Best PC Gaming Chairs Under $200

The 10 Best PC Gaming Chairs under $200

The PC gaming chair industry has exploded over the last few years. Beginning with the ugly-duckling version of the home office chair, these chairs have transformed into unique and beautiful swans each with its own characteristics and features. No more the simple black barely comfortable chair it once was, chairs now come with colorful designs and shapes intended to enhance the gaming experience for all. Here is a look at 10 highly rated PC gaming chairs that cost under $200.

First, let’s understand what a PC gaming chair is and how it differs from the traditional console gaming chair. Console chairs were designed to meet a need for comfort and support when most video games used the low to the ground television as its video screen. Console gaming chairs come in two types - rocker and pedestal. Both are still low to the ground and are commonly used by traditional gamers. Unfortunately, they are generally heavy, hard to move and difficult to get out of for older gamers.

Once the PC video game and wall mount flat screen television entered the picture, more and more people spent hours sitting in an upright computer chair or looking up on the wall at a home theater screen. For those committed to computer based video experiences, the PC gaming chair became a sought after commodity. Now, these adaptations serve a dual purpose of home office chair and gaming chair that can be easily moved and used for wireless or wired video experiences.

Product Reviews

1 bestmassage.jpeg

1. BestMassage Desk Chair for Office and Gaming

This stylish office and gaming desk chair by Best Massage offers chrome accents, three color choices (white, red, blue) and comfort in one low priced package. The high back seat is wider than most office chair models and comes with a maximum 250 pound rating. It has a sturdy chrome base with racing style nylon casters that will not scratch floors. The adjustable seat height feature is powered by a nitrogen gas canister. With flip up armrests, no one needs to feel confined in their seating style. Lumbar, shoulder and neck support are incorporated into the back rest that can be locked in an upright position or set to rock backward. The seat swivels approximately 160 degrees and the sponge foam padding provides adequate cushioning for hours of gaming . Assembly is required but takes only 15 minutes with all tools needed being included in the box. Warranty may vary between retailers but company does have customer support for any problems.


2.Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair by OFM (ESS-3085)

This ergonomic Essentials design by OFM offers luxury and comfort at a reasonable price. Listed as one of the best new releases on the market, the SoftThread bonded leather chair is highlighted with segmented padding in ventilating mesh. Available in six different combinations the user can go for the traditional black and gray or choose colors such as green, purple or red to match any decor. The frame of the chair has been tested and received a maximum weight rating of 250 pounds. Padded armrests flip up to make the best use of the wide 29.5 inch seat or can be left down to provide arm support. The seat has an adjustable height feature and has 360 degrees of swivel. Seat back can recline and can lock in place to avoid tipping over. The chair stands about 45 inches tall and has a generously padded headrest. Essentials by OFM is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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3 giantex.jpeg

3. Giantex Gaming Chair with Ergonomic High Back (Green)

Simple in design and closer in looks to a traditional office chair, this chair by Giantex was designed with high racing style back that includes pillow support for the lumbar region. The polyurethane leather is scratch resistant and the sponge padding provides cushioning for long hours in the chair. Upholstery has colorful accents that are available in six colors. The 5-star style support base and universal casters move in any direction with ease and the seat rotates a full 360 degrees. In addition, the chair can recline to 160 degrees, has an adjustable seat height and has two padded arm rests. Assembly is required out of the box. This chair is easy to clean and is a great choice for the more conservative gamer who is looking for a comfortable chair to work in a home office and video game setting.


4. GTRACING Gaming Chair with Backrest and Height Adjustment (Colors Vary)

This gaming chair with backrest and height adjustments by GTRACING has all the bells and whistles of more expensive models but at a moderate price. The chair rocks and swivels while supporting the spine with a system of padding and removable lumbar and headrest pillows. Available with accents in five different colors, the easy-to-clean PVC upholstery is soft to the touch. The 5-point base and and heavy duty casters move smoothly in any direction, while a reclining back, adjustable seat height and adjustable arm rests allow the user to customized the chair to any body type and size. The maximum weight for which this chair is rated is 300 pounds. Assembly is required and the manufacturer offers a limited 1-year warranty on parts.

5 magshion.jpeg

5. Magshion Black PU Racing Recliner With Ottoman for Video Game, Office, or Home Theater

Chances are people either love ottomans or they hate them. This unique combination of a gaming chair and ottoman gives those people who love ottomans the chance to purchase this set for their gaming needs. Bordering on the style of a pedestal gaming chair this set still appeals to those gamers who may be using a tablet, phone or large screen tv for most of the action. At the same time, the set boasts many of the same characteristics of a typical PC gaming chair. The racing style seat has an adjustable seat height and adjustable arm rests. It is constructed out of quality materials including durable polyurethane leather coupled with breathable strong mesh and foam padding. The chair has a manual reclining position but can rotate a full 360 degrees and rock forward as well. Assembly is required but all tools and instructions are included in the package.


