Top 10 Best Futons for Sleeping - Review and Buying Guide

Who’s sleeping in your bed? No seriously, who will be using this futon? That’s going to be one of the questions you’ll need to answer to find the best futon for sleeping. Imagine the kind of beating a futon in your son’s dorm room is going to take over the next four years – no sense in buying him ruffled sheets right?

But if this is going to be part of your home décor and the place where your guests will sleep, well, in that case, you are going to want the ruffled sheets. You want your guests to feel at home. You don’t want a futon that feels like they’re sleeping on a futon.

You want the kind of futon that turns into a comfy bed. It doesn’t have to be a twin sized futon where even an adult of average height will have to sleep with their feet hanging off of the edge. They come in all different sizes from twin to king, so think about that as you make your choice.

With all of that said, here is our list of the top 10 best futons for sleeping. Whether this futon is meant to add seating to your family room, serve as a guest bed, or for a college dorm, you’ll find that the futon you need is on this list!

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10 Futons for Sleeping

1. Sleeping Futon Supports Big Puffy Mattress

One of the biggest problems with finding a good futon is finding one big enough for a comfortable mattress. First up we found one of the best futons around because it supports big puffy mattresses. It is the Westfield Wood Futon from Nirvana Futons. Sturdily built, this attractive futon can be used as a queen sized bed, a sofa, or a lounger.

The heavy duty solid wood frame is an attractive accent for any room. It can support a lot of weight and the scoop seating gives ideal lumbar support when in sofa mode. We love this futon because unlike most, you can use a double stuffed mattress for extra comfort.

Unfortunately you’ll have to buy the pad and pillows yourself. You get the frame only but you can add either a wine red mattress pad or a green one. Perfect for adding style to your décor while providing a comfy place to sleep is why this is one of the top 10 best futons for sleeping.


2. Decorative Futon with Plush Coil Mattress

We’ll go you one better – the Wood Arm Futon with Coil Mattress from Better Homes and Garden comes with a plush double stuffed 8” thick mattress. The deep espresso wooden arms and legs accent the full size encased coil mattress which you can get in navy, taupe, oatmeal, or gray.

The mattress frame itself is made of metal strong enough to support up to 600 pounds of weight. One of the best features of this futon is the ease with which it converts from sofa to bed. One easy motion and you can either sit or lie down and because the mattress is so thick, you get maximum support in whatever position it is in.

If you want a sleeper that dresses up a room and is as comfortable as a sofa as it is as a bed, this is the one. Highly functional, very good looking, you can’t go wrong with this futon – mattress and pillows included!


3. Eco-Friendly Wood Frame Futon with Foam Mattress

For us, the mattress once again is one of the best features of the Brentwood Tray Arm Futon Sofabed Set from Nirvana Futons. It also has a mattress pad that is 8” thick made of a poly-cotton blend surrounded by 4 layers of high density foam. That’s a really soft pad!

Framed in eco-friendly hardwood, this attractive piece is sturdily built to withstand a lot of weight. The wood is treated so that the color doesn’t fade over time. Another bonus of this futon is that it converts from a sofa to a lounge to a queen size bed.

The mattress cover comes made of either tufted twill or microfiber, packed tight to prevent lumping. You get the solid hardwood frame and mattress pad but the pillows are sold separately. This futon is also backed by a four year limited warranty in case of defect. BTW, you will have to put this thing together yourself.


4. Cozy Suede Queen Size Sleeping Futon

Notice a theme here? We love soft futon mattress pads! This one is amazingly soft. The Phoenix Wood Futon Sofa Bed from Kodaik is just the thing for your guest room. The peat colored queen sized mattress is 8” thick and made of microfiber suede for max comfort.

Stylishly designed, the frame is a beautiful dark espresso with folding trays off the arms. You can even choose to add a set of drawers to this sleeping futon! Whether you use it as a sofa or a bed, your guests are going to feel very comfortable on the spring mattress.

We should warn you that the Phoenix will require some assembly and it could take a while. The makers recommend making a big pot of coffee before you start – especially if you are adding drawers! Small price to pay for such a high quality futon!

4 kodaik phoenix.jpeg

5. Reclining Hardwood Futon for Sleeping

Next on our list is the Stanford Futon Set from Nirvana Futons. This one comes in either queen size or full. The 8” thick mattress is covered in a khaki colored twill or microfiber cover. With a solid hardwood frame in a Heritage finish, this futon is a winner for your home décor.

You can rely on the durability of the eco-friendly hardwood hewn from sustainable plantations. The futon adjusts to three positions: lounge, sofa, and bed. The mattress itself is firmer than most and is packed using a poly-cotton blend plus high density foam.

Frame and mattress are included. For the pillows, you’ll have to go find some to go with it, but that can be a lot of fun too! Especially with a simple solid color like khaki, you can add a lot of pizzazz to your living room or guest room with a couple of well thought out throw pillows. Oh and, assembly required.


