Best 13 Tablets to Read Manga

Technically you can read manga on any Tablet but the quality might suck. Your Tablet may be great for reading novels with no pictures in them but if you try to read manga on that same Tablet, the images might be distorted. The colors may not be as bright and vibrant. The images will probably load super slowly or not at all. The screen may be too small – there are all kinds of ways the wrong Tablet can ruin your manga!

No, to really enjoy the stunning graphics and cool imagery of today’s manga, you need a really good Tablet that handles graphics with ease, sucking you hook, line, and sinker into the DC or Marvel Universe. Of course, you may be looking for a smaller Tablet that’s more convenient to carry around with you so smaller is not necessarily worse for you. Others may be willing to spend the extra money for a bigger screen.

Regardless of screen size, the most important factor when trying to find the best Tablet to read manga is the quality of the graphics and load speed. That means you’re going to want one with a high gigabyte threshold. If cost is a factor, you may think that you’ll have to settle for less than stellar quality. Pick your chin up – we have good news! We found the best 13 Tablets to read manga in all different price ranges that don’t sacrifice quality for economy:

Best Full-Size, Universal Tablets

Big Tablets can be hard to handle. They can be heavy and they can be cumbersome, but what you trade off in portability and handling you get back in superb graphics – an ideal user experience reading manga. Tablets which have a 10” screen or bigger are able to match the size of a paper manga page, making it easier and more immersive to read.

Equally important is universality; does your Tablet work great with all manga book reader apps for different digital universes? For a long time, Kindles didn’t support Marvel Universe. Now there are so many different digital comic universes out there – DC Comics, Comixology, Hoopla, Marvel Unlimited, and more – the best Tablets work well across all manga reader apps, like these 5 Tablets:


1. iPad Pro – 12.9”

Of all of the full-size Tablets 10 inches or bigger, we found the iPad Pro 12.9” Tablet from Apple to be the biggest and the favorite among manga fans worldwide. This honey is fully loaded – Wi-Fi enabled and goes up to 512GB!

Manga fans love this Tablet the most because it is the closest thing size-wise to having the paper book, only much better. You get the full impact of the graphics the way the artist intended, in sharp bright colors. The screen itself is made up of a liquid retina that goes edge-to-edge, plus it has a four speaker stereo system.

Best of all, this Tablet lasts a long time. You can read for ten hours before the battery runs out. It is even AR (Augmented Reality) capable. Of course, you’ll have to pay the most for something like this, but we said we found the best and this one is certainly the best Tablet to read manga on!


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro – 12.2″

Second biggest to the iPad Pro is the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2” from Samsung. 32 gigs of flash memory and 3 gigs of RAM, you can count on exceptional graphic load speeds with this big boy. Although it operates over an Android OS, it is compatible with all of the reader apps that you need to view different types of manga.

This Tablet has an even longer battery life, lasting up to 13 hours on a full battery. With its 12.2” screen you get super high resolution. For those of you who use your Tablet for work and play, that’s excellent news. Whether you are editing important work documents in multiple windows or playing high powered video games, the Tab Pro can handle it.

Take selfies, film your tot’s recital, or record your demo on the high powered 2MP (Megapixel) camera. You can also video chat in living color and crystal clear detail.


3. iPad Pro 10.5”

The beauty of the iPad Pro 10.5” from Apple is that it’s big enough to get the full effect of the amazing manga graphics that you love but it’s not as heavy as some of the bigger models. It is Wi-Fi and cellular enabled.

At 65GB you get lightning fast graphics loading, though some images may require you to zoom out to see the full image. We think that’s a small price to pay for the outstanding color and power you get with this Tablet. It lasts up to 10 hours on a fully charged battery and is backed by a four speaker stereo system.

This Tablet has a souped up camera with 12MP through the back camera and 7MP on the front one – perfect for FaceTiming with friends or taking part in a group chat over a game! Models for this Tablet go all the way up to 512GB.


4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – 10.5”

Newest from Samsung is the Galaxy Tab S4 10.5.” Intended to compete with the iPad Pro, this Galaxy Tablet is the best you will find among Android Tablets. And, as intended, it gives the iPad Pro a run for its money!

Unlike the iPad Pro, the internal mics are voice responsive and can pick up your voice even at a distance. It uses Dolby Atmos surround sound and offers stunningly bright colorful images. It also includes an S-Pen for creating your own graphics and drawings.

When you want more than a Tablet to read manga on, this Tablet converts seamlessly to a fully functioning computer with all of the Office programs you need for work or play. Enjoy a wide variety of manga books with this multiple reading app compatible Tablet.


5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A – 10.1″

Rounding out our top picks among the full size Tablet models, we choose the Galaxy Tab A 10.1” Touchscreen Tablet from Samsung. One of the things we love the most about this Tablet is the high def screen resolution. We’re talking 1920 x 1200!

On top of that, you get 16GB of memory, a 32GB memory card, and 2GB of RAM. Add in the microSD card and you have up to 256GB of memory storage at your disposal! It operates over Wi-Fi and Android, plus it is Bluetooth enabled. You get duel cameras and you can sit and read for up to 13 hours before the battery conks out.

