Best Gaming Routers Under $200

All gamers know how important fast and reliable internet is. There is nothing worse than a lagging game or your connection being dropped as you are about to end a successful raid. Gamers rage is real, but you will be happy to know that it is completely avoidable, all by buying the right gaming router.

When buying a gaming router, there are a couple things to look for. You need to be assured that you will have high internet speed with the ability to connect multiple devices to the network, without causing it to lag. Finding all these things in one router might seem like a big ask, but there are routers that have been designed specifically to suit gamers needs.

There are plenty gaming routers out there on the market, but only a few are effective and reliable. Save yourself the time and hassle of sifting through the market and instead take a look at these top rated gaming routers, all under $200.

With these routers you will get uninterrupted gaming, high quality video streaming and the peace of mind that you can get through a full game without any hiccups.

1. NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 Dual Band Smart Wi-Fi Router

The Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 is exactly what every gaming enthusiast wants. This router has pretty much everything you need to ensure a lag-free Wi-Fi experience. Not only will it keep up to speed with your gaming needs, but it also offers video streaming that needs very little to no buffering time. You are also given peace of mind with security; Netgear covers all bases when it comes to keeping your privacy and information safe while online.

The Nighthawk router has a 450+ 1300 Mbps speed and a dual core processor that boosts performance even further. The prioritized bandwidth enhances streaming, be it for music or videos.

The Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi Router will give you lag-free gaming and the security that you want when playing online. Stream videos, listen to music and spend your time enjoying your games, not screaming across the room at the router.


2. Linksys AC3200 Dual-Band WiFi Gaming Router

You aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but just by looking at this router, you know it is going to be ridiculously cool. The Linksys Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router is the first router to be built specifically for gaming purposes. All of its features prioritize gaming, just like you do.

The Killer Prioritization Engine enhances all gaming features and reduces peak ping by up to 77%. The Router promotes high-speed data processing and gives speeds of up to 3.2 Gbps. Each connected device gets its own data stream, so you don’t have to battle with your friends for connectivity when playing together. Up to four gaming rigs can connect to the pro-grade Gigabit Ethernet which has four ports.

For gaming with your friends, this is a really great choice. Up to four connected devices have their own data streams, so you can focus on fighting within the game and not over the Wi-Fi at home.


3. ASRock G10 AC2600 Gigabit Gaming Router

The ASRock G10 Gigabit Gaming Router claims to be the world’s fastest, and there really isn’t much else as important as this when it comes to uninterrupted gaming.

The Beamforming Technology and Multi-User MIMO Gaming Boosts allows you to lan with your friends, without feeling the lag on the Wi-Fi. The 8 antennas deliver wireless signals for up to 360 degrees, giving the ultimate connectivity with 5GHz and 2.4GHz respectively. The router gives the bandwidth necessary for the ultimate gaming experience. For more technical details, the router has up to 800 Mbps between the 8 high performance internal antennas. To top it all off, the router has parental control, making it safe for the younger users.

For a router that prioritizes speed and powerful connectivity, this is the router for you. There are no frills and surprises, it is what it is, a high-functioning, high-speed gaming router made for gamers like you.

3 asrock.jpeg

4. D-Link EXO AC2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router

If you live in a gaming house and constantly fight over who gets to connect to the Wi-Fi, this is definitely a great option for you. Cut out the arguments and instead all connect to the router and enjoy high-speed, lag-free gaming together.

The D-Link EXO Wi-Fi Router is able to support more connected devices than an ordinary router. It has a Wi-Fi speed of 800Mbps in 2.4GHz and 1733 Mbps in 5GHz. The router offers 4x4 data streams and offers users 4K/HD gaming and online video streaming. Two USB ports (one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0) allow for high-speed data transmission from storage devices. Intelligent QoS traffic optimization makes sure that all applications run seamlessly and efficiently.

An internet active family or a household of gamers will appreciate the broad use, fast streaming and easy connectivity this router offers up. It is an all-rounder that will serve a multitude of needs.


5. Netgear (R7800-100NAS) Nighthawk X4S AC2600

The Netgear Nighthawk series are reliable, fast and secure routers for any gaming enthusiasts, and pretty much anyone who loves fast internet. For any serious gamers and those who crave Wi-Fi that doesn’t send their blood pressure rocketing, this is a great choice for you.

The powerful 1.7GHz dual core processor and the dynamic QoS allow for seamless gaming, working together to create a really great router. The four-stream Wi-Fi architecture lets you smoothly stream 4K/HD videos and enjoy completely lag-free gaming. Mobile devices can utilize the 160MHz radio transmission that offers up double the bandwidth. The Nighthawk app lets you easily set up the router and manage the internet access, as well as giving you the ability to pause and resume internet at any point.

This router is by far one of the better ones out there, and it is coming from a name you can trust. To make it even better, it is compatible with Amazon Echo.

5 netgear x4s.jpeg

6. TP-Link AC3200 Wireless Wi-Fi Tri-Band Gigabit Router

You, your friend, and your friends friend can all connect to this router, fuss free with fast internet. The Tri-Band technology lets you have a gaming threesome at home with all devices connected to the one network.

