an Igusa Tatami Mattress for the ultimate sleeping experience. This futon, made from 100% cotton, is specifically designed with comfort in mind while also being antibacterial and anti-tick for long lasting wear and tear. Packing away for storage, or even travel, is made easy with this futon, as its easy to fold and make compact for safekeeping.

The included Tatami mat, made completely from rush grass, is a huge part of Japanese futon culture and is a wonderful addition to any household. If an included Tatami mat wasn't already enough, EMOOR also throws in an additonal futon cover that can come in a wide variety of colors, guaranteed to match any interior design you might already have! This futon simply beckons you to lay down and have the perfect sleep! 


2. EMOOR Compact-Sized Japanese Futon Set

In the mood for a futon that's just a tad bit more compact while still being just as comfortable? Then we've found the one for you! EMOOR once again provides a futon that will not disappoint. This compact-sized futon, just barely smaller than your average twin-sized mattress, is the perfect mattress to roll away during the day and easily bring back out at night. Pillow included, this futon also has just the right amount of padding that makes sleeping enjoyable while still utilizing the firmness of the ground to help align your back. EMOOR's futon is also versatile for it can be used as just a regular futon or even as extra padding for your pre-existing mattress. Either way, coziness and comfort will be a certainty! We highly recommend this futon for anyone looking to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle that the traditional Japanese culture is often known for.  


3. J-Life Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

When you're on the hunt for the perfect mattress, often the main goal is to have it be long lasting and durable. This next futon from J-Life has a guaranteed five year warranty all so you can enjoy it to its full capacity! Four inches of pure cotton batting, this futon is covered in sturdy seven ounce twill material able to withstand every day use.  Easy to fold, even with its thicker material, transporting or storing your futon is still possible with this design. Also, if you're wanting a little more leg room than what a twin sized mattress has to offer, this futon comes in a nice full queen size. The perfect combination of firm and soft, J-Life's futon is hand-crafted and designed with every material needed for the optimal sleep! 


4. Oriental Furniture Folding Soft Tatami Mattress

Big fluffy futons are definitely perfect for some people, but for others sometimes its nice to have that simple and practical design. From Oriental Furniture comes a futon that exhibits all there is about the traditional Japanese style mixed with a modern simplicity. This futon includes the classic rush grass mat gently laid over soft foam for your ultimate comfort. Without too much extra padding and weight other futons are known for, this futon is especially easy to fold and pack away in a quick manner. Matching pillow included, this futon is absolutely great for those who struggle with back aches and need a more sturdy mattress to ultimately align the body's joints. Ready to make the switch from the ordinary mattress to one that is not only a beautiful feature to your home, but is good for health as well, then this futon from Oriental Furniture is the one for you! 


5. TEIJIN AcFit(R) Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon (Shikibuton) 

Ready for a futon that's all about the soft and fluffy qualities we sometimes seek in a mattress, then we suggest you check out this futon for all of that and more! Niceday brings us a futon that is complete with three layers of cotton and polyester for optimal volume and comfort. These three layers of material are also amazing for long-lasting results along with maintaining its original shape even after many uses.

This futon is yet another one that has undergone both antibacterial and anti-tick processing to allow you to sleep safe and maintain a healthy mattress for years to follow. To even amp up the fluffy aspects of this futon even more so, you can simply put it in the dryer and your futon will be softer than ever! Praised for being one of the most comfortable and fluffiest of futons on the market, you will not regret purchasing one of these Niceday mattresses! 


6. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress "Classe"

EMOOR once again brings a futon that has everything on your checklist and more! This futon is classic, comfortable, and most importantly, compact all for your benefit! It has that wonderful traditional design and thinness while combining modern technology for the best materials. These materials include hygroscopic cotton fabric for the exterior as to absorb and store moisture from the air to remain fresh and clean as though it was brand new. While still maintaining those firm qualities that make futons so great, this futon is still wildly cozy and praised for being one of the best mattresses for anyone of any age or size! Not quite as thick or fluffy as some of the other futons on this list, you will absolutely fall in love with this EMOOR futon for that traditional Japanese sleeping experience.  


