Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers - Review and Buying Guide

Do you toss and turn at night? Do you constantly have to adjust and readjust to get comfortable? If so you are what is known as a combination sleeper; A.K.A. the type of person who can give someone sharing the bed sea sickness.

Technically, if you change positions once while you sleep you are considered a combination sleeper, but most combo snoozers shift all through the night from their sides to their stomachs, to their backs, again and again. When you sleep like that, your spinal alignment changes throughout the night causing you to readjust your pillow.

Tossing and turning causes your pillows to get flat and hard and you end up losing sleep, waking up still tired. You probably need a pillow made for combination sleepers – they are out there! In fact, we went on a search to find the best pillow for combination sleepers.

We went looking for the features that make a pillow best for combination sleepers. For one, it’s a pillow that doesn’t flatten when you move but stays puffy no matter what position you are in. It shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. Combination sleepers need pillows that are medium firm – just squishy enough to move with you but firm enough to hold its shape.

Most pillows for combination sleepers will be made of a blend of feathers and foam, latex, or cotton. Generally speaking, the best pillow for combination sleepers should be made with either down (natural or synthetic), feathers, memory foam, latex, or buckwheat. You’ll find pillows filled with all of those materials here on our top 10 list of the best pillows for combination sleepers.

10 Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers

1. Blended Memory Foam Combination Pillow

Top of the list is the Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Snuggle-Pedic. There are so many things to love about this thing but let’s start with the stuffing. What makes this pillow great for combination sleepers is that it uses a combination of shredded memory foam which keeps the pillow puffy and it never goes flat. You can even adjust the filling to make it softer if necessary.

Another thing we love the most about this pillow is the removable cover. Combination sleepers move around a lot in their sleep and so some tend to sleep hot. This pillow cover uses Snuggle-Pedic’s “Kool Flow® technology” that helps you sleep cooler. The material is a blend of lycra, polyester, and bamboo viscose for a truly soft and hypoallergenic pillow.

This pillow is great for all sleeping positions, adding orthopedic support and the ability to conform to the different positions your neck and spine go through when you sleep.


2. Adjustable Combination Pillow for all Sleeping Positions

If you are pregnant, you have likely become a combination sleeper. If you sleep on your stomach usually, you can’t when you are pregnant, causing you to have to adjust to new sleeping positions. You need the Bamboo Pillow Inside & Out from Xteme Comforts.

It is filled with 100% bamboo which helps you sleep cooler than latex, memory foam, buckwheat, or feathers. Because it’s all natural, it won’t bother your allergies and the viscose bamboo filling ensures that your neck and head is supported no matter what position you sleep in.

You can adjust the stuffing inside to your ideal comfort level. The best part? No matter how you sleep, this pillow will not go flat! Bamboo fibers also don’t start bunching up over time so this is a pillow that you should be able to get years and years of use out of – for maybe the next pregnancy?

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3. Synthetic Down Combination Pillow – Two Pack

When you order the White Down Alternative Pillow from Superior, you get two pillows, which is great for combination sleepers. Not only that, it’s filled with hypoallergenic microfiber and packed to medium firmness. On the outside, the cover is just as soft and doesn’t make noise when you flop around.

Microfiber fill is designed to mimic the stay puff qualities of down filling using synthetic fibers for those who are allergic to real feathers and down. Gel pillows and a lot of memory foam pillows harden or lump up over time. These pillows do not.

Even if it gets a little flat after a while, these pillows are totally machine wash safe. When you dry them on low heat, it will re-fluff the microfibers good as new. Made for all sleeping positions, this is one of the best pillows for combination sleepers.


4. Stay Puff Adjustable Combination Pillow

Do you suffer from neck or back pain, arthritis, migraines, or asthma? OXA, the makers of the Adjustable Pocket Spring Pillow say that these pillows can help! Combination sleepers will love this – after 50,000 nights rolling all over them, they do not flatten and retain over 90% of their softness.

Like some of the best mattresses on the market today, these pillows are made with individually wrapped coils that make the pillow more supportive and springy. That’s exactly what you need when you change sleeping positions all night. These pillows are designed to cradle your neck and head no matter what position you sleep in.

If you sleep hot, the outer cover is woven with percale and 3D spacer mesh plus silk fibers to make it extremely breathable and cool. It will also suck the hot air and moisture out and release in its place fresh air – worth a try eh?

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5 beegod.jpeg

5. Super Soft Migraine and Neck Pain Relieving Combination Pillow – Two Pack

Notice how a lot of these pillows help ease body pains and discomforts like arthritis, migraines, and joint pain? The Soft Pillow for Sleeping from Beegod does the same thing. If you have allergies, this one won’t work for you. It is made of 100% cotton and blended with fine silk velvet.

It does however repel dust and mites. The outer shell is also 100% cotton which also makes it super soft. The makers designed this pillow for all different sleepers, particularly combination sleepers, but cotton does not always retain its shape or puffiness over time.

Still, it is very soft and comfortable and is machine washable so you could tumble dry and make it fluff back up. So if you suffer from neck pain and migraines, you may want to see if this pillow does the trick for you.


