15 Hottest Anime Vampire Guys and Boys

Vampire anime just would not be the same if there were not any hot guys. Trying to pick the hottest anime vampire guys is the tricky part. Of course, everyone will have different opinions on what is attractive and what is not. But, we decided to round up our favorite (and hottest) anime vampire guys. We put vampire guys through the ringer. We judged them on looks and personality for a double whammy. All of these guys on this list are sure to make you sweat or maybe even make your blood boil. But, we can all agree that they are some of the hottest anime vampire guys.

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1. Kaname Kuran (Vampire Knight)

Kaname Kuran is one of the hottest vampire guys in anime. He makes his appearance in Vampire Knight. His character’s quality is somewhat debated, but everyone can agree that his appearance is stunning. Kaname has piecy brown hair that tends to fall into his face. His eyes are a piercing red brown color. His skin is quite pale. Kaname is Head of the Kuran Family. For this reason, you will find that he will mostly be dressed formally. Girls in the night class drool over him and for good reason. He usually remains calm, collected, and authoritative. He is known for being quite stoic and unreadable in most situations. However, when he is around is fiancé, Yuki, he lightens up a bit. Sometimes, Kaname will get jealous around Yuki. One of his most attractive qualities is how protective he is over Yuki.


2. Laito Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Laito Sakamaki definitely has a very unique look, which makes him one of the hottest guys in vampire anime for sure. Laito appears in Diabolik Lovers. He has reddish hair that falls just past his shoulders. Reddish blonde highlights the tips of his hair. His hair is usually covered by a small fedora looking hat. There is a cute little beauty mark to the right of his chin. He also has bright green eyes. There are two piercings in his left ear. He is part of the Sakamaki triplets, a family of attractive young vampires. He has a quite slender built. Laito is very perverted. This nature about him causes him to be suspended from school. With that bad boy nature aside, Laito is always light hearted and joking around. Laito’s checkered past along with a traumatic childhood, gives fans a soft spot for him.

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3. Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood)

Abel Nightroad appears in Trinity Blood. Abel has long luscious silver hair. He ties back his hair with a silk ribbon. Abel definitely has a darker appearance, in terms of vampire essence. When his in proper form, Abel will have black fangs showing, wings, and a scythe. What makes Abel one of the hottest vampire anime guys? Not only are his looks endearing, but he is also extremely charming. Abel is actually quite silly despite his appearance and does not seem to be the best at his job. Abel is recognized as having several different quirks that make him especially unique. (


4. Cadis Etrama di Raizel (Noblesse)

Cadis Etrama di Raizel makes his appearance in Noblesse. Humans and nobles in the anime have commented on how Rai’s appearance is extremely handsome. His eyes are a bright red and his hair is black. Rai is very stoic personality wise and sometimes appears emotionless. What makes Rai so charming is that he is not quite yet advanced when it comes to technology. He often bumbles around with 21st century technology and becomes confused. Rai has an incredible sense of duty that only escalates his hotness.

5 D.jpg

5. D (Vampire Hunter D : Resurrection)

D is a dhampir, a half breed between a famous vampire and a human. He has pale skin, fangs, and jet black hair. His regality is the trait that makes him one of the hottest vampire anime guys. He is very powerful and resourceful. He wears a large black hat that can sometimes cover most of his face.


6. Johnny Rayflo (Vassalord)

Johnny Rayflo makes his appearance in Vassalord. He has dark messy hair and a goatee. His eyes are actually shown as being several different colors. Johnny’s hotness stems from his laidback attitude, part of which makes me sometimes seen with a cigarette in his mouth. Even when tensions rise, Johnny keeps a level head and helps others remain calm. But, Johnny does have a playful side as well and can also be seen as being quite the charmer.

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7 zero kiryu.png

7. Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)

Zero Kiryu makes his appearance in Vampire Knight. Zero has very beautiful and unique eyes. They are the color purple. He has light skin and silver hair. Zero is definitely portrayed as being a bit more laid back than his classmates, being shown to be wearing his uniform incorrectly. He wears several earrings and has a tattoo on the side of his neck. Zero is often seen by his peers as being cold hearted and rude. But, he does have a soft spot for Yuki and makes this known by opening up to her more than others.


8. Senri Shiki (Vampire Knight)

Senri Shiki makes his appearance in Vampire Knight. Senri is one of the youngest Night Class students, but he is a model as well. Senri is told numerous times how attractive he is. Senri has pale skin, brown hair, and dazzling blue eyes. Senri is known to rarely express emotion and is not attached to really any other vampires. He does have a soft spot for Rima however. The two of them are shown together sharing snacks and both have a love of Pocky. We love this aspect of Senri. Yes, he is very attractive. But, he always keeps the whole world closed off except for one special girl in his life, which is really admirable.

