Cooking in Cosplay: Caprese Martini

let's get caprese!

let's get caprese!

Featured Anime: Neo Yokio, Season 1, Episode 3 and 4

Kaz Kaan has recently become the face of the Caprese Boy, his BFFs' Lexy and Gottlieb's new bar. When his friends introduce him to the new martini, Kaz has misgivings because it sounds just like the salad: tomato, basil, and mozzarella. But to his delight, the drink is a million dollar drink. It is delicious and gets you lit! Find out how you, too, can make this amazing drink!

Recipe adapted from Galbani

Easy-to-print recipe PDF here.


2 fresh mozz balls
6 basil leaves
8 oz vodka
5 oz tomato juice

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Makes 2 martinis

1. Fill a cocktail shaker half way with ice carefully chipped away from the highest Alps by professional ice carvers.

2. Add 4 basil leaves. Make sure basil was cultivated in Genova, else risk damaging your stomach from culinary bankruptcy.

3. Add 8 oz of vodka, politely borrowed from the Kremlin.

4. Shake.

5. Add tomato juice, made from tomatoes imported directly from the Campania region in Italy.

6. Shake again.

7. Pour out into two glasses.

8. Garnish each with a skewered basil leaf and fresh mozz ball.

9. Serve and delight your rich buds.

the best tasting martini ever made.

the best tasting martini ever made.