The Smart Connect feature lets all devices run faster by assigning each device the best available channel. The lag-free gaming and high quality 4K video streaming is made possible by the combined 3200Mbps Wi-Fi. Six high performance antennas maximize the coverage area and stability using Beamforming. The 1GHz dual-core and 3 co-processors make sure that the router works effectively even with multiple connections.

The easy to use app makes controlling the connection a breeze and also provides Wi-Fi access to visitors that is separate to your main network.

This router has all the bells and whistles, and everything needed to ensure a lag-free and smooth gaming experience, for both you and your friends.


7. NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi Cable Modem Router Combo

Uninterrupted gaming and video streaming are promised by this Netgear Nighthawk Modem Router. It is sleek, effective and everything you need for an enjoyable gaming experience, even during peak hours.

The DOCSIS 3.0 offers up 24x faster download speed than the previous DOCSIS 2.0 version. The four Ethernet Ports let multiple devices connect to the network. The powerful 1.6GHz processor gives and extra boost to streaming and performance gaming. The modem speed can reach up to 960Mbps. The combo includes the DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, AC1900 WiFi Router and 4 Gigabite Wired Switch.

For fast, uninterrupted, smooth running gaming and video streaming, this router is worth checking out. It is reliable and effective, and is easy enough to use on multiple devices. Game to your hearts content while your partner watches cat videos on the web, while neither of you experience any lag or low-quality video.

7 netgear ac1900.jpeg

8. Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 MU-MIMO Tri-band Wireless Router

Linksys is a reliable brand, and reliability is a massive bonus in a router when it comes to gaming. Being cut off half way through a raid can be the most frustrating thing, so having a router that ensures lag-free, uninterrupted play from start to finish is a must for any gamer.

The router works with Amazon Alexa, so it is easy to use, even from across the room. The Tri-Band router and the Quad-Core CPU boost performance gives 3 high-speed Wi-Fi bands of up to 2.2 Gbps.

Multiple devices can connect effortlessly thanks to the MU-MIMO and airtime fairness. The efficiency and effectiveness of these features ensure that multiple devices can enjoy fast and uninterrupted Wi-Fi. Six high-performance antennas use Beamforming to give the best coverage, from anywhere in the house.

This router is up-to-date, powerful and gives blazingly fast Wi-Fi to multiple devices. It is worth the buy and you will not look back!


9. ASUS Whole Home Dual-Band AiMesh Router

ASUS is a well-known name in the gaming world, so you know by buying an ASUS router you are guaranteed greatness.

The Dual-band 3x3 technology gives combined speeds of up to 1900Mbps and the 1GHz dual-core CPU enables for smart multitasking. This works by dedicating separate lanes for both Wi-Fi and USB data. The web-based, easy to use app lets you have complete control of the router and the wireless connections. You can both manage and monitor your network either on your mobile device or computer.

The AirProtection feature gives multi-stage protection from any outside interference and keeps your data and network safe.

You can’t go wrong with this router; it offers speed, reliability, safety and protection, all with the ASUS name brand stamp that you can trust.

9 asus aimesh.jpeg

10. Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Open Source WiFi Wireless Router

Linksys aim to give users a seamless, uninterrupted gaming experience. High-speed and reliable internet is at the top of their importance list, and they definitely do deliver.

The wireless AC gives up to 600Mbps (2.4GHZ) using dual-band and 1300Mbps (5GHz) for media-intensive applications. Four high-power antennas enhance the dual-band performance and ensure that the Wi-Fi signal is as strong as can be. The Powerful CPU which is a Dual Core 1.6GHz, helps promote high-speed data processing for multiple devices. The fast data transfer speed saves you time when using external storage devices.

Utilize the parental control for younger gamers and prioritize devices or websites for full control. This router puts you in the driving seat, all while allowing you to enjoy high-speed internet all the time10. .


Buyers Guide

Buying a good gaming router might seem a bit daunting at first, there are tons of numbers and foreign names that seem to just cause confusion, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

There are a few things to look for when buying a gaming router, and by ensuring the router you choose ticks all the boxes, or at least most of them, you will have a great gaming experience ahead.

AC Naming

Most experts agree that AC naming doesn’t really hold much weight, but you shouldn’t go below an AC1200. This is the total maximum bandwidth rating, and anything above this should be a good enough device to use. The technology in a router with AC1200 or higher is fairly new technology and will give you the stability and security you need.


Your router needs to be at least dual-band. This means that the wireless signal is broadcast on two-frequencies or more. This way you can have multiple wireless networks with different names and passwords.

MU-MIMO Support

Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output, this is the ability of the device to transmit to several wireless devices simultaneously. This also includes the ability to transfer data to a network client using different data streams, all at the same time.

Fast Processor

It makes sense that a good gaming router will need a fast processor. The quantity of RAM is incredibly important, and a router with low RAM or a slow processor will be absolutely useless to gamers. Choose a dual-core processor or more and a router with 128MB of RAM or more, for fast processing.

By making sure the router you buy has all these features, you are making sure you will have an efficient Wi-Fi connection that lets you enjoy your gaming experience to the max.

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