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9 ayato sakamaki.jpg

9. Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Ayato Sakamaki makes his appearance in Diabolik Lovers. Ayato is one of the hottest anime vampire guys due to his unique looks and personality. He has reddish brown hair that is messy and falls to his shoulders. He has a black earring that can be seen in one ear. Ayato is one of the twins and is portrayed as kind of the unruly troublemaker, similar to his hair. He is quite playful, but can actually end up bullying people as well. He sometimes cusses and is definitely the rebel child. He enjoys torture and has an Iron Maiden in his bedroom. He sleeps in it every night. Ayato is a little sadistic. Although Ayato is sometimes cruel, there also that love hate relationship going on that we just can not deny.


10. Takuma Ichijo (Vampire Knight)

Takuma Ichijo makes his appearance in Vampire Knight. Takuma is one of the hottest vampire anime guys for his tallness and delicate features. Takuma is one of the tallest guys who attends the Night Class. He has messy blonde hair that can sometimes lay in front of his emerald green eyes. Takuma does not have the most pale complexion, however. He is regarded as being quite beautiful. Unlike some of the other vampires, Takuma has a very sunny disposition. He is known as being quite cheerful and enthusiastic. For this reason, Takuma is a very difficult person to read and that makes him quite mysterious. Takuma is an extremely loyal friend and will often give his honest opinions regarding his friends’ decisions and character. He loves tea ceremonies, as well. We love that Takuma uses humor and cheeriness to sort of hide his true feelings and intentions. That mysterious side of Takuma is very endearing.

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11. Subaru Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Subaru makes his appearance in Diabolik Lovers. Subaru has a pretty unique hair color. It is silvery with some touches of purple. He also has bright red eyes. Subaru is definitely a loner, making him quite endearing as you feel he is really misunderstood. This becomes apparent when his traumatic past comes to light. This has caused him to develop severe anger issues and he acts out often if he is upset, almost always resulting to violence. Despite being violent and kind of a loose cannon, Subaru does have a sweet side. At least, that’s what his mom says. We love that Subaru owns up to his problems. He also is more misunderstood than some of the other characters realize, which gives us a soft spot for him.


12. Shu Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Shu Sakamaki makes his appearance in Diabolik Lovers. Shu has slightly blonde slightly purple hair that falls in curls around his face. He has light blue eyes. He is always seen with his signature accessory: his MP3 player, which the earbuds are always in his ears. He has been known to skip class often and can be seen sleeping around the music hall. Shu is one of the hottest anime vampire guys because he follows his passion for what he loves, which is music. However, he is also seen as being lazy and only wants to do anything that deals with music. He is sometimes regarded as the owner of the music room. His laziness and lack of motivation could possibly come from his traumatic childhood. We love that Shu sort of has a rebel side going on and is definitely a unique character.

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13 jiro mochizuki.jpg

13. Jiro Mochizuki (Black Blood Brothers)

Jiro Mochizuki makes his appearance in Black Blood Brothers and is regarded as being very handsome. He has very long black hair that falls down his back. His eyes are a dark gray and sometimes appear to glow. He always wears goggles that hang loosely around his neck. His attire is kind of steampunk in nature. He is actually very mature acting and speaking. However, he does have a possessive nature that makes him very protective of his brother. He does not open up to many people and seems to have an eccentric, yet closed off personality. He also shows his caring side to Mimiko.


14. Solomon Goldsmith (Blood+)

Solomon Goldsmith makes his appearance in Blood Plus. Solomon is definitely known as a ladies man and for good reason. He has very soft features that make him seem kind and gentle. He is also quite the charmer. He has wavy blonde hair that is short. His eyes are light green. If Solomon gets heated his eyes turn red. He only has small sharp teeth, unlike his comrades. Solomon is originally depicted as a grade A gentleman. He is full of life and love. However, as the anime progresses, it becomes apparent Solomon has a darker more sinister side, although it’s not really made clear why. Eventually, he becomes more manipulative in nature and begins being more discreet. His friends start to notice this shift in him. Although sinister, we love this mysterious side of Solomon. He cares deeply for Saya and tends to protective over her.

15 kuro.jpg

15. Kuro (Servamp)

Kuro is also known as Sleepy Ash. He makes his appearance in Servamp. Kuro has blue hair that falls to his shoulder and is mostly straight. His eye color is red and he is depicted as having bags underneath his eyes. However, Kuro is still one of the hottest vampire anime guys. Kuro can be seen wearing a cool demon jacket, giving him the “I don’t care” vibe, along with his bored looking eyes. Inside the hood of his jacket is fur. This fur is what the fur of his cat form looks like. Kuro spends most of his time sleeping and laying around. He does not take accountability for his actions and does not want to get into confrontations. Kuro, however, has another side. Kuro refuses to drink blood and does not necessarily like what he is. For this reason, if someone brings up Kuro’s past he gets very very angry. Kuro uses his cuteness in cat form to get things that he wants, which is endearing.


Vampire anime has been around for ages and it is definitely a guilty pleasure. But, we all know vampire anime just would not be the same without the hot guys. Heartthrobs are what make it. Whether they are the shy nice guy or the rebel, we tried to include a little something for everyone on this list and cover all the bases. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, you will not be disappointed checking out these hot vampire anime guys.

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