The Best 10 Mature Adult Romance Manga

Mature Romance is like an art like where desires become reality through our imagination. Although here are some manga that uses the Romance category a with a touch of explicit content for those who are interested in that category!

Here are some interesting manga that spice your day!


1. Bitter Virgin

This manga is great for people who have a taste for some slice of life along with drama and romantic plot. Bitter Virgin follows the main character Daisuke Suwa, a high school boy living with his widowed mother. Daisuke's main goals are to graduate and get accepted into a university in a city and live a worry free college life. One day, in a discussion with a fellow classmate, Daisuke claims that he is definitely not interested in a girl named Hinako Aikawa because he is ticked off by her “virgin” acts where she reacts to every physical contact from men. But one day, Daisuke hides in a haunted church to avoid a pair of girls walking by, and ends up pretending to be a priest when he unintentionally meets Hinako. Hinako then asks Daisuke to hear her confession, during which she reveals she was physically and sexually abused by her stepfather and had become pregnant multiple times.


2. Ao no Flag

Taichi Ichinose is a third year student who has made a promise with a classmate, Futaba Kuze. Taichi has promised to help Futaba out with her confession towards her childhood friend, Touma Mita. In this manga, three people form a bond, a bond which develops into a complicated love triangle. Taichi tries to help Futaba confess while he falls for her because they get closer to one another over time. Meanwhile, Futaba is trying to date Touma because she deeply loves him but is too shy to confess at that very moment. Ever since Touma and Taichi were growing up, they both were on very good terms with one another and have been best buddies ever since. Although Futaba is attached to Touma, many other girls are interested in him because of how genuine his looks are and how girls are easily attracted to him. Despite all this, Touma’s feelings for Taichi are resolute because has always been there for him.


3. Velvet Kiss

In this manga, Shin Nitta finds himself suddenly in a huge debt, but his personal loan agent tells him that he can get rid of this loan by staying with a certain woman as "company". Over a certain amount of time Shin learns that this is no easy task, just as he initially thought. The relationship between Shin and Kanoko doesn't start out so well because Shin only sees Kanoko as a spoiled little brat who doesn't care about anything else besides herself. As time passes, Shin discovers why Kanoko is so self-centered all the time. This is because her aunt, who became her stepmother, caused Kanoko’s mother’s death and her father’s illness. This same aunt also caused Shin’s 80 million yen debt. Shin had been set up to be Kanako's companion so that he would be relieved of this debt from her father's company that he was getting this loan from.


4. Nana to Kaoru

In this manga, Kaoru is a 17-year-old virgin who is deeply into an S&M fetish with his childhood friend Nana. Nana is a girl who is looked up to most of the boys because of how she is known the be the perfect girl that everyone has always dreamed of. Over time their relationship has gone into different directions because of them hanging out with different groups of friends. On one particular day Kaoru's mother gives Kana some of his S&M toys for safe keeping because Kaoru isn't taking education very seriously. Randomly Nana decides to try out some of his S&M toys because they look very interesting. Nana picks out the leather one-piece designed on and tries out to find herself locked without the key. Ever since that incident Nana finds herself interested in Kaoru's hobby and wants to explore more into S&M toys, but will she continue to engage with Kaoru and form a unique bond?


5. Nisekoi

In this manga about Raku Ichijo the son of a leader in the yakuza Shumi-Gumi, and Chitoge Kirisaki the daughter of a boss in the rival gang called Beehive. These two characters meet each other when Chitoge hops over a wall and knee's Raku in the face un intentionally while rushing to school. Raku suddenly notices that he lost his locket which was given to him by his childhood friend who made him keep a secret promise. Soon after when class starts he discovers that Chitoge the person who kneed him in the face was in his class Raku forces Chitoge to go help him search for the locket that he lost. Upon discovering each other that they were classmates they began to hate each other because of that incident. Further throughout the story Raku and Chitoge were forced to get together and become the alliance for their two clans. But then Raku meets more girls in his life that he thinks could be the one that gave him the locket when he was young. Will Raku Ichijo ever find his childhood friend who he kept a promise to?


