Top 10 Reasons to Go to Anime Impulse

10. First LA Con of the Year / Asian American Expo Food Alley & BlushCon

Kick off 2018 right by attending the first Los Angeles anime convention of the year! Get started on your con season with the glorious trinity of Anime Impulse, Asian American Expo, and BlushCon. With over 100 food vendors in Asian American Expo’s Food Alley and a vast array of beauty brands at BlushCon, this trinity of conventions is not to be missed this coming January!

9. Card Game Showdown by Card Arena

Weiss Schwarz, Magic the Gathering, Dragonball Super TCG--take your pick! Select your title of choice and duke it out at Card Arena’s Card Game Showdown! With an abundant 30 tables and 180 seats, Anime Impulse is here to satisfy the obsessions of card game aficionados all around!

8. Itasha Showcase by Heart of Otaku Culture

It’s without a doubt that husbandos and waifus get the heart racing. But when they’re gorgeously displayed as decal art on a beautiful car takes that sensation to a whole other level! Presented by Heart of Otaku Culture, Anime Impulse is pleased to feature its Itasha Showcase this year. Be sure to stop by and marvel at this incredible exhibition of cars!

7. Studio Chibi & Gil Riego Photography Photobooths

Cosplayers, you’re in for a treat! With the incredible Studio Chibi and Gil Riego Photography both joining Anime Impulse this year, they’re bringing along their photobooth as well! However, this won’t be any ordinary photobooth. What’s this about a bathtub full of noodles? Whether you’re cosplaying as ramen lovers like Naruto or not, don’t skip out on this fantastic photo op!

6. K-Pop Stage

Anime Impulse hwaiting! This January, Anime Impulse will be showcasing its own K-Pop Stage! For fans all around, whether you’re down to do some karaoke for the classics or the latest trending singles, or be enraptured by a multitude of splendid dance covers, attendees will be sure to have their K-Pop fill!

5. Premiere of The Legend of The Kickmaster

A brand new production from Noah Felder and Tommy Trinh, The Legend of The Kickmaster caters to those hungry for a thrilling martial arts series. Kickmaster's stellar cast includes JustKiddingFilms's Joe Jitsukawa, Chrysti Ane, Brian Le, Stephy So, and Noah Felder himself. With captivating fight scenes and jaw-dropping cinematography, Anime Impulse attendees will want front row seats for this once in a lifetime premiere event!

4. Pokemon Guiness Book World Record Challenge

Want to make your own mark in Pokémon history? Then choose your starter and join Anime Impulse as we set out to break the Guiness Book of World Record challenge for Most Pokémon Cosplayers in One Gathering!

3. Performances by Che’nelle, FYKE, T-Time, FrankJavCee and more

Whether you’re into pop, rock, hip-hop, or musical stylings of pure aesthetic, Anime Impulse 2018 has you covered with an incredible line-up of musicians! This year, the stage will be honored by talents including pop marvel Che’nelle, invigorating rockers FYKE, clever hip-hop rapper T-Time, and chillhop extraordinaire xmittens.

2. Guest of Honors Ely Cosplay and Hikarin

Flying from across the world, cosplay phenomenons Ely Cosplay and Hikarin will be attending Anime Impulse as the con’s Guest of Honors! It is with utmost pleasure to have Ely Cosplay join us for another year while having Hikarin over for the first time. For attendees all around, don’t let this opportunity to see these two world-renowned cosplayers slip away!

1. $9 Tickets

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. For just $9, you can attend and join in all the fun that’s to be had at Anime Impulse! With a near unheard of entry fee like that, go and splurge to your heart’s content at the likes of Artist Alley and more!