7. Brand New Queen Size Gray Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses

We've seen a lot of traditional Japanese futons, but maybe we need one that has some American influence as well. From D&D Futon Furniture we have a futon that takes the all the best aspects of your average futon from Japan and combines them with an American producer. With all of the abilities to be easily compacted when necessary, this futon also includes two tie-able strings at the end of your futon so that when you fold it all up, you can tie it all together and pack it away with ease! Three inches thick with soft materials, this futon is also able to be used for more than just sleeping! You can easily take it with you to do your daily activities whether they be your morning yoga, experiencing a summer day's picnic, or even just taking a rest, this futon is portable and durable all at once. You can even stray from the normal neutral colors futons often come in and explore a variety of colors to pick from! Go ahead and get your very one American hybrid futon today from D&D Futon Furniture! 


8. Single Size Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed

Pretty set on having a Japanese futon that's crafted right here in America? Then we have yet another futon that'll perfectly fit those requirements! From Magshion Furniture comes a futon that represents the traditional Japanese futon, but that still combines modern fundamentals from America. This dark grey futon is built with more of the American design elements in mind, but is still thin and portable like many of the other futons we have looked at. Instead of folding into threes like most other futons, this one rather rolls up and ties together, much like the common American sleeping bag. With an outer material made from 100% polyester and filled with cotton batting surrounding foam, this futon is sure to last and fill your comfort needs! Great for that all-purpose use, this American made and Japanese inspired futon is a pretty fine addition to any household! 


9. Light Grey Futon Tatami Mat Japanese Futon Mattress

Ever see something so comfortable-looking you just want to jump right onto it? Well, we've found a futon that has that exact appeal! This futon, produced by Colorful Mart, has an exterior of 100% polyester and an interior of 100% microfiber for that high level of plush and fluff we all crave in a mattress. Coming in three different colors, light grey, baby pink, and tan, this futon has that very soothing appearance that is perfect for any type of minimalist lifestyle. The design of the cushioning is also made for the best kind of sleep, and only has to be rotated every so often to ensure equal weight distribution. Perfect for any time of year, this futon is one that you simply can't beat in comfort! Try out this futon from Colorful Mart for a sleeping experience like no other!


10. EMOOR 100 % Cotton Fitted Sheet for Futon Mattress ''Crown Prince"

There are so many things to love about futons! One downside is that even after you buy the futon, you still need to buy a cover to keep it clean. Well, EMOOR had this exact thought in mind when they created the last futon on our list. This futon has an attached cotton fitted sheet so that you don't have to purchase any additional accessories or covers. Being 100% cotton, the fitted sheet is soft and easy to clean! If that weren't enough, this futon also comes with a pillow in the same color and material as the sheet so that it not only looks nice, it feels soft as well. With the same traditional Japanese slim style we've seen, this futon has that same portability that makes futons multi-functional pieces of furniture. EMOOR loves to bring you the best of the best, and this futon will no doubt bring comfort and joy into your life!


The Best Japanese Bed Roll

Japanese bed rolls are the traditional style of bedding in Japan. The bed rolls are placed on the floor and slept on. Bed rolls have some really great advantages which make them such a popular choice, and people all over the world are quickly catching on to the benefits of using a Japanese bed roll.

Bed rolls take up very little space, certainly less space than a full framed bed. The bed rolls can be packed up and stored away when not in use, leaving an open room to be used in different ways.

The bed rolls are also less expensive than beds. Normal beds need a box spring, a frame, a headboard, a mattress, duvets, etc. Bed rolls are simple, inexpensive and easy to set up and pack away.

It is also widely believed that bed rolls are better for your physical health. Sleeping on a bed roll on the floor helps to keep your back, head, shoulders, and hips in a neutral, straight position while you sleep.

