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Driven by his thirst for adventure, a young martial artist sets out on a journey seeking an internal truth: that the conquering of one’s own life is their greatest story. With only the resolve of his spirit, he will have to discern dream from reality in order to formulate a team that could shake the very fabric of human potential. Lead by the calling in his soul, he pushes his team forward, always chasing the promise of adventure and conflict... Osu!
Starring: Noah Fleder, Chrysti Ane, Joe Jitsukawa, Brian Le, Stephy So
Story By: Noah Fleder & Johnny Alegria
Director of Photography: Tommy Trinh
Music: Joe Sanders


Character Bio



Noah- Obsessed with pushing himself through internal and external conflict, Noah is driven to seek adventures that will test his limits. Still unsure of where his true potential lies, Noah relishes the excitement of treading through the unknown. [Promo Video]



Growing up in a world forced upon her, Chrysti has always desired to become more than her inherent destiny.  Passionate about the wrongs of the world, she devotes herself to the eradication of all that is evil. [Promo Video]



Living with the desire to always become bigger, Brian never fit in with his small Vietnamese family.  Only through Karate and powerlifting has Brian ever felt at home, giving him a  sense that there may be more to his past than his family lets on. [Promo Video]


Homeless Joe

Seemingly insane and forever living in the moment, Homeless Joe’s past is a complete mystery.  Unsure of where he will sleep or when his next meal will come, the only consistent thing in Homeless Joe’s life is his unwavering confidence in himself. [Promo Video]



Raised from birth to be a master tactician, Stephy enjoys to watch the waging of war more than she would like to let on.  Trying to live a normal life, Stephy fears that anyone who truly learns her past will see her for the monster she is. [Promo Video