Everything You Need to Know about Pokemon Masters


With the release of Pokemon Masters on August 28th, the whole world went crazy over the newest Pokemon mobile game. With the ability to team up with your favorite characters from different Pokemon games and anime, all our fanfics came to life! There is so much to unravel at Pokemon Masters, and here is a small rundown of what this game offers.


Pokemon Masters takes place on an artificial island called Pasio and was built to host a Pokemon League. The Pokemon Masters League, or PML, was designed to have two trainers with 1 Pokemon of their choice, battle it out as sync pairs with a team 3v3 match. The Pokemon Masters League has trainers from around the world com to battle as teams, and now you get to pair yourself with some iconic characters from he series like Misty, Brock, Cynthia, Blaine, Blue and more. Along the way as you encounter new characters you will also meet the villain team of the PML, Team Break. Not much is known about the team except they have a knack for stealing Pokemon. You will also encounter Prince Lear, the creator of Pasio and the PML. Because he lost to a trainer with a hat, he created Pasio to conquer his own weakness. I wonder who that can be?


Sync Pairs

Sync pairs is a unique feature only to Pokemon Masters. Instead of getting Pokemon, you find trainers each with their own unique Pokemon. From Misty’s starmie, Brock’s Onix and many more, you can combine and edit over 60 trainers to make your perfect 3 person squad.

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Battle System

With Sync Pairs comes a unique battle system. Instead of the turn based system of Pokemon, Pokemon Masters uses an epic real time battle and utilizes Pokemon’s speed to see how fast the action gauge increases. Each move requires an action gauge ranging from 1-3 bars. The more bars it requires the stronger it is. As well there are no items to use in game as a drop down menu, but some moves within the 4 move limit are now items such as potion, full heal etc.

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