The Top 10 Weighted Blankets for Toddlers

Whether you’re struggling with a fussy sleeper or have a child with special needs, the top weighted blankets for toddlers can help improve your kid’s sleep.

If the concept is new to you, know that weighted blankets are blankets that contain a weighted material – typically glass or plastic beads – sewn into a grid design. The beads are distributed throughout the blanket to apply even body pressure on the user.

These blankets have been originally developed for autistic kids to treat anxiety and insomnia. However, all toddlers can benefit from sleeping under a weighted blanket. They are particularly useful if you’ve been co-sleeping and your baby is suffering from separation anxiety when sleeping in a twin bed.

Because weighted blankets improve sleep, they also improve your baby’s mood, stamina, as well as their behavioral and cognitive functions.

Finding the right weighted blanket for toddlers, however, is far from easy. From real benefits they bring to safety, you must consider a host of factors before buying. Luckily, we’ve roamed the market, selected and tested the best-rated products out there. Then, we picked the best 10 for you.

The top 10 weighted blankets for toddlers that have made it to our list offer great quality, exceptional value for money, and they are all safe to use by the youngsters. Check them out below.

1. Premium Pick - Starry Night Cotton Mosaic Weighted Blanket

While a sleepy toddler may not appreciate art in all its glory, the calming hues and patterns of Van Gogh’s Starry Night can easily soothe your little one. Ideal for boys and girls alike, this cotton weighted blanket by Mosaic comes in a range of sizes and is ideal for kids weighing over 20 pounds.

If none of the standard sizes suits your needs, the company can even custom sew it to your baby’s height and weight. There is no doubt that this blanket is ideal for toddlers suffering from sleep disorders, but also for those who just struggle with restless sleep.

We really like the composition of materials. The 100% cotton fabric and BPA-free polyfill make it a great choice for your baby. All pellets used to fill the blanket comply with the FDA safety regulations and the hypoallergenic materials even fit a sensitive child.

Like all sensory blankets proposed by the brand, the Starry Night is handmade in Austin, Texas. It looks amazing, feels great on the skin, and it can calm down even the fussiest toddler. All you could wish from a premium pick.


2. Budget Pick - Viki Mini Weighted Blanket

If you’re on a tight budget and want to be sure you’re not compromising your kid’s safety, the Viki Mini Weighted Blanket could be a great choice. Boasting a quilted duvet pattern, this blanket is suitable for kids weighing between 25 and 45lbs, although the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it for children under 5 years old.

The feature that differentiates this item from the mass is its 7-layer technology developed to prevent the leaking of the included glass beads. We also like that the beads are evenly distributed between the pockets so that the blanket provides even pressure in all circumstances.

Another thing we really like is that the blanket is machine washable, a feature that makes it a great choice for busy parents.

In its smallest size, the blanket measures 36x48 inches and weighs three pounds – just perfect for a toddler bed. Other sizes are also available for both kids and adults, and perhaps the only downside is the limited color choice.

All in all, though, the Viki Mini is an excellent weighted blanket made attractive by its unbeatable price point.


3. Weighted Blankets Plus Cotton/Flannel Blanket

The Cotton/Flannel Blanket by Weighted Blankets Plus is one of the most popular on the market, majorly due to its attractive pattern. We really liked the Dolphin one, but the manufacturer offers a wide range of gender-specific and unisex patterns you can choose from.

Soothing and fun, this blanket comes in seven child sizes, so you can choose the most appropriate dimensions and pressure.

It serves its purpose wonderfully, helping autistic and ADHD-affected toddlers to rest peacefully throughout the night. All this is possible due to the calming glass beads distributed evenly in hidden pockets inside the blanket.

It’s also perfect to use in all seasons due to its two-sided configuration. One side is made of breathable cotton and is perfect for the warmer months, while the flannel side will keep your baby warm during winter.

Delivering a comforting pressure, easy to clean, and inspiring for the little ones, this attractive blanket is undoubtedly a great choice for kids of all ages.


4. ZonLi Weighted Blanket

Another weighted blanket that really caught our attention is this one by ZonLi. More of a toddler blanket, it’s recommended for preschoolers above 5 years old, but smaller children could also use it as long as they are strong enough to move it on their own.

It weighs 5 pounds and boasts a classic square pattern that doesn’t seem innovative. The true innovation though is the size of the squares which are smaller than those made by other manufacturers.

This feature fixes the problem of the glass beads moving around the interior of the blanket, ensuring an even distribution of pressure even for the most restless sleeper.

We also like the eco-friendly filling and hypoallergenic polyester padding that make it a great choice for the youngsters.


5. Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort proposes Hypnoser, a weighted blanket that lives up to the expectations. It won’t actually hypnotize your kid, but it will really help them sleep soundly throughout the night.

Our favorite feature is the ultra-premium, luxury design that follows a diamond pattern. The precision computer-programmed sewing prevents beads leakage, while the small diamond pockets of only 4x4 inches ensure optimal pressure distribution.

This weighted blanket will not only soothe your little one; it also promotes mental and physical wellbeing for toddlers suffering from sleep disturbances, anxiety, or behavioral and cognitive impairments.

