Wanna Date Colonel Sanders?

Yes…KFC…that fast food restaurant known for their fried chicken has a dating sim in the works…like you can date the daddy Colonel Sanders. From the developer Psyop, ‘I Love You Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator’ is coming soon to Stream and people don’t know how to feel.

The player is a young culinary student who is working with a young, and very handsome, Colonel Sanders. The player has to balance love, culinary school, and everything else they may throw at the player. P.S. a dog is a chef apparently.

People think this is a joke, but it’s far from it. KFC did really make this game. KFC says there are many hours of long and strenuous gameplay, a secret ending, and multiple mini games. It’s a legitimate game they made for their chicken…and now the world waits till the game comes out.

Credit: Polygon

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