One Punch Man Video Game- Better Late than Never

Saitama is the strongest character in any anime universe, literally nothing can kill him and he can destroy anyone with a single punch (at least what we can think of). So how can Bandai Namco put him into a video game and make it somewhat fair?

So in this game you can play as multiple characters within the One Punch Man Universe, both heroes and villains in teams of 3. If you choose anyone but Saitama, this game plays like your typical fighting game. If you do choose Saitama, however things are different. First off he will be the last character to fight. You can not swap into him at anytime. As well there is a special timer. For those who don’t know, Saitama isn’t the most quickest hero. He always arrives late to a battle. So from the beginning of the match, based on how strong your other two characters are, there is a timer that shows Saitama walking to the fight. You have to wait that amount of time till he gets there, and if your other two characters KO before then you lose. Stringing combos helps speed the time and once the timer hits 00, Saitama shows up and just needs to punch the opponent once to win!

It is such an interesting take on fighting games with a character that is basically unbeatable, and hopefully this game is good to stay.

Source: Kotaku

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