10 Best Japanese Biscuit Snacks

When it comes to biscuit snacks, Japanese companies are outmatched. With an array of unique flavors and presentation to offer, there is plenty to select and plenty to enjoy. Thus with this list, Anime Impulse is here to guide you through the best Japanese biscuit treats to try!


10. YBC Picola

Slender, crisp, buttery--just a few of many words to describe how appetizing YBC’s Picola is! Though sweet biscuit egg rolls can be found in splendid variety across the world, no other company produces them quite like YBC. The thin, wafer-like shell of Picola is an absolute pleasure to bite into, with flavored confection swirling through and around the entire, making every tasty chew a pleasure unmatched by anything else. Coating the inner hollow center is a layer of delicious cream, of which can be your choice of chocolate, strawberry, matcha, or even white mocha.

Whether you refer to Picola by its name, or other regional variants such as love letters or barquillos, there is worldwide appeal to referring to these treats as what they are: delicious!

9.  Meiji Hello Panda

Without question, the textbook definition of “too cute to eat” would be Meiji’s Hello Panda snacks. Upon each perfectly crisp and crunchy bite-sized biscuit is an adorable image of Hello Panda’s precious mascot, typically in the middle of playing some kind of sport such as fencing or hockey. The pictures are printed across all available flavors for the snack line, with every panda-shaped cracker shell filled with sweet, creamy confection. Biting through the biscuit’s outer casing to get to the yummy creamy center brings nothing short of satisfaction.

No matter if you are in the mood for chocolate, strawberry, and/or vanilla, Hello Panda will greet your tastebuds with a delicious welcome!


8.  Bourbon Lumberjack Tree Trunk

With how delicious Bourbon’s Lumberjack Tree Trunks are, you will be wishing that the entire tree was offered instead! Taking each delectable, miniature tree trunk into your hand will make you feel like a mighty giant with every savory bite. Sweet and smooth milk chocolate serves as the trunk’s base, forming a delicious ‘outer bark’ that partially encases its marvelously crunchy biscuit center. Together, they make for a perfectly tasty duo that makes it easy to pick up but hard to put down. Be sure to give thanks to the hardworking lumberjack who is present on the cover for all his hard work in providing you a superb snacking experience!

7. Meiji Takenoko no Sato

Meiji and snacks go together like panda and bamboo. It is nothing else but perfect for Meiji to produce its Hello Panda line, in addition to its Takenoko no Sato treats. Translated to “bamboo village”, Takanoko no Sato are like a reverse Hello Panda, with a biscuit serving as the center while chocolate forms the coating. Whereas Hello Panda is more like a cracker, Takenoko no Sato features a sweet, almond cookie biscuit.

Meiji goes above and beyond this this particular treat, as each cookie piece is then partially dipped into milk chocolate for a thin layer, only to be coated yet again with its darker counterpart, which is molded to look like that of a bamboo shoot. All three combine together for a magnificent snack, contrasting flavors and all. After a bite of one of these, you will see why pandas adore bamboo so much!

6. Kabaya Saku Saku Panda

While biting into biscuits with adorable pandas printed on them may prove to be difficult, trying to work up the will to even pick up a Saku Saku Panda biscuit to eat is near futile! Though each Saku Saku bears looks utterly delectable, you may feel hesitant totake a bite once you see the wide array of cute, precious expressions presented. However, the three tasty layers presented in each biscuit piece offers a temptation that is utterly irresistible!

With a crispy biscuit base, milk chocolate is stacked right on top, only to be glazed over with white chocolate. The two chocolates are carefully arranged to ensure each panda face remains as cute and visually appealing as possible. When layered over one another, the three tiers of sweetness make every bite a sheer delight!

Though the milk and white chocolate is Saku Saku Panda’s defining flavor--for obvious reasons--the biscuit snack also comes in the flavors of apple custard and matcha, in addition to other variant forms like wafer and chocolate. Regardless of how you want to sate your tastebuds Kabaya’s bears have you covered!

5. Glico Caplico

As though Glico’s treat offerings are not eye-catching enough, the company goes beyond what is expected of the common snack with their Caplico line. After all, what stops carts in a grocery store more than ice cream? The gorgeous array of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry cones on Caplico’s packaging is just too tantalizing to walk away from, and the taste is just as delightful as it looks!

Depending on the selected size, wafer biscuits are presented in a lovely cone shape roll to truly capture the ice cream experience. The roll cone is then filled to the brim with sugary frosting, creating a magnificent flavor to reach with every bite. While strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla are tried and true flavors that never fail to disappoint, Caplico’s Giant version comes with unique kinds such as melon and apple. However, no matter the size or the flavor, Caplico will make you scream for its snack-ready ice cream!


4. Meiji Chocorooms

Between pandas and bamboo shoots, Meiji takes eccentric snack presentation a step further with their Chocorooms line. It is not very often that you hear someone raving about munching down mushrooms whenever they are feeling peckish. However, with one bite of a Chocoroom, you will understand the reasoning.

With its biscuit cracker “stalk” that is crisp to perfection and a smooth creamy “top”, Chocorooms will have you scarfing down a bag in no time. While a chocolate and strawberry mushroom may seem nonsensical in theory, the taste of its flavors in creamy form will make perfect sense as you snack. Despite how the chocolates adorning each mushroom stalk are firm and solid--a perfect match for the crunchy biscuit stalks--they are creamy in taste, which provides a delectable contrast to the other flavors present. Next time you are in need of an amusing treat that will put the “fun” in fungi, be sure to check out Chocorooms!

3. Glico Collon

Though the name of this Glico treat never fails to make people do double takes, the Collon snacks are not to be missed out on by title alone! Rich, delicious frosting is perfectly packed into a thin but tasty hollow cookie biscuit shell, which provides a satisfying crunch before one’s tastebuds are immersed in delectable cream. The tiny size of Collon treats makes snacking fun and convenient, but all the more difficult to put down! Whether you decide to spoil yourself with strawberry, matcha, chocolate, or cream, Collon will surely not let you down, but will also lift up your spirits!


2. Meiji Yan Yan

It is difficult to frown when you have a cup of Meiji’s Yan Yan. Rich, smooth cream--with your choice of chocolate, strawberry, and/or vanilla--and 10+ appetizing biscuit sticks go hand in hand for an amusing yet tasty snacking experience. There is an indescribable satisfaction to taking these slender crackers and dipping them into the flavored frosting dip, the amount of delicious coating determined by you, the eater. Not to mention, the adorable animal images and phrases that are printed on each stick are sure to uplift your mood--all while you lift up a delectable stick of Yan Yan to your mouth!

1. Glico Pocky and Pretz

Unparalleled in taste and legacy, Glico’s Pocky and Pretz remain the superior biscuit snack of all. Whether dipped in creamy confection or not, Glico’s signature slender, biscuit sticks make for the most ideal and convenient treat. As Pocky continues to reign supreme as Japan’s staple snack food--especially amongst anime fans--while Pretz holds itself well, both brands continue to expand upon its already sizeable roster of flavors, exploring and seeking out new ways to entice tastebuds. Whether you feel compelled to pick up a box of grape Pocky or try out some pizza Pretz, these two Glico products have something for everyone to enjoy!


When it comes to biscuit snacks, Japanese companies are outmatched. With an array of unique flavors and presentation to offer, there is plenty to select and plenty to enjoy. Thus with this list, Anime Impulse is here to guide you through the best Japanese biscuit treats to try!