The 25 Best Medieval Anime

There is nothing as thrilling as old-school. The setting, the accent, the plot, all are just a master-piece, the work of a genius. If you are the lover of contemporary stuffs, it’s high time you left, this post is not for you to read. The cool things about medieval anime are the sword fights, the chivalry, and turmoil that greets the people. You get to see how hard life really is, and how you have to struggle through, because you are on your own in this world. A real eye opener to the real world.

Fantasy is a close pal of Medieval story, with wild imaginative characters running here and there all over the screen. This post is set to give you the best shot you will ever find at the 25 best medieval anime you will ever find out there. Anime are great, and this pick? Superb. Enjoy!

1. Berserk

In the Europe-inspired dark fantasy world, Guts was a lone mercenary, a mysterious one at that whose moniker is ‘The Black Swordsman’. We see him entering a town, wanting to fight with the ruler of the town. The entrance of Guts into the town caused so much death for the people as the king burnt their houses and slaughtered them. Guts was angry and killed the ruler. The wicked ruler didn’t stay dead, instead he turned into a huge lizard that walks up to Guts in a bid to send him to his afterlife. Guts was smarter, he feigned dead and delivered a huge blow to the monster which he later cuts in half. Further into the storyline, we see how that Guts departs from the group he was “Band of falcons”, on the wild journey to survive the terrors alone as he went to seek his own?


2. Spice and Wolf

Long time ago, wolf goddess Holo had always honored a pledge that she would bless the people that lived in the remote village of Pasloe, helping them to have bountiful harvests, and overtime, the people had fulfilled their own part of the pledge, celebrating and worshipping her. But humans will remain humans, in no time humans began to feel selfish, taking control of nature themselves, creating other gods for them to worship, while she was neglected and mocked. Holo was jealous and angry and decided not to help the people of the village again. She transformed to a human and seek help from a merchant, Kraft Lawrence, asking him to help her return to her home in the snowy forests, far north. As they continued in their journey, they both discovered there was a whole lot to learn from one another.

2 spice and wolf.jpg

3. Yona of the Dawn

The story focuses on a kingdom, the kingdom of Kouka, where a princess, Yona live peaceably with her pacifist father, King II. Yona was always well tended for by her servants that gave special attention to her needs, and her protective bodyguard, Hak. Yona wanted to marry her cousin, Soo-wan, and that was the only issue she has in life, alongside her stubborn red hair. But Yona’s happiness never lasted, she lost everything in just a night, her 16th birthday. Yona was forced to exit the castle, with only Hak who had to defend her. All was gone and Yona knew it was time to get stronger than she was if she would ever survive. Then began her journey, the journey to find allies that would help her reclaim her kingdom.


4. Seirei no Moribito

There is a threat to the imperial family, in the medieval kingdom of Yogo, by a dark secret that is set to go viral, but the imperial family will leave no stone unturned until the secret is destroyed. Ironically, this dark secret they so much want to destroy reside lives inside the innocent son, the second prince Chagum.

The story also features the appearance of a wandering warrior, Balsa, who on repentance from her evil ways has made a vow to save the life of eight persons. She was offered the role of protecting Chagum, as her final duty in repaying her debt, but things were not easy this time. The journey was tough on them, putting to test, their physical endurance, mental resolve, and the relationship that ensued between them as they journeyed through challenges. The thriller lies therein in whether Balsa would fulfill her final duty as Chagum hopes to master the secret in him? Or will they be killed by the endless number of assassins the emperor sent after them?

4 seirei no moribito.jpg

5. Claymore

You want dark? You got dark. Claymore is a story that’s really at the peak of darkness. When it was the reign of Olde, there was fear imbued in the heart of every man, the fear of terrible demons called Yoma. Once these demons have devoured a human being, they are able to take the form and memory of such person, and will blend into their victim’s lifestyle with no one suspecting. With this, they are able to kill as many humans as possible. This was the time of darkness, and the destiny of this kingdom lies on the shoulders of some women, Claymore. These women were half-demon, half-huma; once they hunt a demon, they become the demon too. Raki was a righteous one, but he had been banished, with the only crime he ever committed was that he lost his family member to the demons. A Claymore named Clare got Raki attracted, together they would defeat the Yoma. Clare fights the demons and also wants to retain her humanity, would it work out?


6. Tears to Tiara

The story features a village chief who had a daughter, Rhiammon, she was fair and beautiful, with a very gentle spirit. Suddenly, her whole life was in shambles, as she was the type of maiden needed for sacrifice, to awake Arawn, the Demon king from the thousand-year slumber he went on. Rhiammon was kidnapped soon. When Arawn finally woke to life, he changed his mind and killed the captor of the damsel, and freed her from the spell she was under. Rhiammon was elated and decided to marry the Demon king who had saved her life. Arawn became the village chief, but Rhiammon’s brother Arthur was unhappy with all that was happening. He had to kneel to the new village chief by force. There was no choice, the three have to team up to overcome challenges that would set in and meet new friends.

