The Ultimate Guide to the Best Futon Frames

Futons have forever been the staple in a new dorm room or college apartment. When you think of a futon, you the first thing that comes to mind might be something IKEA related. While we aren’t saying that these aren’t great avenues to consider a futon to be useful for, we have decided to try to branch out against the futon status-quo. We went on a hunt for some of the market’s best futon frames. We highlighted what makes them special and best of all: they will be stylish in your home because most of these options are modern.

When choosing a futon frame it is important to know what size mattress you have or are looking to have, as only two of these options come with a mattress. You will normally find that you will have to buy the mattress separately. You will also want to consider where you will be putting this futon. If it will be for yourself and will be a main staple in your home, consider getting one that may be a little more durable.

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The Best Overall Futon Frame

1. DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame, Full Size - Silver

DHP futons are some of the best in the business. This company has been in operation for over a quarter of a century. This metal futon frame is small enough to fit into tight spaces, but large enough to fit two people. The metal futon frame is one of the best futon frames because it features a modern design, along with built-in retainer clips so your mattress will always be kept in place. It features a metal mesh frame for additional support. This model easily and quickly converts from bed to sofa.

1 dhp metal frame.jpeg

The Best wood futon frame

2 nirvana arden.jpeg

2. Arden Futon Frame - Queen Size, Solid Hardwood

This Arden futon frame is one of the best futon frames because it is constructed from premium solid hardwood, making it eco-friendly since it is only made from sustainable plantations. This futon frame is made exclusively in Indonesia. The finish on this hardwood makes it look beautifully rustic. We also love that this futon frame has three different positions: lounger, sofa, and bed. Instead of being super close to the ground, like ordinary futon frames, this futon frames makes it so your seating is at sofa height.


3. Westfield Wood Futon Frame - Full Size

The Westfield wood futon frame is made of eco-friendly hardwoods and finished beautifully. We included this wooden frame on our list of the best futon frames because the color and finish of this wood is warm and casual, making it the perfect addition to any home. The natural wood grains give this futon frame a very vintage feel. The arms of this futon framed are curved, adding some sophistication. It can convert into a bed, lounger, or sofa. It is excellently crafted and the frame provides you with an anti-slip feature for your mattress.

3 nivana westfield.jpeg

The Best queen size futon frame

4. Berkeley Mission-style Futon Sofa Sleeper Bed Frame, Queen-size

This heavy duty queen size futon can hold up to 750 pounds. It features black steel grid style seating that provide excellent support for any kind of queen sized mattresses. This futon has two different ways it can be used: as a sofa or as a bed. It features safety hinges on the front to prevent your mattress from slipping. The sides of this futon frame are made of durable hardwood that gives it a sleek design. This futon frame is easy to install and can fit through even really narrow hallways, so it is perfect for apartments or dorm rooms.


5. Studio Bifold Futon - Queen

We added the Studio queen size futon frame to our list because it is easy to assemble and is the perfect design for small apartments and dorm rooms. We know a few families that have purchased this design for their tiny homes and they have fallen in love. It definitely doesn’t look like your ordinary futon frame. It is made of smooth, unfinished tulip poplar, which is perfect if you want to finish the product yourself. Instead of just having two or three different leveling options, this product can recline into five different positions.

5 kd frames bifold.jpeg

The Best metal futon frame

6 dhp henley.jpeg

6. DHP Henley Metal Arm Futon Frame, Industrial Loft Design, Converts to Sleeper

We absolutely love this design by DHP to be put in a cute loft or new apartment. We added this futon frame to our list of best futon frames because of its unique industrial design. This futon frame is made entirely of metal, including the mesh base. The side panels are metal and studded, for an added touch. Consider this option if you’re wanting to impress guests with an extra seating space or for added comfort in a guest bedroom. The compact size allows you to choose just about any location for your new futon.


7. Fashion Bed Group Saturn Adjustable Metal Industrial Futon Frame

This adjustable metal futon frame goes from a sofa to a bed in a matter of seconds. This industrial style futon frame adds the perfect amount of texture and style to a new apartment or guest room. It is designed to withstand much force and has arched arms and a sturdy back. Hinges attached to the front of the bed help keep the mattress in place. It includes cross rails and side panels for extra durability. This futon frames comes with limited hardware and is extremely easy to put together in a matter of minutes.

7 fashion bed group saturn.jpeg

The Best full size futon frame

8. Arden Futon Frame - Full Size, Solid Hardwood

We love the Arden futon frames and that’s why we have included multiples on this list of the best futon frames. This one features three positions: sofa, lounger, and a bed. We love the Arden futon frames because unlike some futon frames, these frames sit at regular sofa height instead of being too low to the ground. This full size futon frame is made of pure hardwood that is eco-friendly. It is extremely easy to assembly and brightens up a room with it’s wooden design.


9. Kodiak Aspen Futon Frame with Reclaim Mocha Finish, Full

The Kodiak is construction from solid hardwood and converts into a full size bed. We added the Kodiak to our list of the best futon frames because there is absolutely no tools needed for assembly, making this one of the easiest futons to put together not only on our list, but also on the market today It has three positions: sit, lounge, and sleep. The wooden design is stained in the color mocha, which gives it a modern classy feel that we love. It is easily collapsible and easy to move from room to room.

