Top 25 Old Man Characters in Anime

Sometimes it pays off to stray a little bit off path and explore some other characters in Anime, apart from the obvious heroes and villains.

Here is a list of the top elderly male characters, both good and evil, who are so incredibly cool!

1 yoshihiro shimazu.jpg

1. Yoshihiro Shimazu - Samurai Kings

Known as the Shimazu Demon, Yoshihiro’s age only speaks to his power and experience as a Samurai King warrior. He is always on the hunt for a fight and craves stronger opponents to battle against.

He doesn’t really care much for the politics and reasoning behind wars and battles, but if there is a strong foe to be defeated, he will run into the fight openly.


2. Watari – Death Note

Watari is L’s handler in Death Note. He is also the supplier of logistics to the Japanese Task Force, as well as the founder of Wammy’s house, so fairly accomplished. Wammy’s house has produced some of the greatest detectives in the world under his tutelage.

He is a fairly plain looking old man with a long back trench coat when he is L’s handler, and a black tuxedo when working for the Japanese Task Force.

He is an inventor and acts like a father figure to many. Adding to his nature, he is also super trained in espionage, making him quite an interesting character.

3 watari.jpg
4 danzo shimura.jpg

3. Danzō Shimura – Naruto Shippuden

An elder of Konohagakure and founder of Root, Danzō became famous as The Darkness of the Shinobi. It was often suspected that he would undermine his peers in the Konoha.

He was honourable in the sense that he would only act in the best interest of the village, and was appointed the Sixth Hokage Candidate. He is calm and collected and always thinks with a level head. Along with his loyalty to his village, this makes him valuable and an appreciated member of the community as a whole.


4. King Piccolo – Dragon Ball

Sometimes referred to as Daiamo, King Piccolo is known as The Great Demon King. He is a Namekian who seeks to send the earth into disaster and mayhem, helping spawn armies of demons to turn the planet into a literal hell.

His appearance is fairly odd, he is supposed to resemble a divine being, and is goblin like in looks. He has fangs and pointed ears, and green skin. His good persona or counterpart, Kami, is almost identical to him.

King Piccolo later uses his special powers to reincarnate himself at Piccolo Jr, so he doesn’t technically stay an old man forever, but he is pretty evil for an older guy, making him interesting in a weird way!

6 dr briefs.png

5. Dr. Briefs – Dragon Ball

Dr. Briefs is a brilliant elderly man. He is a scientist who tends to border more on the eccentric. He founded the Capsule Corporation and is the father of Tights and Bulma, and later becomes the grandfather of Trunks and Bulla. He is considered one of the smartest men in the world, and has the riches to match it.

He is short and stocky and has a blue-grey tinge to his bowl cut hair. He is most often seen wearing a lab coat with a cigarette in his mouth.

He is slightly comical looking, but this in no ways speaks to his brilliance and character as a scientist, husband and pet-owner!


6. Hiruzen Sarutobi - Naruto

Before him, Sarutobi’s family was one of the first families to settle in Kotonoha. He happened to become one of the first ninjas to be trained there and was taught by the First Hokage.

He grew his strength and with training became the Third Hokage, and even came back out of retirement after the Fourth Hokage’s death. He well surpassed his superiors in training and was one of the strongest ninjas around, even in his old age.

2 madara uchiha.png

7. Madara Uchiha – Naruto Shippuden

Madara Uchicha is famous for his leadership role in the Uchiha clan. With his rival, he founded Konohagakure, hoping to bring peace. Madara supposedly died when fighting with his co-founder on how to implement the peace, but actually rewrote his death and went into hiding.

Madara had a competitive streak and was a perfectionist, however his personality change towards a bitter and stubborn persona.

He was merciless and strong, but did what was in the best interests of his people.


8. Zeno Zoldyck - Hunter x Hunter

Zeno is by no means young, but he is still one of the most proficient and well-skilled assassins, as well as an efficient user of Nen.

He empties himself of emotion when killing as it is a job to him, and this allows him to be level headed, merciless and wise in battle. His wit and quick thinking see him through many situations, and his speed definitely does not match his age.

8 zeno zoldyck.jpg
9 genryuusai shigekuni yamamoto.jpg

9. Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto – Bleach

Yamamoto is without doubt one of the strongest captains of all time. He is the commander of the Shinigami which is in Soul Society. He comes across as an elderly man but happens to be in the ultimate peak physical condition. He has battle scars across his body that shows the violence of his history.

To go along with his physical skills, he has a fiery temper that flares easily. He follows and implements laws to the betterment of the community and does not like it when rules are broken.


10. Walter C. Dornez – Hellsing

Walter is no ordinary butler who serves the Hellsing family. He is incredible powerful and deadly in battle. His past moniker was the Angel of Death. His microfilament wires cut off heads and limbs with complete ease, and he uses them deadly fast with high velocity.

He is great to watch in battle, if you can keep up.


11. Furinji Hayato - Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Hayato was a name that was feared. He would not care who was in his path, animals and babies were even fair game. Even in his frail age, he is ready to take on anyone at any time and prove his true power and strength in martial arts.