6 tears to tiara.jpg
7 the heroic legend of arslan.png

7. The Heroic Legend of Arslan

The kingdom of Pars was prosperous at this time, and the capital of the kingdom was the Capital Ecbatana, the city was with so much splendor and wonder. This city had a very strong king that remain undefeated and fearsome, King Andragoras. Arslan was the Prince of Pars, who was young and curious, but he hadn’t the characteristics of being the proper king like his father. Arslan tried his best, he even went to war at the age of 14, where he lost all that he had, blood-soaked. His kingdom was lost. Arslan was a born ruler, and he would stop at nothing to reclaim the kingdom that was lost.


8. Scrapped Princess

This story is amazing, and we see where a god Mauser came and delivered a prophesy to the world, where magic was prevalent. In his words, “If the Scrapped Princess is allowed to live, she will destroy the entire world”. A knight was assigned to kill the new born princess, but fortunately, the child could not be killed. After about 15 years of escaping death, her adopted brother and sister made a vow to protect her, and not let harm come to her. In amazing series of adventure, the trio voyaged from town to town, in search of an impossible life.

8 scrapped princess.jpg
9 guin saga.png

9. Guin Saga

There were two foretold pearl that were to feature in this story, and they are Princess Rinda and brother Remus – Twin Pearls of Parros. One of the two was meant to be the shining prophet, while the other would be the great ruler. Unfortunately, their home was lost and they had to scavenge, taking solace in the virile asylum for ghouls. Then came Guin, a very powerful man who didn’t know who he was. Guin rescued the siblings from death, and journeyed with them across the land, as they fought various enemies while they made allies that would help them bring peace to kingdom of Parros.


10. The Twelve Kingdoms

There was nothing special about the life of Yokho, she had been casted out among the people since she was born, which was different from what they had in her community. Soon, things changed when Keiki arrived and declared her his empress. Yohko was made to go through hell alongside her friends, as they were taken to a vortex, left all alone amidst all the demons and magic

10 the twelve kingdoms.jpg

11. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

In the reigns of time, Haruhiro awoke to a gloomy darkness, surrounded by people who knew nothing about their being. They groped in the darkness, not knowing where to seek help, but then, the darkness begins to wear off, and a whole new world of fantasy appeared, Grimgar, and the adventures began. Setting out to the adventure, all the people were made to choose from an array of guilds, super powers and class.


12. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

This story has legend narrating the evil dungeon towers that surfaced 14 years ago, on a land of caravans and brigands swept by sand. There is a great legend to this dungeons and Alibaba got tangled while he was determined to scour out riches from the various dungeons of the world, starting from Ammon, the one close by. There is also Alladin who was too curious for his own good, who has a hidden strength and a flute that wields the power of magic. Morgiana, a slave tried so hard, but is unable to escape her chains. Fate brought this trio together, and as a team, they wandered the land, taking on powerful enemies that want to corrupt the innocent ones.12.

12 magi the labyrinth of magic.jpg
13 lord marksman and vanadis.jpg

13. Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Tigrevurmud Vorn is a young and promising lord from a low-key village in the kingdom’s center, and has been made to go to war against the neighboring country, at the king’s decree. Eleonora Viltaria is the captain of the enemy kingdom, who was a vanadis who had gotten super-powerful arms from a dragon. The two meet and it marked the beginning of a new era, that would have its history told for generations to come.


14. Bastard

There was one goal that the four lords of Havoc had, and it was to awaken the god Anthrasax, and also build a new world. Yoko is determined to stop them, and awakens the ancient wizard Dark Schneider from within a 14-year-old boy, by gifting him her virgin kiss. This story takes an interesting turn in that, the most feared witch in the world indwells a small boy. His desires came into play, and his resolve to destroy hydras and minotaurs, if they ever cross his path was greater. He wanted the women for himself, and he was going to have them. the wizard took on the wrong purpose, taking on his own will rather than saving the world.

15 the world is still beautiful.jpg

15. The World is Still Beautiful

Have you ever thought that the world is all about gloom, then this story debunks that belief. Nike holds the sole power to call forth rain, being the fourth princess of the Principality. Her unbelief was fed when she found that the king of Sun kingdom, King Livius was a kid, when she had traveled to his kingdom to marry him, for the sake of her people. A kid would always be a kid, and King Livius has requested that she ordered the rain to fall.


