Kingdom Hearts III DLC Winter 2019

“Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind” is the first DLC to be released for Kingdom Hearts Iii and will be available Winter of 2019. Consisting of a new scenario, a ‘limit cut episode’ and a boss fight with a secret episode and boss fight. The DLC will have an English dub option. Back during the release of KHIII, Nomura stated that there will be a paid DLC and free DLC; whether this is the free or paid we have no idea. Though there is very little information about the DLC, the youtube trailer provided by KHIII has shown a lot including character development for Roxas, Axel, Aqua, Ventus, a new boss, a new keyboard for Sora and a new form change. Rumors are that you can play as Aqua, Ventus and Roxas in the DLC but again that’s just a rumor for now.

Kingdom Hearts III DLC Winter 2019.png
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