The Ten Best Memory Foam Futon Mattresses

Quality Futon Mattresses Are No Longer a Dream

No matter what you like in a mattress, you can get a futon mattress that’s as delightful as a traditional mattress. You don’t have to settle for thin cotton futon pads anymore. Memory foam has especially revolutionized futon mattresses, increasing comfort and decreasing cost. If you know what you are looking for, you can find a great memory foam futon mattress for a good price.

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1. Mozaic Cotton Twill

This memory foam mattress outstrips the competition by high quality workmanship and a solid reputation of long-lasting comfort. At eight inches deep, this futon mattress is about two inches thicker than most traditional options. The depth is due to multiple layers of memory foam and foam gel that can be reversed for personalized comfort on either side.

Some of the best features this mattress offers are:

  1. Double-sided structure

    • Many futon mattresses reach the end of their life because they just get too dirty. Doubling as both a couch and a bed, most futons see lots of regular use. This kind of wear and tear on an item that, traditionally, can’t be easily washed means unless you are meticulously tidy, you can’t get the full use out of your mattress. The twinned structure of this bedding allows you to get twice the life. It also means the futon won’t get permanent creases as readily.

  2. Multiple color options

    • Futons traditionally come in muted, earthen colors- grey, black and tan are to be expected. The Mozaic mattress has a total of ten color choices.

  3. Soft, durable fabric

    • The twill cover on this futon is sturdy without being rough, adding length to the life of the mattress.

  4. Cotton fill wrap

    • The memory foam here is wrapped in a layer of cotton fill. This twist on structure creates a more downy feel compared to other memory foam.

  5. Lace style tufting

    • The tufting style holds fabric in place and mitigates stretching and creasing. This kind of fabric structure is not unusual anymore, but is a necessary sign of good workmanship. As a product made in the USA, it should be expected.


2. DHP Coil and Foam Mattress

Another remodeling of the memory foam mattress, this futon incorporates traditional springs into the memory foam. The inclusion of springs helps the foam retain its shape long-term and prevent that comfortable molding from becoming a permanent divot. The mattress is also structured to easily fold in the middle.

You can order this mattress in a few different colors, and the company also offers optional covers, though they certainly aren’t necessary. You can also choose between the six inch or eight inch mattresses, depending on the structure of your futon frame. A frame with a sharper folded angle will do better with a six inch mattress, while a frame with a gradual angle will tolerate the more plush eight inch choice.

One drawback to this mattress is its weight-- the coils bring it to a hefty 59 pounds, which is nothing to sneeze at in a piece of furniture you regularly adjust. However, if you leave your futon in one position most of the time, it is a top-notch comfort pick.



3. Mainstay Split Mattress

Some futons come with the option to lay down only half of the frame at a time. If you prefer this unique functionality, then this mattress is your best option. Non-split mattresses will twist if you lay down only half of the frame’s back, causing damage over time and decreasing comfort when laying down. The split mattress is made to divide, preserving its structure.

The divot between cushions can be uncomfortable, depending on where it hits your body as you lie down. It also is thinner than other mattresses, so even though it is made of memory foam, it will not feel quite as luxurious. However, it is very lightweight, and the variety of use options can’t be ignored.

The futon is offered in four colors. Although it isn’t eligible for Amazon Prime, the seller offers free shipping. It also offers refurbished mattresses at a discount.


4. Mainstay Convertible Mattress

This option is much like the split mattress. It comes in the same four colors, and the seller offers free shipping without Amazon Prime. There is an intentional seam dividing it into four parts, too, making it similarly worthwhile for futon frames with two reclining choices. It isn’t fully split, though, so it will still twist if you use it in a half-up, half-down format often.

The plus side of this choice is that it comes with a futon frame. The frame is easy to put together, with only a few bars to join and legs to screw on. The two sides of the frame fold down separately. Because they are sold as a matched pair, the mattress perfectly fits the frame.

Unlike the top picks, this mattress is pure memory foam. If you lvoe the feel of sinking perfectly into your bed at night, this is your go-to bet. However, the simple gel-foam construction also wears out much faster than hybrid models. It soon will cease to spring back if you tend to sleep in the same position every night.


5. Frameless Lucid Mattress

If you don’t want to bother with a bulky wooden frame, the four inch deep Lucid futon mattress is a perfect pick. The mattress is made of five conjoined segments that fold into a short couch all on their own, without the need of a frame for support. This is a lightweight, easy to store futon mattress.

