The Ultimate DIY Guide to Junko Enoshima Cosplay!

Junko Enoshima is such an evil mastermind in Danganronpa. She starts out with a well-planned masquerade of faking her death by murdering her twin sister in her place. Little do the rest of the students know at Hope’s Peak Academy, Junko pulls the strings the whole time. We will be covering the Ultimate DIY Guide to Junko Enoshima Cosplay as the Ultimate Despair outfit.


Junko has this crazy fly away pink hairdo with two high pigtails. You can recreate this look with a long-haired pink wig. You can either buy one already styled or style it yourself.

If you’ve got Junko’s crazy hair, you can’t forget her cute Monokuma hair clips! Put them on both the pigtails.


Junko is initially known as the Ultimate Fashionista, so her outfit is very stylish. She wears a black jacket over a white collared shirt which is unbuttoned far enough to expose her black and red bra. Her jacket also contains several details that accent her crazy personality.


Junko’s white dress shirt is always buttoned down pretty far down. You can see the top of her black and red bra. You’ll need to buy your own black bra if you don’t already own one!

Her black jacket is kind of like a low cut blazer or cardigan, so for a truly accurate look, you’re going to have to bust out your sewing skills. 

Junko also wears a loose black and white tie. It hangs lower than her shirt and is two toned, similar to her bear robot Monokuma. The tie is white on top, except for the bottom half of the tie, which is black. There is also a red circle with a slash through it across the border of these two colors. Be sure to use your sewing skills and attach part of a black tie to the end or paint the tie black! 


Jacket details

Sometimes Junko also has a large red bow tied to the left side of her jacket next to her collar. You can make one out of red fabric or a red handkerchief. 

Her jacket also has red buttons, so you’ll also have to replace the buttons with large red ones.

Junko’s jacket also has some white detailing on the top of both arms and on the bottom right. The white pattern resembles a series of squares created with crossing lines. She also has two round black and white buttons pinned to the bottom left of her jacket. You can create the white pattern following a photo of her and some white material obtained at your local crafts store. While you’re there, be sure to pick up some custom pinback buttons to draw the designs yourself!


Phew, now that you’re done with her top accessories, you can move on to the bottom half!


As most high school anime characters wear, Junko has a plaid pleated skirt. It’s red and it’s a mini skirt. If you are having a hard time finding an exact match, not to worry! You can easily follow patterns online for sewing together your own pleated skirt with plaid material you can pick up at the crafts store!


The next part of her outfit are her tall, high-heeled lace-up boots. Junko looks badass and still quite fashionable. She’s got tall black boots with bright red laces. 


You’ve put together Junko’s outfit! Now all you need are some finishing details. She wears long, pointy red nails, which only serves to show how ferocious she really is. Wear false nails, or just paint your nails red! You can also carry around your very own Monokuma!

Now that you’ve got her outfit, go out there and be as crazy as Junko Enoshima! Just try not to start any killing games.