He is a dangerous man as he has no remorse or mercy, and his violent power makes him so much more frightening.


12. Edward NewGate - One Piece

Edward NewGate is the strongest pirate in One Piece, and considers himself equal to Gol D. Roger. Even though age has caught up with him and he does have some health issues, he is still up for rum from the barrel. No matter his ill-health, he is always ready for a fight. His body is covered in scars, except his back, as he has never run from battle.

13 makarov dreyar.jpg

13. Makarov Dreyar - Fairy Tail

Makarov is probably one of the coolest old men around. He has the power to transform into a giant, once even wrestling a dragon. One of the Ten Wizard Saints, Makarov is also the Guild Master of Fairy Tail. He is definitely an old guy to aspire to.


14. Lordgenome - Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann

Sometimes we need to appreciate the darker characters, such as Lordgenome. He definitely isn’t the type of person that would make the top ten list of best people in the world, but he is kind of interesting.

He is an Immortal Spiral King that rules from Teppelin. He surrounds himself by girls who he sees as dolls, tossing them aside whenever he wishes. He has a strong disdain for humanity which has only grown throughout his 1,000 years of being alive.

14 lordgenome.png

15. Sugoroku Mutou – Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters

Once a gaming master, Sugorkou is the grandfather of the famous Yugi Mutou. He is the owner of the shop Kame Game, where he lives with his family and sells games to the population.

He is a famous games master and won many different games during his time. He is a little bit out there, but his knowledge is priceless.


16. Isaac Netero - Hunter x Hunter

Netero holds power over who gets their Hunter’s license, thanks to his position as Chairman of the Hunter Committee. Back in his prime, he was the strongest Nen user. He is still pretty capable of defeating any foe that crosses his path; he prefers not to let his strength be acknowledged. He is known for his speed and agility in battle, confusing his opponents before a strike appears from seemingly nowhere.

18 king bradley.jpg

17. King Bradley - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

King Bradley looks a lot younger than he actually is. His full head of luscious hair and toned body does not suggest that he is even close to his 60’s. He is the Fuhrer of the Amestris state military, so he has all the alchemists under his order. Under his eyepatch he has the Ultimate Eye which allows him to foresee outcomes before they happen. This makes his demeanour always calm and composed. To top it off, he is an incredible fighter and is proficient with a sword.


18. Kiroumaru - the New World

So he doesn’t fit in the category of man 100%, as he is a monster rat that can talk, he is an elderly character that has honour more than any other character. He wanted to protect his colony from humanity, but ended up sacrificing his own life to save those in need. He is a man of honour and has a noble heart.

19 kiroumaru.jpg
19 master roshi.jpg

19. Master Roshi - Dragonball Z

Known as the Immortal Turtle, Master Roshi is a name that deserves its place on this list. He is the martial arts master and was the first to master the Kamehameha technique.

However, once the Saiyans find their true power, his power sort of become null and void. It is then that he takes up his comic role and brings a perverted sense of humor to the show.


20. Charles zi Britannia - Code Geass

Charles zi Britannia’s character is that of the ominous ruler of the Holy Britannian Empire. He believes that only the strong survive and rules through this ideology. Constantly putting his empire under conflict and hardship, he seeks to weed out the weak and create an empire where only the strongest thrive.

20 charles zi britannia.jpg
21 raoh.jpg

21. Raoh - Fist of the North Star

Raoh was trained in the Hokuto Shinken style. Sibling rivalry causes him to part ways with his family and he creates an army to overthrow his siblings from the throne. He becomes more powerful than anyone thought and thus is the most dangerous villain in Fist of the North Star.


22. Zodd the Immortal – Berserk

Zodd is a transformed demon who is technically immortal. However he appears as an old man. He is incredibly powerful despite his elderly appearance and he is always battling with the Skull Knight, while serving Griffith, despite their dispute of ideals.

23 hiko seijuro.jpg

23. Hiko Seijuro - Rurouni Kenshin

Seijuro rescued Kenshin from bandits and raised him as his own, training him to be a sword fighter. He is a secluded man, keeping busy with pottery in a quiet area of the words. He is fast and has incredible strength, something he suppresses using the heavy cloak of the Hiten Mitsurugi masters.


24. Bang/Silver Fang - One Punch Man

Bang is pretty darn powerful. He uses the power of the Rock-Smashing Water Stream Fist. His age allows him the knowledge and experience to pull it off, and the fact that he is an S-Class, rank 3 superhero in the Heroes Association.

He becomes a dojo who spreads his knowledge of fighting and stays loyal to Saitama’s power.

24 bang silver fang.png
25 yoshimura.png

25. Yoshimura - Tokyo Ghoul

Not many ghouls make it to old age, which is why Yoshimura is regarded for his advanced age. While the rest of his species was being sought out and destroyed, he used cunning and knowledge to survive. He created a band of followers of ghouls who united under him. And not to mention, he’s just downright cool.


Getting to know the older characters

Take some time away from the usual heroes in anime, and instead get to know the older characters who have so much knowledge and wisdom to share! Their backstories are interesting and so in-depth as well.