10 Best Japanese Sour Candies

The quintessential array of Japanese snacks for any anime fan often include Pocky, ramune, maybe even green tea flavored Kit-Kats. These treats are plentiful and readily available at your local supermarket. However, the familiarity with these sweets sometimes excludes the lip-puckering sour delights that Japan has to offer. With this list, Anime Impulse will show you all the candies to definitely keep an eye out for!

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10. Hi-Chews Sours

Like Sailor Moon and Dragonball, you cannot go wrong with any of the many tasty selections offered by Hi-Chew, and their sour candies are no exception! Whether you decide to partake in its offered flavors of lemon, grapefruit, and/or lime, you are surely in for a treat, especially when paired with Hi-Chew’s perfectly smooth, soft candy textures and long-lasting taste.

While other sour candies make for a test of mental wits with its bold, impactful flavor, Hi-Chew Sours make for a much easier snacking with its light tanginess. For those who want a gentle sour indulgence as opposed to a relentless barrage of lip puckering flavor, Hi-Chew Sours make for the perfect selection!


9. Kabaya Pureral Gummy Candy

Whether it’s a keychain blind box from your favorite series, or a piece of Kabaya’s Pureral Gummy Candy, there is delight to be had all around--even if sour levels may vary for the former. With a flavor selection consisting of grape, watermelon, and green apple, Pureral gummies are an absolute delight to eat!

Each flavored gummy cube is coated with a copious amount of sour powder, which--when melted away--welcomes one’s tastebuds to an utter nirvana of juicy, jelly sweetness within its center. For those looking for the perfect balance of sour and sweet in their candies, Purerals will surely not disappoint!


8. Shigekix Super Sour Gummy

While “Shigekix” is meant to be a Japanese term to reference “energy” and “kick”, the candy may as well redefine sour candy as a whole! Every little resealable bag is full of disc-shaped candies, all of which are coated with a light dust of sour flavor while packed to the brim with tongue-twisting tartness.

With its sizeable list of flavors such as lemon, soda, mixed berry, orange, cola, and grape, Shigekix Super Sour Gummy definitely knows how to give your tastebuds a powerful kick of flavor--which in turns calls to mind of a notable squad captain from a somewhat similarly named series…


7. Meigum Super Sour Chews

It will only take the First Impact of Meigum Super Sour Gum to cause devastation of epic sour proportions! While each candy piece is about the size of a pea, you will easily and immediately get a mouthful of flavor. Trying to eat more than one at a time is certainly not for the faint of heart!

Once the intense sour coating subsides, you will be treated to a small, chewy sweetness that fleets away like a passing daydream, which will certainly have you reaching for more! Flavors currently available include lemon and--in a wonderfully new take of typical flavors--apple vinegar. For those looking for an endurance test of the tongue, these candies are some notable contenders!


6. Yaokin Sweet & Sour Paper Candy

Paper never tasted so sweet! Yaokin Sweet & Sour Paper Candy will turn heads and twist mouths with its unique take on Japanese candy. Do not let its thin appearance fool you--each bite into its slender surface is packed and bursting with flavorful sour sweetness! With three classic flavors of cola, green apple, and lemon, the entire length of its gummy texture is nearly doused with a splendid amount of sour sanding.

Much like the Saiyuki quartet in their quest to the West, consuming the entire length is a deliciously treacherous journey from beginning to end, with a satisfying payoff overall!


5. Kanro Candemina Sour Candies

Japanese packaging is renowned for its artful aesthetic, a sense of simply looking too good to eat or tear into. With its eye-catching presentation, both for packaging and look, Kanro Candemina Sour Candies seek to entice all senses. With every gummy piece presented in a uniquely wavy shape, Candemina has especially drawn in anime fans with a recent collaboration with Touken Ranbu, featuring special-shaped gummies!

As if their eclectic blend of sour and sweet isn’t enough, it is hard to look away from Candemina when you have such beautiful characters showcased on the packaging. Coming in an array of flavors such as grape, melon, orange, and soda, Candemina will leave you clamoring for more flavor and future collaboration!


4. Nobel Sours Gummy Candy

For some, the appeal of drinking Cola is the delightful fizzy burn on the throat that comes about with each gulp. With Nobel Sours Gummy Candy, one would not even have to wait to enjoy such a sensation. Once the gummy candy surface touches upon your tongue, you will immediately bear witness to a delightfully tasty conflict between sour and Cola fizziness.

These Cola candies are packed with fizzy sweetness within each piece, all coated in a thin but powerful sour powder. While Nobel Sours Gummy candy also includes watermelon and ramune, its authentic Cola flavor is a must try for all soda lovers, especially those who enjoy a bag of potato chips on the side!


3. Kanro Puré Gummy Candies

With its perfectly chewy candy surfaces, Kanro’s Puré Gummy Candies are bridge together a delightful mix of sour and sweet. Presented in multitude of flavors--grape, lemon, and peach--Puré gummies come in heart shapes that are as pure as they are aesthetically pleasing. Each candy is generously covered in sour sugar, making every bite into its gummy center--made with real fruit juice--all the more a tasty delight.

Packaged in a conveniently resealable bag, these candies make for the ideal sour treat to take with you on the go, whether for a jam-packed convention weekend or to entice senpai’s eye with its heart-shaped sweetness.


2. Bourbon Fettucine

Like the character roster in the newest idol game, there is a Fettuccine gummy flavor for everyone. Peach, soda, watermelon, cola, grape, honey & lemon--this Bourbon line of gummy candies has it all. No matter which flavor you decide to pick up and try--even if all are worth a go--its sour sugar coating remains to be light and delectable on the tongue.

This standout treat comes in a marvelously wavy shape, making each piece an absolute blast to eat and try. Though small and thin, Bourbon Fettucine are packed with flavor and remain to be the standard that other sour gummy candies strive to reach.


1. Nobel Super Sour Candies

Warhead candy may reign supreme as sour candy, but a notable contender has arrived in the form of Nobel’s Super Sour Candies. With a new viral challenge making its round across the Internet featuring this lip-twisting treat, there is no better--no nobler--of a rival to go head to head with Warheads. Compared to its Sours Gummy counterpart, these lemon candies come with a delicious citrusy powder coating around its hard surface. These sweets are merciless with an immediate punch of sour flavor to your taste buds, which once cannot help but draw parallels to a certain S-Class Hero...

If you are looking to challenge your tastebuds, then Nobel Super Sour Candies are just for you. With its delicious sour taste, you will be sure to lose your umai-nd!

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