6. Killbee Large Ergonomic Gaming Chair (Orange)

With a racing style design on the seat and backrest, this large gaming chair by Killbee is perfect for the racing enthusiast. Durable bonded polyurethane leather covers the back and seat making this an easy to clean hypoallergenic model. The characteristic racing stripes on a white and black background are available in orange or red. These colors further highlight the chair’s features such as smooth rolling casters and adjustable arm rests. The seat both swivels and rocks and it can be locked in a reclining position. The seat adjusts the bucket style seat for optimum relief of leg fatigue. At its foundation is a solid reinforced 5-star style base that supports a maximum weight of 330 pounds. The multi-directional polyurethane casters protect hardwood floors as they move silently and smoothly in any direction. Assembly is required but detailed instructions are included.

7 healgen.jpeg

7. HEALGEN Big and Tall Gaming Chair With Footrest

Not just for the big and tall crowd, this racing style gaming chair by HEALGEN might just be masquerading as a general computer chair or even a recliner with its retractable footrest and reclining features. The chair rotates a full 360 degrees and enjoys an adjustable seat and armrests. The integrated metal frame is encased in a molded high density foam with premium PVC upholstery. The combination makes this model easy to clean and durable. The heavy duty base has 5 smooth rolling polyurethane casters that will not scratch floors or break after just a few months of use. Maximum tested load for this model is 350 lbs and its dimensions offer a 16 x 22 inch seat area and back that is 33 inches high. The product is covered by a 30-day return policy and customer service assistance for any problems. Available in overall Grey, Black/Red and Black/White.


8. AutoFull Gaming Chair for Adults with Lumbar Support ( 1 Pack)

AutoFull has taken design a step further with its Spider Back chair that include all-in-one head rest and detachable lumbar support. The high back style hugs the body with a natural curvature line. The soft and breathable mesh fabric comforts the user during long periods of time in the chair. In addition to its 360 degrees of swivel, the chair reclines to 170 degrees and has a locking feature to keep the back where it is most comfortable. Other features include seat height adjustment, customizable arm rests and a metal base equipped with silent and smooth rolling casters. The blue or red accents show off striking lines that highlight the chair’s best features. The company offers excellent after-sales support with 30-day replacement or money back return policy and a 24 month limited warranty on parts. AutoFull is one of the world’s leading gaming chair brands and is an official sponsor of gaming events worldwide.

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9 happygame.jpeg

9. HAPPYGAME Fabric Gaming Chair w/Adjustable Armrests(Grey) OS7206

This gaming chair by HappyGame includes a steel frame construction rated for a maximum weight of 350 pounds. With heavy duty star base and polyurethane casters, even the heaviest of users will glide across the floor. The backrest has four preset positions to accommodate any activity from computer work to napping. Detachable headrest and lumbar support pillows and adjustable armrests provide the right support at the right time. The high density foam cushions and composite fabric offer support and breathability when sitting for long periods of time. The chair has overall dimensions of 28 x 20.08 x 48.4- 51.2 inches (W x D x H). Its wider backrest offers plenty of support for shoulders, neck and arm muscles. The manufacturer offers a 30 day replacement or money back policy as well as 24 month warranty on parts. A great choice when one size just doesn’t fit everyone.


10. UOMAX Big and Tall Ergonomic Gaming Desk Chair

This Big and Tall version by UOMAX is specifically designed for the larger individual who spends 5-10 hours each day in such a chair. Rated at 300 pounds maximum weight, the integrated steel base is equipped with heavy duty casters for smooth movement. The ergonomic design is intended to be multi-functional and includes adjustable seat height and arm rests, a reclining backrest and 360 degrees of swivel. The specially designed padded armrests adjust in four different directions to customize the fit for any individual. The chair even has a retractable footrest that allows the user to put up their feet or take a nap with the reclining backrest in the down position. Upholstered in premium polyurethane leather, the backrest has cushions of high density foam that support the lumbar and neck sections of the body. Assembly is required but the 24/7 customer service and 30-day return policy provides support for the consumer. A 1-year limited warranty is offered by the manufacturer on all materials and parts.

10 uomax.jpeg

Buying Guide

For the most part, PC gaming chairs are what they seem. Comfort and the capability of spending hours in the chair are the hallmarks of any design. But, as with any purchase there are factors which can impact the success of that purchase. Here are a few things to consider before buying any gaming chair.

Tip Over Risk

While these chairs have been designed and tested to minimize the chances of tipping over, PC gaming chairs are quite susceptible to it happening due to their top heavy design. Care should be given to always stay firmly in the seat when reclining or rocking in the chair. A bit too much weight on a reclined chair back could have any chair turning over in a matter of seconds. Children especially should be supervised when the chair is in the reclining position.

Base Support and its Importance

More important with PC gaming chairs than with console gaming chairs, the base support and casters are very much the mechanism on which the rest of the chair (and you) rely. As in these chairs, the 5-point or 5-star base offers the most stability when complemented by heavy duty casters. Skimping on this part of the chair can lead to early failure of the entire base.

Upholstery Care and Heat

Nearly all of the upholstery materials used in these chairs are man-made products. As such they are more susceptible to heat than other naturally based products. Products such as curling irons, hair dryers or cigarettes of any kind can damage this upholstery. In most cases, such damage is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

To end, the PC gaming chair offers a comfortable place for long hours of work and play. Taking care of those chairs means only to clean occasionally with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners and your new chair will last a long time.

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