6. Adjustable Memory Foam Combination Pillow

One of the few memory foam combination pillows that we found is the Premium Adjustable Loft CertiPUR Memory Foam Pillow from Coop Home Goods. It has an extra soft and cool exterior made of a rayon derivative from Bamboo blended with polyester.

On the inside, it is filled with fully adjustable shredded viscose elastic memory foam. You just add foam or take some out until you get to the right firmness for you. The shredded mix makes it more breathable and cool for hot sleepers.

Totally eco-friendly and certified CertifPUR-US foam, this pillow is hypoallergenic and dust and mite resistant. It never goes flat and promotes deep sleep for combination sleepers. If you’ve tried other combination pillows and found them wanting, you should give this one a try.

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7. 100% Goose Down Combination Pillow – Two Pack

This combination pillow is not for allergy sufferers. The White Goose Down Medium Firm Pillow from Continental Bedding is filled with 100% white goose down. But it is very soft with a 300 thread count and 25 ounces of down filling.

Off the bat, this pillow hits two of the main features combination sleepers need in a pillow: down filled and medium firm. The pillow cover is 100% cotton and dust resistant. You will have to fluff this pillow regularly; it has no stay puff features.

But you get two pillows for the price of one which is awesome! This is perfect if you suffer pains at multiple points as you toss and turn at night. Put one between your knees and the other behind your head or both under your head to maximize joint and spinal support.


8. Buckwheat Filled Travel Size Combination Pillow

You may not realize it from the name but the Travel Size Organic Buckwheat Pillow from Beans72 Buckwheat Pillow is 100% cotton. So if you have allergies, you’ll probably react to the filling made up of 100% organically grown buckwheat hulls or unbleached cotton.

For combination sleepers who sleep on their backs most of the time, this pillow may be the perfect fit. It’s packed tight enough to make it puffy but soft enough to provide support in other positions except belly slumberers. On your stomach, it will be too puffy probably. And buckwheat hulls rustle on the inside when you move, so these pillows are noisier than most.

Unlike memory foam, buckwheat does not sink in and stay flat in your most frequent sleeping position. This pillow will conform to your head, neck, and spine as you move. The space in between the buckwheat hulls makes the pillow breathable and sleeps cool.


9. Soft and Cool Gel Pillow for Combination Sleepers – Two Pack

As you can see, not many of the best pillows for combination sleepers are made with gel. However, Sleep Restoration – a very popular brand in bedding – makes the super plush Cooling Gel Fiber Pillow. Dust mite, stain, mold, and mildew resistant, this is no ordinary gel pillow.

This one is specifically made for combination sleepers to rest comfortably in any sleeping position. The gel inside does not shift so there is no lumping. It just puffs up and down based on your head and neck position. Plus, you can pop this pillow in the machine to make it good as new.

Allergy and asthma sufferers will find this pillow very breathable and because it’s dust resistant and chemical free, you won’t have to worry about this pillow causing a reaction. You can breathe easy and rest comfortably in your favorite sleep positions!


10. Pressure Relieving Latex Foam Combination Pillow

Finally on our list is the best latex foam pillow we found for combination sleepers. It is the Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow from Hollander. The outside cover is made of 100% cotton so not ideal for those with allergies, but the inside is made of all natural latex foam harvested from rubber trees.

Latex foam made from rubber trees is softer and more buoyant than just foam or just latex. The combination ensures that no matter what position you are in, this pillow will continually cradle your head and neck for exceptional pressure point relief.

Despite not being hypoallergenic this pillow is antimicrobial and it doesn’t stink. Even if you smoke indoors, it prevents odors from seeping into the fibers. The cover is 300 thread count and easily removable for machine wash.

More about Combination Sleepers

You may have noticed that some of the pillows on this list come in two packs. There’s a reason for that. Many combination sleepers, because they flip and flop so much throughout the night, use multiple pillows to provide additional support. When you are on your side, you may need a pillow to support your lower back or to relieve pressure point pain between your knees.

There are pluses and minuses to every sleeping position so it’s good to know which position you sleep in the most. Despite typically going through different positions all night, combination sleepers tend to sleep in one of those positions more than others. Knowing which one will help you decide how many pillows you need and where to put them.

For instance, if your main position is on your side, it makes it easier to breathe so you are less prone to snoring in that position. And it’s good for your pelvic, spine, and neck alignment. On the other hand, side sleeping can create more facial wrinkles – yikes! And that position creates painful pressure points in your knees, ankles, shoulders, and feet.

If you sleep on your back the most, you probably snore when you do. It’s harder to breathe on your back and it can give you neck and back problems – but you won’t have the spinal pain caused by twisting and turning. And when you are on your stomach, it reduces snoring but because you have to turn your head one way or the other, it can give you a stiff neck and create more wrinkles.

Even if you tend to stay in the same position that you fell asleep in all night long, you could still experience the same misalignment and joint pain that combination sleepers do. In fact, there is some evidence that with the right pillow, it’s actually a good thing to change positions throughout the night so that you are not locked in a bad position for hours. The trick is to change positions seamlessly without losing comfort or support – that’s where the right pillow comes in handy!

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