Pokemon Sword and Moon: Our Thoughts on the New Starters

Set in a fictitious region that closely resembles England, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are the newest generation of Pokemon games. A new generation means new trainers, new gym leaders, new evil teams and more importantly new starter Pokemon! The starter Pokemon have been an essential part of the Pokemon Franchise, you as a new trainer get to start with a choice of three Pokemon who will be with you on the Pokemon journey. Using the standard Fire, Water, and Grass formula, there has been 7 generations of lovable starters that make each experience unique. With the newest generation let’s see if these cute creatures can match up to their previous counterparts. 


Scorbunny is the fire starter of the newest trio. An energetic bunny with a heart for adventure and exploring, Scorbunny is the current favorite of all the starter Pokemon! Though we love the idea of a cute bunny that can almost seem like a fighter, we hope Nintendo doesn’t make it a Fire/Fighting type! Running about and being a blast of energy, we can’t wait to see how it will evolve! 


The grass chimpanzee, Grookey is a mischievous Pokemon who can pull its stick from its hair in and out. Liking to cause trouble and mischief, Grookey is a trickster that anyone could love. Grookey seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to love, but even then we are sure there tons of people who will love Grookey. Grookey has a lot of potential to live up to after Rowlet, however with its charm and skill we think it can be a star. 


Sobble is the water lizard and the face for many new memes. A Pokemon that cries as its main form of attacking, Sobble has been taken in by the community to protect from negativity. Sobble is a very shy Pokemon, to the point that it can camouflage! With its big eyes, small body and cute noise, Sobble is the baby we all want to care for and protect. But rumors say that the evolutions will be strong and powerful! 

No matter who you choose, there is no right or wrong. Have fun, enjoy the new adventure and be the very best!

AI NEWSSean Chong-Umeda