We also like that it comes in a range of weights and sizes, the smallest measuring 36x48 inches and weighing 3lbs.

Double lined and stitched, machine washable, and compatible with a removable duvet, this anxiety blanket incorporates all you could wish from a top pick.


6. Pine & River Ultra Plush Weighted Blanket

The Ultra Plush Weighted Blanket by Pine & River is one of the most luxurious anxiety blankets you’ll ever come across. Your kid will love to snuggle in this warm Minky blanket after a busy day at the playground and will fall right asleep regardless of how restless they usually are.

Coming in various sizes and colors, it’s perfect for boys, girls, and adults alike, and you can even choose between heavier or lighter blankets according to your toddler’s preference or ability to lift it.

Our favorite trait is the uniqueness of the patterns and designs, which are all custom made for Pine & River. You won’t find them elsewhere, so this blanket will also add a touch of color and personality to the baby’s room.

Another great thing is that you can machine wash and tumble dry it. This is one of the top weighted blankets perfect for busy parents with restless toddlers, helping the whole family get a more restful sleep.


7. Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids

Dedicated to children weighing from 42 to 88 pounds, the Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket is ideal for heavier toddlers as well as preschoolers and big kids. It might not be suitable for the average toddler, but it had to make it to our list due to its awesome kid-friendly features.

This set stands out thanks to its amazing Minky cover featuring kid-friendly characters and extra-soothing dots. The blanket, on the other hand, is made of silken cotton, a fiber that stays cool during the warmer months, helping toddlers regulate their body temperature.

Like most blankets on this list, the Sweetzer & Orange has squares filled with precisely weighted and evenly distributed glass microspheres that can soothe fussy toddlers. Furthermore, reinforced stitching ensures the beads stay where they belong without leaking.

But the feature we like best is the size of the blanket which is just right to fit the child, not the bed. It provides the sensation of a deep hug, reducing the feeling of anxiety.

Although a tad more expensive than other weighted blankets, this one comes with a host of advantages and benefits that fully justify its heftier price.


8. Hazli Calming Weighted Blanket for Kids

Hazli Calming Weighted Blanket is developed for toddlers and kids who can’t get a good night rest for one reason or another. Coming in two weights and sizes, this blanket provides an even body pressure, making the youngsters feel hugged throughout the night.

The blanket is made from breathable cotton and comes with a convenient Minky cover for the colder months. We like the eight corner ties that provide stability when the blanket and cover are used together, preventing the kid from unraveling.

Youngsters of up to 7 years old can enjoy the hugging effect of a 5-pound blanket which measures 36x48 inches, while a 7-pound variant is perfect for bigger kids and adults who enjoy a low pressure.

Designed to improve physical and mental development in kids as well as to safeguard the mental wellbeing of the whole family, this weighted blanket from Hazli is tested and compliant with all Federal Children’s Protection Safety Requirements.

Perfect for all parents who want peace of mind and backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, this stress relief blanket could be one of your best investments for your child.


9. Hiseeme Cooling Weighted Blanket for Kids

Hiseeme is a brand specialized in weighted blankets for kids, and their experience shows off in this Cooling Weighted Blanket. Perfect for the summer and compatible with Minky duvets for the winter, this anxiety blanket is made from soft cotton, is breathable, and can easily help kids regulate their body temperature.

A lovely neutral pattern suitable for both boys and girls makes this product a great choice either for baby showers or birthday party. The parents won’t be able to use it until the kid outgrows the crib stage, but they’ll still love it nonetheless.

As you could expect from a kids blanket, this one is strictly filled with environmentally friendly and non-toxic glass beads. Its square pattern ensures an even distribution of weight for a soothing, relaxing sleep.

We also like the selection of sizes and patterns. Designed for kids but also perfect for adults, the blanket comes in a range of weights from 5 to 25 pounds. Dimensions also vary from toddler-bed to king-size bed.

Coming at a price that won’t break the bank, fun for the kids, and comfortable, the Hiseeme Cooling Weighted Blanket could be a perfect choice for parents shopping on a budget.


10. ALPHA HOME Weighted Blanket

If yours is a cover-warrior that can easily rip off even the strongest fabric, perhaps this weighted blanket from ALPHA HOME will withstand your toddler’s night struggles. It’s made from 100% cotton and filled with highly durable 6D tear-resistant fiber. It also boasts three layers of padding, just what it takes to fight against a fussy toddler’s rage and boost his sleep.

Two duvet covers, a summer one made from Oeko-Tex fabric and a Minky cover for the winter months, enhance the product’s value. You’ll even be able to clean these in the washing machine, although you’ll have to wash the blanket by hand.

What makes the difference between this cover and the rest is the hypoallergenic tiny glass beads filling that gives a sleeker finish to the blanket while still distributing the weight evenly. You’ll also like the zipper storage bag that’s perfect for traveling.

Several sizes and hefts make it perfect for anyone between 40 and 360lbs, and you’ll even get to choose from four solid colors. Perhaps it’s not the most enhancing blanket for the kids but it’s hard to dispute its unrivaled quality.