Super fast and incredibly vibrant, this Tablet is competitively priced to give you the most bang for your hard earned dollars. Even though the Tab A is over ten inches big, it only weighs about a pound – very lightweight.


Best Mini-Tablet to Read Manga

When portability is your top priority, perhaps when buying a Tablet for a young reader, your philosophy becomes ‘the smaller the better.’ Still, you don’t want it to be so small that reading your manga is too difficult and the graphics are all distorted. You still want vibrant colors and stellar graphics along with accessibility and compatibility, like you get with these 6 smaller Tablets:


6. Galaxy Tab E Lite – 7”

If you are looking for the smallest Tablet for reading manga, you hit the jackpot with the Galaxy Tab E Lite from Samsung. The screen is only 7” but it is also bright enough to make reading a little easier on such a small screen. Naturally, it’s smaller than a typical manga book page so you will have to zoom in and out some – you can’t have it all!

But what you do get is a power packed Tablet that is so light and easy to carry around that you can slide it into your back pocket or a zipper pocket in your purse. Its battery lasts up to 9 hours fully charged and the microSD card gives you an additional 24GB of memory.


7. iPad Mini 4 – 7.9”

The iPad Mini 4 from Apple is another teeny weeny Tablet that packs a punch. Wi-Fi enabled, you get 128GB of memory with this puppy. It uses retina display technology to produce super sharp images for FaceTime in HD.

Speaking of HD, it records pictures and video in 1080 pixel HD with an 8MP camera. For reading manga, the battery lasts for 10 hours of uninterrupted enjoyment. You can connect to the internet over Wi-Fi or your cellular network. This mini Tablet is incredibly portable – it weighs less than a half a pound!


8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – 8”

We love the Galaxy Tab S2 8” Tablet from Samsung in this starter bundle kit. You get loads of memory with this one to store all of your manga. We’re talking 32GB plus a microSD card that expands your memory to 128GB. You also get 3GB of RAM.

The starter bundle comes with a full cleaning kit consisting of lens tissue paper, cotton swabs, microfiber cloth, cleaning solution, and a blower brush. Despite having a small screen, you get incredibly high def resolution at 2048 x 1536! Bluetooth enabled with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, this top pick is an excellent mini.


9. iPad Air – 9.7″

Not necessarily a mini but definitely a smaller Tablet, the iPad Air 9.7” from Apple is a top pick among all of the Tablets under ten inches. We love it because the screen is big enough so that you get as close to full size as possible without the bulky weight of a full size Tablet.

The retina display comes with a really high screen resolution at 2048 x 1536. Weighing less than a pound, this Tablet is wireless and Bluetooth enabled. You also get video recording in 1080 pixel HD for hours of FaceTime that gives you the feel of being in the same room with people miles and miles away.


10. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – 9.7”

Another 9.7” Tablet that we love is the Galaxy Tab S3 from Samsung. For one thing, we just love the way that it looks – all glass, very chic! On top of that, it is a multi-tasking hub. In Samsung’s quest to topple Apple at the top of the Tablet food chain, they’ve created some of the best Tablets for reading manga in the process!

With less screen to work with, the Tab S3 packs all kinds of power in its video display. It comes with a four speaker internal stereo system and can be converted from a touchscreen to a computer if you buy the detachable keyboard (sold separately).


11. iPad Air 2 – 9.7”

Last of the little Tablets on our list is the 9.7” iPad Air 2 from Apple. Like the other 9.7” Tablets on our list, it’s not necessarily a mini but it is lighter than it may seem. It is designed to be less cumbersome than the bigger Tablets while retaining all of the amazing features you expect.

This one comes with a 2048 x 1536 high def resolution retina display. It has a memory capacity of 64GB and takes pictures in 8MP. It has a super fast connection speed over iOS 8 and includes iCloud functionality.


Best Affordable Full Size Tablet to Read Manga

Say you are working with a really tight budget but you want a Tablet that gives you the most bang for your buck. We found 2 of the most affordable full size Tablets based on their high quality features:


12. RCA Viking Pro – 10″

When you ask for the best, you are going to pay the price typically. Many of the Tablets on this list are on the high end of the budget scale. For those of you looking to save as much money as you can without sacrificing too much in the way of quality, top of this short list in our opinion is the Viking Pro 10” Tablet from RCA.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper full sized Tablet – this one costs just over $100! You also get a detachable keyboard with this one and it is compatible with multiple reading apps including Marvel Unlimited and Comixology.


13. Amazon Kindle Fire – 10.1″

Finally, our list ends with the Fire 7 Tablet from Amazon. It has a 10.1” screen and is zippy. With the microSD card, you can turn the 64GB system storage into 256GB to hold all of your manga faves. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and you get free unlimited iCloud storage.

It even comes with a super bright, high resolution display for the price at 1024 x 600. While it is an improvement on its last version, you still can’t read any manga from the Marvel universe on this Tablet – but you do get Alexa!