Cooking in Cosplay: Panna Cotta

Hot and sexy....wait, I mean simple yet beautiful.

Hot and sexy....wait, I mean simple yet beautiful.

Featured Anime: Piace: Watashi no Italian, Episode 10

It's the shopping arcade festival and the staff at Trattoria Festa have come to sell their delicious food! But to spice things up, Princess Teiri Sara challenges Oreki Ei to a 10 minute sweets competition. How else can Ei beat the princess at her own game than by making a wonderfully light and surprising panna cotta? We'll show you how to make this soy milk panna cotta!

Easy-to-print recipe PDF here

Recipe adapted from @piace_anime and sugar recipe from Genius Kitchen.


Panna Cotta

300 mL soy milk
100 mL heavy whipping cream or fresh cream
2.5 tbsp sugar
2 tsp agar powder

Sugar Syrup

⅓ cup packed brown sugar
¼ cup water


1. Add the heavy whipping cream to the sugar and agar in a bowl. Mix to dissolve.

2. Add the cream mixture to soy milk in a pot.

3. Heat while mixing over low heat just before boiling point.

4. Transfer to a bowl through a strainer to remove any clumps.

5. Place the bowl in an ice bath and mix with spatula.

6. Place in small ramekins, glass bowls, or glass cups and cool.

7. Heat brown sugar and water over medium-low heat. Let the moisture reduce down but be careful not to burn the sugar.

8. Plate your panna cotta. Turn it upside down if it is in a glass bowl. Pour the brown sugar syrup over in an artistic fashion.

9. Win the sweets championship against the princess 20 years younger than you.

Damn son, I can be artsy too.

Damn son, I can be artsy too.