6. Sexy Leather Futon for Leather Lovers

Not everybody is into leather, but if that’s your sort of thing, you can’t beat the El Dorado Futon Set from Jerry Sales. This fancy futon comes in either queen or full size. Though the cover is leather matt, the inside cushioning is made of tufted 8” coils.

The great thing about the Eldorado is that if you like the frame but not the leather, it also comes in suede in several different colors. You can add a set of drawers to this futon too. The hardwood frame uses easy glide side load technology so that switching from sofa to bed is super easy.

You get the decorative hardwood frame plus the leather or suede mattress pad with this set. No pillows are included and the added drawers will cost you extra. And you will have to put this one together but it is definitely worth the effort!

7 raw futons colorado.jpeg

7. Perfect Sleeping Futon for College Kids

College futons are likely to take quite a beating over the years. That’s when you need the Colorado Reclaim Mocah Futon Set from Raw Futons. The mattress for this futon is 7” thick and comes in different fabrics. If this is for the dorm, we recommend the rough and tumbly Marmont Thunder seen here.

You’ll notice there are no arms on this chair – it’s a style choice, makes it look more modern. The springs are coil hinged covered in dense cotton and foam. You can get the mattress cover in different colors as well as fabrics.

Eco-friendly plantation hardwood is used for the frame. This is a very durable futon with a comfortable yet sturdy mattress and cover. You’ll have to put this one together but it won’t take you much time or effort – makes moving day much easier.


8. Jazzy Slim Twin Sized Futon for Sleeping

The truth is, this futon may not be the most snuggly on our list but it is definitely the snazziest. The Modern Contemporary Sofa from Langria is also the most versatile of all of the futons. It has six different reclining positions and can be positioned in two different angles at the same time.

Being split down the middle (called a split back) allows you to adjust half of the futon at one angle and the other half at another. Made of upholstered linen, the mattress is not as thick as most other futons. However, it is strong enough to hold up to 400 pounds.

Don’t be fooled by its sleek frame. It’s made of hardwood and the tapered nylon legs can withstand even heavy adults. You will have to find your own fancy throw pillows but assembly is very easy and the legs are pedaled with rubber anti-scratch pads – a very smart buy!


9. Log Cabin Themed Sleeping Futon

Second to last on our list is the Rustic Tahoe Log Futon from Nirvana Futons. You’ll notice the arms and legs are made of, well, logs. It’s part of the country aesthetic and if you love that kind of thing, you won’t find a better quality futon than this one.

You get a solid Heritage finished 100% hardwood frame that’s built to last and last. The wood is color-stay so that the color doesn’t fade over time plus it’s eco-friendly. There are three different reclining positions: sofa, lounger, and full size bed.

The mattress is pretty firm, maybe medium. The stuffing is a poly-cotton blend covered in layers of high density foam. The mattress cover is made of your choice of microfiber or twill. With this one you’ll have to find your own throw pillows and spend a half an hour or so putting it together.


10. Very Cute Accent Piece Sleeping Futon

Last on our list is the prettiest futon we found. The Best Futon Lounger from Kodiak is also one of the softest. The mattress innards are not jam packed like most futon mattresses which actually makes it fluffier. It’s small so it’s ideal for a college dorm, small apartment, or even a patio.

With this set you actually do get the two throw pillows – which is great because they make the sofa even softer. The slatted metal arms are adjustable too. You can put one side down with the other end up to turn it into a chaise lounge or lie both arms flat to turn it into a twin sized bed.

We love this versatile little futon for its springy look and decorative cover. It’s soft and breathable which makes sleeping on it very comfortable. And you don’t have to tug and pull very hard to convert it. It converts very easily.

10 kodiak twin.jpeg

Best Accessories for Your Futon

Before you go, we thought it would be nice to show you a few of the accessories that most people buy to go with their futons. Any one of these items comes in extra handy when you own one.

1 mattress protector.jpeg

1. Waterproof Mattress Protector

Chances are you’ll have guests sleeping on your futon. For their comfort and yours it makes sense to keep a protective cover on it. We pick the Waterproof Mattress Protector from UltraBlock because it’s made for futons therefore you can leave it on in its upright position or when it’s lying flat. Made of premium terry cotton on one side and waterproof polyurethane on the other, you can rest comfortably and easy and so will your guests.


2. Futon Sofa Slip Cover

Maybe you found the perfect futon on our list but you don’t like the color or pattern. In that case, we recommend the Reversible Couch Slipcover Furniture Protector from Sofa Shield. It both protects your futon’s mattress pad but it also can add style to your décor. It comes in several different colors and patterns and is machine washable.


3. Best Micro Coil Futon Mattress

If you’re not happy with the mattress that came with your futon, we recommend the Pure Comfort Chemical Free Futon Mattress from The Futon Shop. Made of micro coils and chemical free wool, this mattress will last up to 20 years. You can buy it in twin, full, queen, or king size.

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