Top 10 Best Teapots with Infusers for Loose Tea

There's simply no wrong time to enjoy a refreshing cup of tea! And although you can buy an ordinary cup at your local Starbucks, there's something special about brewing your own. So, we went out on a search for the best teapots with attached infusers to brew the most perfect tea for your enjoyment! 

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1. Adagio Teas 16 oz. ingenuiTEA Bottom-Dispensing Teapot

Top of our list features an ingeniously designed teapot by Adagio Teas! Made from Taiwanese food-grade plastic, this teapot is light and portable, which means you can bring it with you to work, to school,  or even to travel. Just attach the bottom of the teapot right onto your mug and you're ready to go! This teapot also uses gravity to strain the leaves, rather than crushing them like the common "French Press" teapots, which allows for a richer taste and less effort on your end. The handle is made specifically for a sturdy grip while still maintaining that light feeling we all want in a teapot. If that's not enough, the teapot holds up to sixteen ounces so you can share your perfect tea with friends, family, and even strangers! You've never quite seen an innovative teapot like this, and we think it's the perfect addition for any household!


2. Teapot - Premium Quality Hand Blown Glass Teapot

Everything Zen brings you the next teapot on our list, full of amenities and features that will truly make "everything zen"!  The newest and hottest trend in the tea community is without a doubt the heat-resistant microwavable glass, which is what this teapot is all about. Glass is known to be perfect for brewing tea since you can watch and time out the process as it happens for the best results. On top of this lovely design, the teapot includes a stainless steel infuser along with a custom fit bamboo coaster all for your convenience. This teapot is nothing if not elegant and makes for a perfect gift for someone you love or even for yourself! We highly recommend Everything Zen's teapot today to brew the perfect cup of tea!

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3. Teapot Kettle with Warmer aka Best Teapot for Loose Tea

For our number three favorite teapot on our list, we'll be taking a look back to that superior heat-resistant glass design. From Willow & Everett we bring you this adorable teapot with amenities that include a stainless steel infuser and lid, which are easy to remove and clean, a simple but effective design, and a custom-fit cozy to keep your tea warm! This teapot absolutely has it all! What's more is that the cozy is specifically designed to zip securely around the teapot and trap the warmth inside. We think that with features such as these, this teapot is truly original and without a doubt the ideal teapot to brew your favorite type of tea!


4. BonJour Tea Handblown Glass “Zen” Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser and Bamboo Trivet

Drinking tea by yourself is all good and fine, but we can all admit there's something nice about being able to share a cup of tea with someone! The hand blown glass "Zen" teapot by BonJour was created for just this purpose in mind! Able to hold up to forty-two ounces (one whole liter) of tea, this glass teapot is praised for its size and effectiveness. With a micro mesh stainless steal infuser, this teapot works well with any type of loose leaf teas! To add some individuality and a unique flair, this teapot also comes with an elevated bamboo stand and an accented bamboo handle. Whether you've always wanted to host large tea parties or you want to save tea for later, this teapot is wonderful for any situation!

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5. Glass Teapot with Infuser for Blooming and Loose Leaf Tea Pot

The rising trend of heat-resistant glass brings forth another remarkable teapot from Cozyna. Free from harmful chemicals often associated with plastic, this glass teapot promises the perfect aftertaste for any type of tea you're willing to brew! Along with this quaint teapot, you get a special tea recipe book that will take your brewing skills to the next level. This book includes everything from spicing up your every day soup with ginger tea, to even adding a unique flavor to chocolate mousse with earl grey tea. Either way, it truly holds a number of trade secrets in the tea community now readily available at your fingertips! With a guaranteed two year warranty, the Cozyna teapot is definitely worth your money and time!


6. Primula Daisy Borosilicate 40oz Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser

Giving the modern aesthetic a whole new meaning, we bring you the Primula Daisy Borosilicate teapot! This teapot is not only beautiful in a number of ways, but it has multiple functions for all of your tea brewing needs. For those who have always wanted to experiment in the ways of flowering teas or even for those who simply want the loose leaf tea infuser, this teapot has it all! Designed to perfectly brew flowering teas, this teapot is not only effective but aesthetically appealing as well. Take a step towards a whole new realm of tea with this Primula teapot!

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7. Modern Innovations Glass Teapot With Infuser and Cozy

For a durable and sturdy design we present the Modern Innovations glass teapot with a built in infuser. This glass teapot is framed by a BPA-free black plastic that not only helps protect the teapot itself but that also gives it a unique modern look. The removable stainless steal infuser included is ensured rust-free and works for loose leaf tea as well as your standard tea bags.The Modern Innovations teapot also comes with a custom-fit cozy to keeps your tea warm for hours on end even after the initial brew. Perfect for making up to five cups of tea at a time, this teapot has everything you need and more!


8. Hiware Good Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser

Sometimes simple is just better, and for Hiware's glass teapot that is most definitely the case. Hand-crafted and certified for two full years, this teapot is made from thick borosilicate glass that is not only long-lasting, dishwasher safe, and heat-resistant, but is aesthetically appealing as well. Although this teapot may appear simple, especially compared to several of the other teapots  on this list, it's still full of quality features combined to help make the best loose-leaf teas! With a classic makeup that resembles early teapots, the Hiware teapot is sure to fulfill your every tea making need!

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9. Primula Half-Moon Teapot with 3 Flowering Teas

Want a teapot that's simple yet striking all at once? Then we've got just the one for you! Let us introduce you too the Primula Half-Moon teapot, a teapot that is everything you could want in one cute design. Similar to other teapots on our list, this one is made from heat-resistant glass but is ordained with modern black detailing for an eye-catching look. This teapot is also another one that can either function to brew flowering teas, loose leaf teas, or tea bags, it's all entirely up to you! We invite you to explore the various methods of brewing tea in this simple yet daring teapot from Primula!


10. FORLIFE Stump 18-Ounce Teapot with SLS Lid and Infuser

Our last teapot is one that stands out all by itself! From FORLIFE we have the Stump eighteen ounce teapot that comes in a wide array of colors, from sleek black all the way to dazzling turquoise. This teapot, although not heat-resistant glass, is still quite durable and perfect for brewing a variety of teas. This functional yet adorable teapot is great for anyone just starting to explore the realm of loose leaf teas. Its design also allows the tea to stay warm much longer than the average glass teapot, without a cozy or anything! Ready to take home a teapot that will no doubt add a splash of color to your home, then we think this FORLIFE stump teapot is the perfect fit!

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Ashlyn Dickson