The Ten Best Japanese Futon Platforms

Many people look forward to the moment they can crawl into their bed at night and just turn off the lights, digesting the day they just had. You can stretch out, roll around, and just relax in pure comfort. Then you can get ready to have some good dreams and rest up for the day ahead of you.

If you prefer a futon as your bed of choice, it is important that you set it up in the right way. Futons are really wonderful beds, as they are an image of rich Japanese culture and style. They are simple and yet so comfortable to sleep on. Therefore, you will want the right platform for your mattress to ensure a cozy and clean experience.

A platform for your futon will make sure that your mattress is lifted off the ground. This will provide a clean place for you to sleep. You will not have to worry about moisture getting onto your mattress and making it moldy and damp, or even creating a bad smell. You can keep dust bunnies off your mattress, too. Finally, it may help you sleep better if you prefer a firm place.

These platforms can be very hard to sleep on. In that case, you may need to use a trifold pad to provide extra padding and make your sleep a little more comfortable. But that is a product that is easy to obtain over the internet. Just start with any of these great beds and see what else you need. We’ve assembled ten great choices for a great rest!

Now don't forget: what's the point of a futon platform with no futon? Look for your perfect Japanese futon here!

1. World of Futons Nomad Plus Platform Bed

Here is a great quality, well-crafted bed that is available in some great sizes, all the way from twin to queen. It is crafted from tulip poplar in the USA and come to you unfinished. That means there is a little extra work on your end, but you can stain or paint the bed to fit your home’s decorative needs.

You can get really creative with this bed! Traditional colors like white or brown would look elegant, but what if you wanted a navy-blue bed or even a neon pink one?

It is perfect for people of all ages. The platform height is only 15 inches, making it safe for little ones to climb in and out of bed without hurting themselves. It is also great if you are a senior citizen. You can have a nice and easy ascent and descent into your bed and enjoy great back support too.


2. AmazonBasics Platform Bed Frame

Here is a great product that you know is going to do a great job. After all, it is from Amazon, a retailer we all know and love. This product will suit every member of your family, as you can literally buy this frame in all sizes from twin to California king. It will suit your toddler, your college student, or even a really tall spouse!

Noise is not an issue here. The foundation is very supportive with no need for a box spring-more money in your pocket! The sleek, black steel finish is made of durable steel, and it will support up to 250 pounds.

The 13-inch clearance means everybody can climb in and out of bed easily, without getting hurt. You can even store things underneath for safekeeping, with a clearance like that. The setup is also super easy-no tools needed-plus it is lightweight and easy to lift.

3 prepac.jpeg

3. Prepac Oak Queen Platform Bed

If elegance is the name of your game, you have found your match. This bed is nothing short of magazine-worthy, and you won’t want to get out of it!

This one is suitable for queen-size mattresses, so it is rather limited in its size choices. But the elegance here speaks for itself. You get a lovely frame that is finished in durable oak laminate, constructed of environmentally friendly composite woods.

Once you do receive it, you can assemble it yourself with the easy instructions that are included, or you can pay extra to have some help doing it. It really is easy, though-and the quality is great, as it is made in Canada. You get a five-year limited warranty on the parts, too-so no need to second guess your choice.

You will not need a box spring, nor will you need to worry about under-the-bed clutter any longer. It is a bed that maximizes style and comfort!


4. HOMUS 14 Inch Steel Platform Bed Frame

Here is a product for all the big and tall guys and girls out there. For us, it can be difficult to get comfortable. But you deserve the same level of comfort as your counterparts. If you are the spouse or partner of someone who is big and tall, you will appreciate this, too.

Here is a bed frame that is available in only queen or king sizes and supports up to 3500 pounds. That’s the power of the durable steel construction you get with this frame.

The assembly is very easy and will not take you very long at all to put together. You also get a five-year limited free warranty, and any replacement of the parts during that period will be free. Another great feature of this mattress is that it really is heavy duty-the mattress is embedded in the steel so that you don’t slide around or wobble at night.


5. Epic Furnishings Stockholm Solid Wood Bamboo Platform Bed Frame

Here is another foray into style and beauty while you sleep. If you are big on decorating your house and having an up-to-the-minute yet timeless look in your home, this bed platform is certainly for you. It is finished in a lovely walnut tone, which will match all decors. You can choose to have it sent with options like drawers, bookcases, or a bookcase headboard.

The assembly is very easy to complete and will not be too difficult to accomplish. You can save money as you will not need a box spring or foundation for the mattress. You can even use memory foam mattresses and conventional ones, not just futon mattresses.

Best of all you can relax knowing that you are being green when you buy this. It’s made from bamboo, which matures in five years (most other wood matures in 20 years). Bamboo is also naturally very strong, making it a great choice.


6. Belleze Upholstered Dark Gray Platform Bed

This bed is really a cut above the rest. It’s unlike any other-it will give your room a futuristic and yet retro look with the stitching upon the headboard.