Because it does not use a frame, this mattress does tend to feel rather firm when laid on. It can feel just the opposite when used as a couch- overly short and squashy. However, it is useful, especially if you anticipate caring for excess or last-minute guests. It is also a great choice for kids’ rooms, because the mattress lays directly on the floor- nobody can fall out of bed.

A final perk to this mattress is its indoor-outdoor use classification. The mattress has a water-resistant cover over it which can be removed and washed. If it gets wet, simply open it out all the way to dry. If you don’t get the chance, mold could form between the layers. However, even then all you need to do is clean the cover. This makes it very low-maintenance.


6. Milliard Six Inch Frameless

Much like the Lucid mattress, this option can be used inside or out due to its washable, water-resistant cover. The cover can be a little tricky to get on and off, due to the additional layer of gel foam. The excess padding is worth it though- you get a much better night’s sleep out of those two inches.

Even with the extra depth, this futon is very lightweight- less than twenty pounds. It works much better as a bed than as a couch, though- it is designed as a trifold. One of these three portions is left up when the other two are folded to create something more akin to a wide chair than a couch.

This is definitely an option best used for children and emergency sleepovers. It isn’t quite cut out for daily use as seating. Additionally, the cotton-gel foam blend can deteriorate if left in the heat. You have to be careful not to forget it outside after a day of summer lounging.


7. Novogratz Mattress Topper

If comfort is your main motivator for replacing your mattress, one excellent low-cost option is the memory foam mattress topper. It is three inches thick, and folds just like a traditional futon mattress. Ties at the corners allow you to better secure it to your existing mattress.

The cover on this mattress topper can be removed and washed, or replaced with a more sturdy fabric- the cover included is a soft but short-lived microfiber. It does come in four unique colors, including light pink and baby blue. You can also forgo the cover in favor of a fitted sheet combining your original futon mattress and the topper.

While the company states that this product is made to specifically fit their products, their futons are standard sizes and you can choose a topper that fits your existing mattress.

If you really love a plush bed, try combining this with one of the other memory foam mattresses here. The topper will help the mattress gel foam last much longer, while the combination will increase the depth to which pressure points are accommodated. If memory foam mattresses didn’t quite work for you on your futon frame before, increasing the thickness with this type of product might change your mind.



8. Serta Double-Sided Mattress

On the downside, you can only order this mattress in white- you have to order a Serta cover to fit separately. On the upside, though, you can get a queen sized mattress- a rarity in futons. If your frame can be hard to fit because it is so large, and you want a soft and comfortable mattress, this will work well.

The mattress is light despite being a standard six inches thick. You can easily move it up or down. It has a propensity to crease when left angled as a couch seat for too long, but this is remedied by laying it flat for several hours. This is a design concern with many mattresses that don’t have seaming down the middle.

8 serta.jpeg

9. Serta Willow Mattress

This mattress is similar to the Serta Double-Sided Mattress. However, it is thicker, at eight inches, and can be ordered in several colors and sizes.

It is dual sided, but as one side has much more cotton fill than the other, you may find there is a side you prefer. It also offers flexibility based on your nightly needs. If you have back troubles (a common motivator for memory foam use), switching to the firmer side on nights you need support is a great option to have. The mattress is fairly lightweight, too, so it isn’t hard to flip over.

Serta offers free shipping for this mattress and a discount on matching covers if you don’t like the options for futon colors. It also regularly comes with a coupon on Amazon, so the high price can be misleading.


10. Royal Sleep Mattress

The Royal Sleep mattress doesn’t require you to buy the matching frame, so if all you need is a new mattress, this is a cost-effective choice. It also comes in nine different colors, although certain colors sell out fast, like the burgundy.

This mattress can form permanent creases more easily than other memory foam mattresses. The tufting is also wide-spread, so the fabric exterior can stretch or bunch up with repeated use. However, the low cost makes these issues less onerous.


Choosing a Futon Mattress

When you look for a futon mattress, durability should be your first concern. Futons are notoriously short lived, but modern design advances mean you can get a futon that lasts years, retaining its comfort the whole time. More closely spaced tufts will improve the longevity of the fabric exterior, and cotton fill wrapped around the memory foam will increase the life of the gel foam itself.

A mattress with only memory foam will be much softer than a hybrid mattress that pairs springs or cotton with the gel. A mattress with springs spaced through the memory foam will be firmest. It will also preserve the body-fitting properties of the memory foam longer than other options.

Be sure you know what size futon frame you have, and whether its weight limitations dictate whether you buy a thin or thick mattress. Most composite wood frames cannot tolerate the weight of an eight inch thick mattress. A sudden stress will often cause it to fail in this situation. However, these thicker mattresses offer a lot of comfort, especially if the mattress site on slats rather than mesh.