Do you want to catch them all? Are you trying to be the very best (in fashion)? Dress Shirt Company Original Stitch partnered with Pokemon Company to release Pokemon themed dress shirts! These Pokemon shirts turned the Pokemon world upside down a couple months ago when it was briefly mentioned. With the official release date of February 27, Original Stitch and Pokemon curated a pop up shop in Harajuku showcasing all of the Pokemon themed shirts with Pokemon plushies. 

The pop-up shop in Harajuku is a cute medium sized area with an array of shirts for people to browse. However the main attraction is the displays of each Pokemon character’s motif. From subtle to eccentric, each design is unique to each Pokemon and a small plush toy of said Pokemon sits next to the design.

Being an online shop you can browse through most, but not all the Pokemon designs. Some of your favorites, such as Pikachu, Eeve, Charizard, Butterfree etc. are there though! 


Prices for the shirts are around $90 USD and though there is a possibility for US shipping in the future, no confirmed shipping amount was given. However seeing how amazing these shirts are, it’s easy to spend all your money! 

AI NEWSSean Chong-Umeda