6. Boku ni Natta Watashi

A story where Momoko is stuck with bad luck all around and how she would negatively see everything around her surroundings where she was supposed to go to a normal school, make normal friends and live a normal life as a girl would. She ends up finding herself thrown out of her own household and going to a all male boarding school with a roommate she really hates with a grudge. But one situation that can bring a downfall to her current life if she is discovered that she is a girl at school from a male classmate she would be known all around. Although living this dangerous life and not being able to date any of these gorgeous looking men at the school her normal days of being a girl. Not being able to even be a girl of her own category would mean that she will have to forcibly throw her own gender away. Will Momoko eventually be discovered as a female student attending an all male school?


7. Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku

In this manga about two individuals named Hirotaka Nifuji and Narumi Momose, knowing each other since middle school they both are gaming otaku's. Narumi being a fujoshi tries to hide her interests of being an otaku from work since she is now an adult. During work she keeps a professional profile about herself preventing people from knowing her true intentions. While she was getting a walk around tour she cross paths with Hirotaka. During work Hirotaka and Narumi would not discuss about anything that is related to anime and gaming. But when they are alone together they would be themselves, during a post work drink they start dating each other in secret. Although their life wouldn't be so simple after all these years they must hide their secret from their co-workers that they are dating and being a hard core gaming otaku from all their co-workers at work, eventually they are able to be friends with another couple that have similar interests.


8. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Kodaka Hasegawa, a transfer student to St. Chronica's Academy, struggles to find friends because of his mixed color blonde hair. The reason behind his blonde mixed hair is because of his late English mother, this leads to his peers to mistaken him as a delinquent. Which lead to many rumors about him being very abusive and violent. One day after school Kodaka meets Yozora Mikazuki where she talks about her friend "Tomo" who isn't real. After they realize that they both lack a social life, they both decide to form a "Neighbors Club", which brings people who lack a social live and skills together to meet up and actually have a social life. But the people who attend the club will come in from different backgrounds, but the club turns out to be a huge mess having members that don’t know how to properly treat one another with proper respect and manners. Will Kodaka eventually make some friends as this new transfer student?


9. Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Ever since becoming an elite NEET Moriko Morioka a 30 year old successful career woman who is trying to find a more fulfilling life she joins a online MMORPG "Fruits de Mer" and creates a male character named Hayashi. During her time in the game as Hayashi she meets another character named Lily where they become friends as Lily teaches Hayashi how to play the game. What they both don't know is that they are both gender swapped in real life. As they become close friends Hayashi joins Lily's guild and continues to do deceive everyone that she is a male 21 year old college student. However Morkio will soon meet a person through a dating app who has an elite company and good fortune, who is named Yuta Sakurai who may have online relations with her even though they don't know that about each other. How will both these characters react to each other after discovering that they have been friends in an online MMORPG without even knowing?


10. Snow White With The Red Hair

Shirayuki is an independent woman who is a herbalist in the kingdom of Tanbarun with one unique feature which is her red hair. With her unusual hair color she was raised by being careful of not showing her hair to new surroundings. Although one day her hair was noticed by Prince Raj and order's her to be his concubine. After refusing his command she cuts the end off and leaves it for him because that is what he liked about her, then she runs off to escape towards the kingdom of Clarines. Short after she runs into Prince Zen and his two guardians. When Prince Zen ate the apple that was given as a gift from Prince Raj as an apology to Shirayuki, he was poisoned, then she went out to gather the ingredients for an antidote for the poison. After following Prince Zen and his two guardians to Clarines she takes the test to become a herbalist and passes. Then a whole sequence of events Prince Zen and Shirayuki fall in love and begin a relationship notwithstanding their current social status.