9 kodiak aspen.jpeg

The Best twin futon frame

10 world of futons lounger.jpeg

10. KD Lounger Futon - Twin

We are in love with the unique design of this twin size futon frame and haven’t seen anything like it. The frame features the option to be a lounger, a chair, and a bed. It is called a tri-fold. The tri-fold has a total of thirteen different positions, making it the most versatile futon frame on our list. We love that this futon frame has a foot rest. The futon frame is made of unfinished poplar hardwood. The wood would be easy to paint or stain yourself. This level of customization means you can make sure this futon frame matches the room you plan to put it in.


The Best cheap futon frames

11. DuraBed Steel Foundation & Frame-in-One Mattress Support System Foldable Bed Frame

The DuraBed futon frame is one of the best futon frames on the market because it is so affordable. But, you are also getting a good deal for your money’s worth. The DuraBed comes in different sizes and is very durable. There is no assembly required and when it arrives to you, you simply just fold it out. It is able to use with all different mattress types and comes with built-in hinges to keep the mattress in place.

11 epic furnishings durabed steel.jpeg
12 amazonbasics frame.jpeg

12. AmazonBasics Platform Bed Frame, Black, Twin

AmazonBasics provides you with an affordable options for a futon frame. It is a sturdy metal design, that is raised and rectangular-shaped. It has cross wires for added durability and support. It can hold up to 250 pounds and can even fit storage underneath it because it doesn’t require a box spring. This means this brand of futon frames is perfect for a college student living in a dorm where space is essential. That is why we included this AmazonBasics frame on our list of the best futon frames.


The Best futon frame and mattress

13. Brentwood Tray Arm Futon Frame, Drawers, and Microfiber Fudge Mattress Set - Full, Heritage Finish

If you are looking for all around quality when it comes to purchasing a futon frame and mattress set, look no further than Brentwood. Brentwood offers luxurious and durable options when it comes to futon mattress sets. It has three different positions: sofa, lounger, and bed. This futon features drawers underneath, for storage and design appeal. The frame and drawers were crafted in Indonesia. The mattress is a brown fudge color that is made of four layers of extremely comfortable foam and poly-cotton. 

13 nirvana brentwood tray.jpeg
14 better homes and gardens wood.jpeg

14. Solid Wood Arm Metal Futon With 8" Soft Twill-CoveredCoil Mattress and Cushions in Oatmeal Linen

We added this futon and mattress duo by Better Homes and Gardens because it is the definition of the modern futon. If you were to just walk into someone’s home, you would assume this futon was actually their couch. You would never be able to tell the difference due to the sleek design. It has a sturdy and durable frame, with storage on both sides. Better Homes and Gardens provides several different color options for the mattress for this particular style.


The Best oak futon frame

15. Coaster Home Furnishings 4382 Traditional Futon Frame, Oak

Leave IKEA in the dust with this sturdy oak futon frame by Coaster Home Furnishings. It has two different settings: sleeper and sofa. We absolutely love the look of this dirty finished oak futon frame. The premium wood is an excellent alternative to a metal frame if you are looking for something a bit softer and vintage for your home. The wood, however, is very sturdy and durable for your mattress to be put on.

15 coaster home furnishings.jpeg

The Best pine futon frame

16 wolf serta diablo.jpeg

16. Serta Diablo Futon Frame, Queen, Dark Cherry

This beautiful futon frame combines pine and steel to create a stylish, yet functional futon frame. It is able to transform from a sofa-sleeper into a recliner. The frames have four different positions to make sure you are comfortable. The steel mesh underneath is a great alternative to metal or hard wooden bars underneath, that can sometimes cause you back pain and be felt through a mattress. The futon frame is lightweight and stylish curved arms.


The Best Sturdy Futon Frame

17. Jaxterrific Sturdy Futon Frame, Stylish and Modern, Converts from Sofa to Full Size Bed

Of course, we have to go with this metal design as our most sturdy futon frame on the list. Not only does it have a sleek and timeless design, but it can also hold up to a whopping 500 pounds. This futon frame will only work for a full size mattress. It can easily convert from a sofa to a sleeper. The arms are slightly curved, adding to comfort. It features hinges on the front that prevent the mattress from slipping off. Extra metal cross bars on the bottom add extra support and durability.

17 jaxterrific.jpeg

Futon’s can sometimes get a bad rep, but we love them. Futon’s are extremely versatile and most times, are extremely affordable. We enjoyed going through and hand-selecting futon frames for this guide because it really showed us that futon frames can really make or break how your futon is going to look in your home. Granted, looks aren’t everything, but we made sure to pick sturdy and durable futon frames for you to choose from. Whether the futon will be in your main living space or in a guest room, you will want to make sure that it is comfortable and durable.

When choosing a futon frame you will want to consider a few factors. One of them is where you will be putting your new futon frame. You will want to take into consideration how much space you have and are willing to sacrifice for your futon.

You will also want to consider comfort options. While we hand-selected all of the futon frames above, we do admit that some are comfier options. For example, normally futon frames with metal mesh bottoms instead of bars are regarded as being more comfortable.

You will also want to consider durability. How durable is your new futon frame for where it will be kept? You can maybe afford to cut on durability for cost if your futon will not really be used that option. However, if it will be used all the time, you will want to make sure that it will be able to handle the traffic.