You can easily create the cool vibe you want with this bed. The neutral gray will be a nice unisex color that can match any stage in life, any gender, or color scheme. There is a zipper compartment in the back of the headboard where the tools are located. After putting the bed together, you can use this zipper compartment to keep some treasures safe and out of the way.

The round legs on the bed look modern and clean. The bed itself comes in two colors- cream and dark gray. Sizes available are full, queen and king. You will not need a box spring for this bed, either! It gives you an elegant look for a very reasonable price, right to your door.


7. San Francisco Queen Bed Frame

This bed frame is another one for the style books. You get an upholstered, low profile headboard too. If you are tight on space, and you want your home to look stylish and fancy, this is the way to go. The silver-gray color tone will look great no matter what scheme you’ve decorated your bedroom with.

It will fit inside any room and breathe some life into a plain old futon mattress! And the best part is that the headboard and bed frame is soft to the touch. If you are clumsy and bump into your bed frame, there is no need to worry about a bruised shin or letting some swear words out any more.

If you have a little one or a beloved pet, you don’t need to worry about them bumping into a hard steel frame and hurting themselves. It’s easy to assemble and uses hardware you don’t even see.


8. DHP Henley Metal Futon Frame

This bed frame is for people who want good quality at a good price, with a look that is clean and simple. You get a low-profile design, so climbing in and out of bed will be easy and safe. The frame is constructed of sturdy metal, so you don’t need to be super delicate with this bed.

If you are a student or just starting out with a small apartment, you will be glad to know that this bed folds up into a couch to save space. You can convert it to a full-size sleeper to accommodate yourself and a partner or use it in your living room for overnight guests.

You can fit one standard size futon mattress onto this bed, which is sold separately. Assembly can be done yourself, and the modern industrial design is a popular yet sturdy way of decorating. This futon platform will hold up well and look great in your home or guest room.

9 nirvana.jpeg

9. Queen Size Tri Fold Wood Futon Sofa Bed

You will enjoy the versatility and style that this piece brings you. You get 13 different positions out of this futon frame, meaning it can be a bed, sofa or lounger. It is made of the best premium hardwood, so that way you have a durable product to enjoy for years. There is no cheap soft poplar or pine concerned inside this product!

It will come in one box, and the mattress is not included-but chances are you already have that. The frame is not only constructed of the finest quality of wood, but it also comes finished with a clear coat that will protect the wood and give it a beautiful look for your room.

It is recommended that you purchase a tri-fold pad to go with this mattress also-that way, when you put it into the reclining position, you can have a pad that will move with you and keep its shape.


10. Zinus 7 Inch Heavy Duty Low Profile Platform Bed Frame

If you love a good, clean look, this is the bed you are looking for. It only has a 7-inch clearance, so nothing too big is going to roll under there, but you can certainly keep small stuff safe, like shoes or a laptop case.

It comes in the four major sizes, twin through king. So, whether this is for your guest room or your master bedroom, it’s going to be a nice, neat way to spruce it up. You can use with or without a box spring to achieve the desired height for your preferences. There are slats made of steel under the structure, so that the mattress will not sag, and you will be supported all night long.

You will really enjoy this-it’s got a five-year warranty and assembles in minutes. Getting in and out is easy with the low clearance, too. You can even choose an option with or without headboard.

10 zinus.jpeg

Buying Guide

Quality Materials

Look for good materials like steel, bamboo, or hardwood. Do not consider items made of plastic or unidentified cheap metal. You would not want your bed to collapse while yourself or a friend slept in it-it could result in injury or even a severe case of embarrassment if it happened to a guest. Make sure the materials can hold the combined weight of individuals who will be sleeping on it. Do not be shy about it-you deserve to be comfortable.


Make sure the futon suits your home’s decor. Don’t buy something if you think it will clash with your home. A metal futon platform may be tempting, but will the industrial modern look really be okay? Perhaps consider a wooden-themed platform so that it blends in and accents the room instead of standing out. If you have an eclectic style, choose an unfinished one so you can paint it to suit your own needs.


If you are choosing a futon platform, you may be choosing it for safety reasons. Seniors in Japan, for example, use futon platforms to safely climb in and out of bed. A child who is learning to sleep in his or her own bed may be liable to roll off the edges. Parents can rest easier if they lay down some pillows on the sides, with only a 7 or so inch clearance. Aside from safety, think of storage. Do you like to hold things under the bed, or do you want the underside to be clear? Think of this as you make your selection.


If space is an issue in your home, consider choosing a platform that can fold up if guests come over, or recline for relaxation. You get more for your money and less furniture to move around when hosting guests. Imagine a futon platform that can serve as the gaming couch and then the crash pad for when everyone’s ready to turn in. No struggling to move furniture or drag in an air mattress-just fold it down and get some rest.