Animals Cosplaying As Anime, Manga, and Video Game Characters on Instagram

Think cosplay is just for humans? Think again! Animals are joining in on the fun as well. If you love animals and if you love cosplay (or both!), you’ll especially love these animals in cosplay.

There’s no shortage of cosplaying cats over at Cats Cosplay. From characters like Deku to Saitama and Vegeta, these costumes are the cat’s meow.


Even though he works as a service dog, Kiba the Corgi still manages to find time to cosplay. No matter if he’s dressed as Boosette or Kuruma, you can be sure he’s always taking his job seriously.


Fuzzberta is a guinea pig who’s cosplayed as characters like Pikachu, Rey, and Jon Snow. Just in case one guinea pig isn’t enough for you, you’ll also see pictures of her friends in similarly adorable costumes of characters like Daenerys and Steven Universe.


If you’re a Marvel fan, chances are that Merly’s cosplayed as your favorite superhero. You can also see her in costume as characters like Bowsette and Mercy.


When he’s not enjoying a nice swim, you can see Tito the duck cosplaying characters like Bakugou and Tom Nook. In or out of costume, he’s sure to waddle his way into your heart.


Vox is a Shiba Inu who’s cosplayed a number of Overwatch heroes. Whether you need a tank, damage, or support, she’s sure to be able to fill a role on any team.

Even if you just wanted to make your day brighter by looking at pictures of animals, these animals undoubtedly prove that they’re just as capable of cosplay as any human.

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Tiffany Vo