10 Best Matcha Snacks

Whether brewed to steaming perfection, or blended into a refreshing smoothie, matcha green tea makes for a marvelous drink that is fitting for any mood and/or occasion. However, to not make the most of its naturally smooth, creamy composition would be an absolute injustice. Thankfully, with a near endless array of snacks for this powder tea to take form in, there is plenty to choose from and we here at Anime Impulse are more than happy to guide you through the wonders of matcha treats.

Felt like Japanese snacks but don’t necessarily want matcha? Check out these biscuit snacks!

Craving sour stuff? Challenge yourself with Japanese sour candies!

Really want matcha but then realized you didn’t want snacks? Drink it instead!


10. Tohato Caramel Corn - Matcha Green Tea

With its famous Caramel Corn snacks, Tohato continues to produce treats that weave seamlessly in and out between two extremes. A light, airiness that contrasts with a satisfying crunch, delicate puffs that are fully stuffed with addictive sweet flavor, and so on. While Tohato’s Caramel Corn is known for its expansive variety to select from--strawberry, almond, and even ramune--its matcha is simply flawless. The snack’s namesake caramel works wonders with the matcha flavor, making it utterly and wholly impossible to just have one of these tasty puffs! Opening any bag of Caramel Corn is a one way trip down the rabbit hole, and you will find yourself determined to reach all the way to the bottom!


9. Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits

Like that of an upscale Oreo, Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits are the physical embodiment of decadence. With 51% real matcha blended flawlessly into a white chocolate cream, these Meiji treats are ones to definitely savor. The matcha center is perfectly sandwiched between two chocolate cookies, which--as aforementioned--draws delicious parallels with another famous American sweet. Taste buds are treated to a splendid duality between the creamy bitterness of the matcha cream and the equally bittersweet cookies--the latter of which actually draws out the  authentic, rich green tea flavor while seeming sweeter by comparison. Paired with some coffee, or even better, a hot cup of matcha tea, these biscuits are far too good to pass up!


8. Lotte Crunky Chocolate - Matcha and Cookie

A classic staple of go-to Japanese chocolates, Lotte’s Crunky does wonders with its Matcha and Cookie flavor. White chocolate is blended seamlessly with a subdued matcha flavor, making the entire confection not too heavy on the bitterness often associated with green tea. However, the creaminess that matcha is known for shines through thanks to the complement of the white chocolate. With copious amounts of Crunky’s rice puffs stuffed within, along with the magnificent addition of chocolate cookie pieces, it will be a struggle to decide between sharing with others--as the chocolate bar’s smooth texture makes it convenient to break and split apart--and keeping it all to yourself!


7. Mikawaya Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

Matcha is commonly enjoyed as tea, but it makes for an utterly spectacular ice cream flavor--especially in mochi form! Mikawaya’s Mochi Ice Cream makes for a frozen delight with its wide array of flavors, with green tea among its most stellar of the bunch! A small ball of creamy, green tea flavored ice cream is chilled to absolute perfection. Wrapped nice and snug within a soft, chewy mochi outer layer that is lightly dusted with flour, Mikawaya’s mochi ice cream is the perfect bite sized treat for any season. No matter if it is a sweltering summer day, or the chilliest winter night, this snack is enjoyable anytime, anywhere!


6. Nissin Crisp Matcha Milk Choco

Bitterness and all, matcha often gets associated with creamy, smoothness. On the other hand, Nissin’s Crisp Matcha Milk Choco is as delightfully crispy and crunchy as it can get, and there is not a thing wrong with it! When the milky matcha flavor is infused into this treat’s round-shaped, corn flake stuffed surface, there is only joy to be had with each and every bite. Already split into 8 pieces, the Crisp Matcha Milk Choco only brings forth more bliss when shared with others. Nissin may be known for having the art of Cup Noodles down to an art, but they have equally mastered sweets and snacks down to a science!


5. Fujiya Milky

Fujiya’s Milky is a time-honored confection in Japan. With the adorable Peko-chan adorning each bag, one cannot help but feel curious about what she finds so delicious. Though, with one piece of Milky, tasters find clarity through with each savory chew. And with Fujiya Milky’s take on matcha--with Peko-chan joined by the equally iconic and adorable Hello Kitty--passing up on these candies is essentially a losing battle. Whether due to the drawing power of two of Japan’s most famous adorable mascots, or the seamless and delightful blend of creamy milk and matcha within the chewy centers of Milky, one is surely compelled to give these Fujiya snacks a try!


4. Kabaya Carême Quattro

There is no better spot for the matcha flavor of Kabaya Carême’s Quattro than 4! True to its name, Quattro biscuits are presented in a delightful medley of four tasty components stacked upon one another. A flavored cookie biscuit serves as Quattro’s base, upon which a splendidly semi-bittersweet chocolate is layered. Stuffed within the chocolate is a nice, gooey matcha-flavored syrup, with a creamy and rich green tea chocolate topping the whole treat off.  With 51% authentic Uji matcha infused within this already grandiose snack, go and ascend to 4 levels of flavor previously unreached by other confections!


3. Sanritsu Couque D'asses

The name of this snack may make your head turn, but it will surely bring delicious joy to your mouth! What makes for a more perfect pair than tasty shortbread cookies and velvety matcha chocolate? Sanritsu’s Couque D’asses cookie brand is looking for some contenders! The perfect complement for your hot drink of choice, Couque D’asses have plenty of flavor to offer and savor! Each langue de chat--or cat tongue--cookie is baked to crisp, thin perfection and filled with a rich green tea chocolate filling, creating the utmost exquisite snacking experience. While Couque D’asses have a variety of flavors to select from, do your tastebuds a favor and choose matcha!


2. Glico Matcha Pocky

There is no more famous and renowned of a Japanese snack than Glico’s Pocky! While recognized by its classic chocolate flavor, Pocky comes in many forms with its ever growing variety, with its matcha version serving as a deliciously stellar treat! While Glico’s signature biscuit sticks are a savory delight in themselves, they are utterly irresistible when coated in a delectable layer of green tea flavored cream. Thin and slender as they may be, these Pocky sticks do not hold back even the slightest with taste! Convenient for snacking, perfect for sharing, Glico’s Matcha Pocky makes for a perfect green tea indulgence!


1.  Nestle Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bar

Truly the creme de la creme in more ways than one, Nestle’s Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat bars have set an unmatched standard amongst matcha snacks. While most may be taken aback by Kit Kat of all treats having a green tea flavor, do not let astonishment keep you from sampling this matcha perfection! The decadent creaminess of the Uji matcha-flavored white chocolate cannot be compared, especially as it thoroughly surrounds and coats the wafer biscuit within. One can expect a magnificent contrast of flavors between the bittersweet matcha of the chocolate and the sweet wafer center. For Kit Kat fans and matcha lovers alike and more, this treat is not to be missed!

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