Another added benefit is that bed rolls make sleepovers a breeze. Simply pull the bed roll out of storage when a guest stays over, and store it away again until someone else comes to visit!

Now that we understand the benefits of bed rolls, here are some of the better ones on the market:

D&D Futon Furniture Japanese Futon Mattress

This comfortable black bed roll is filled with 90% white cotton, a layer of one-inch foam and a layer of polyester fiber. It meets flame retardant requirements, making it safe to use in the bedroom.

The bed roll is comfortable and supportive and is super easy to set up and pack away. It rolls back into shape, with two tie strings to keep it rolled up, perfect for easy, space-saving storage.

Easy storage and great design come together to create this super handy bed roll which is comfortable to use as well!


Lovehouse Sleeping Japanese Bed Roll

This fold-able roll up mattress is perfect for students, children and even to be used in the main bedroom.

It is made with polyester fiber and is free from vinyl, polyvinyl chloride, and phthalates. The overall design, along with the material used in the bed roll, makes it hard for the spread of bacteria and the bed roll holds its shape well after regular use.

The bed roll is fold-able and can be stored away easily. It is available in different sizes, so you can choose whichever suits your personal circumstances best.

With its easy storage capabilities, this bed roll is perfect to use when space is an issue, but still offers a wonderful sleep experience.


Emoor Japanese Futon

This Emoor Classe-Plus futon is an upgrade to the original Classe futons made. The bed roll has an additional egg crate foam in the base to improve the durability of the mattress, keeping it firmer for longer.

The mattress is 3 inches thick, with a high density, high-rebound foam that helps to properly support your body while asleep.

The internal egg crate foam helps to support the body in points, not using a flat surface, which evenly distributes your body weight to release stress on your body during sleep. It is firm, but not too hard to be uncomfortable.

The bed roll comes with a washable cover, making it an easy-to-care-for item that will fit into your home, and your sleeping routine, perfectly.

This easy-to-care for bed roll will fit into your home perfectly and will offer the perfect base to achieve a night of comfortable, restless sleep.


ASDFGH Traditional Quilting Futon Mattress

This portable mattress folds up easy for both travel and storage and will be put to great use in a small apartment, as a guest bed or a bed to travel with.

The mattress is filled with 100% polyester, giving good support during sleep. The correction of the cervical morphology mattress helps to relieve back pain caused by sleep, which in turn helps you to achieve a natural, comfortable and restless sleep.

It is easy to care for, it can be machine washed in cool water and can be tumble dried on low. The material is fade resistant, so it will keep its vibrant color, looking brand new even after washing.

This brightly colored futon is perfect for students, singles or young teens. It offers great body support and is small enough to fit into almost any space.


Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

Made of polyester fiber, this mattress is flame retardant and free of harsh chemicals.

The bed roll is soft and thick, it is queen sized and has a thickness of 10cm. It is warm and flexible and is created to fit the natural curve of the human body. The roll is non-slip and water-resistant, with good ventilation to prevent the spread of bacteria of growth of mold.

It can fold up easily for storage or travel and can be used in so many different scenarios, in an apartment, out camping, or as an extra bed to keep for guests.

Modern design meets the traditional bed roll to create a supportive mattress that will fit into any home.


Japanese Floor Mattress Sleeping Pad

Before quilting, the mattress has a thickness of 17cm. Three different layers of cotton are quilted together to give the bed great elasticity and flexibility. The mattress will not collapse, improving the comfort and support it offers.

There is a moisture barrier which prevents any unwanted moistness within the mattress, which could lead to odor or mold. The delicate stitching is smooth but strong enough to stay intact and keep the mattress in the best shape for a night of supportive sleep.

This versatile bed roll can be used as a bed, a living room futon, a guest bed, in a kids room or even out when camping. It will be a great addition to any household or family, and its supportive and comfortable design will not fade, giving you night after night of pleasurable sleep!

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