16. The Sacred Blacksmith

There was nothing more that Cecily Cambell would have wished for than to be a knight and be the guardian of her home, just as her fore fathers did. Though, she had the passion, she was incompetent. One day, she was on a fight with a crazy swordsman, and just when she should be killed, Luke, a man from nowhere came to her rescue, holding a katana. Cecily was surprised, she had never seen such a weapon. They never knew each other from Adams but they were to team up to make sure the Demon Sword Aria doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Cecily wants her own katana, but she must prove that she is worthy of wielding such powerful weapon

16 the sacred blacksmith.jpg

17. The Seven Deadly Sins

The holy knights of the king are defiled by an unholy demonic power, throwing the kingdom into turmoil. The kingdom of Liones only has one hope of revival – the seven deadly sins. This is a group of exiled oddballs who are experts at fighting each other, and collectively, they fight their enemies. Princess Elizabeth panicked and she seek their help, but second thoughts flooded her mind when she met the leader of the group, a pervert who had a broken blade and a pig that talks. Events unfolded, that would make you wonder if these were the saviors the kingdom of Liones needed


18. Kemono no Souja Erin

Wars plagued the kingdoms, and the Grand Duke’s warriors had a trump card, fighting with weapons that the enemies have never seen – Dragon-like beasts called Touda. Touda was popular in the kingdom, and it was the pride of the villagers that raise them. Erin was a girl that inhabits on of such small villages, in a small house with her mother Soyon. Soyon is the best beast caretaker in the whole of the country, and it made her rather popular. Soyon was a respected woman, an Ariyo – women of the mist people who had mystical abilities. The only condition that allowed Soyon stay in town with her daughter was to expertly nurture and rear the beasts. Erin’s only wish was to rear Touda’s like her mother, but will the instinct in her that says there’s more to the relationship with the Touda, make her achieve this?


19. Attack on Titan

Titans plagued the human world over a century ago, devouring mankind. These giants exhibited unusual intelligence, and their origin could not be traced. Only a handful of humans were able to survive the purge by building multi walled fortresses around themselves, that were capable of keeping the titans out. The people constantly trained military recruits that patrol the perimeter of the wall through shifts. The army was also saddled with the responsibility of gathering information about their long-time foe. All had peaceful for Eren and Mikasa over the years, but when a crazy Titan suddenly appeared, smashing through the walls, their lives never remained the same


20. Ghost Slayers Ayashi

Lina and Gourry traveled to a small town by the sea, a town in which the people specialized in octopus. When the people eat the octopus, there is always a side effect. Though the octopus is delicious, one loses the ability to speak in no other tongue, except the Octopus tongue. Gourry eats the forbidden and only Lina could have saved the day.

21 yonna in the solitary fortress.png

21. Yonna in the Solitary Fortress

This story features two siblings, outcast from their town, Yonna and her big brother, Stan. They live far away from their people in a solitary fortress. They had lived peacefully overtime, but things changed suddenly when the imperial government wanted to make use of their powers, sent armies to capture them. Galda a dutiful agent arrives the fortress, but capturing them would not be an easy task to complete.


22. Kingdom

This story is based on the life of Shin and Hyou who were orphans of war in the kingdom of Qin. These orphaned children had an unusual dream – having themselves on the battle field, but this dream was botched when a minister suddenly captured Hyou. Through various attempts, Hyou was able to escape the minister and off to his village, injured. Shin was accosted by an enigmatic boy who bore a striking resemblance to Hyou – one day becoming the emperor

22 kingdom.jpg
23 vinland saga.jpg

23. Vinland Saga

Askelladd killed Thor in a fight about ten years ago. Thorfinn, Thor’s son witnessed the death of his father, and was filled with so much rage and hate for the killer of his father. Thorfinn gets recruited into Askelladd’s ship, and worked with the crew as they journeyed. Thorfinn was young and naïve and not strong, but with perseverance and hard work, he got better while doing Askelladd’s biddings, in a bid to earn the reward of battling the vicious captain. Failures greeted Thorfinn’s trials at avenging his father, would the day of vengeance ever come?


24. Castlevania

Powerful vampire Dracula, was furious when his wife was murdered by the church, and in anger, he unleashed all the powers of hell on Wallachia. The whole land was plagued with demonic creatures and Trevor was left to wander aimlessly. Trevor was the last son the exiled Belmont clan, and he was determined to defeat Dracula. Would the power of Sypha Belnades and Alucard be enough to support him in his quest?

24 castlevania.jpg
25 goblin slayer.jpg

25. Goblin Slayer

Distress was soon written boldly on the faces of a young priestess who was on her adventuring party, but she is rescued by the Goblin Slayer. Goblin slayer had laid down his life to hunt down goblins with all the power he has. And just when he got popular, who do you think came knocking………….?

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