The 10 Best Japanese Bonsai Pots

Japan is a unique destination if you are wanting to see various beautiful ceramic products, with a rich culture attached to each piece of artifact. In Japan, there is a very rich culture to the cultivation of plants, and this involves cultivating plants indoors. There are trees and there are trees, and a pot will only remain a pot, but its uniqueness will only be borne out of its use.

Bonsai is a popular trend in the whole of Japan, with its interpretation as tray planting. Bonsai is a special type of art that if you don’t have it as a Japanese, your origin should be questioned. This form of art is quite popular, and it simply involves cultivation techniques that provide small trees in containers and pots that imitate the form and habit of a full grown tree – more like a miniature tree.

The tree and the pot are two different things, but the combination of these two entities is what becomes a bonsai. The pot that serves as the container of this tree is what is called the bonsai pot. Actually, it’s not that random pots just become bonsai pots, there are certain requirements that are to be met. If you don’t want your trees to die of too much water, your bonsai pot must have drainage holes, and also wiring holes that serve as ports for the attachment of the tree to the pot.

Though the really classic pot you would want to have is that made of ceramics; if your purse can't bear that, there are several other types you can always choose from, which include concrete, plastics, and metals.

In this post, we will be running down a list of really cool types of bonsai pots you can get. Grab your cup of coffee and read on.

1. Rectangle Mica Bonsai Training Pot

Have you been looking for that crazy strong bonsai pot? This guy here is your best bet.

The rectangle Mica Bonsai Pot is a masterpiece that is super strong and would break a rock if it hit one. Super strong and durable, having undergone hell to resist the likes of freezing or hard contact with the floor, this pot is nearly unbreakable, unlike its clay, earthenware or ceramic counterparts.

These super durable Mica pots provide the perfect ambiance that your bonsai roots need to survive this terrible world, all year round, no shaking. Making this bonsai pot was no joke, as a careful blend of 80% mica, 15% polyethylene and 5% graphite was mixed to bring out this beautiful thing. It has that dark brown cool color that soothes the mind with just a glance at it.

You want your bonsai to look good? Then this Rectangle Mica Bonsai pot is go-to-guy.


2. 10” Glazed Royal Blue Oval Yixing Bonsai Pot (CN34-2)

The Glazed Royal Blue Oval Yixing Bonsai Pot, just like its namesake, is a royal edifice that pampers your trees, more than you will ever do. This baby is just awesomely awesome.

With an external dimension of 10 × 8 × 3.25 inches, and two drainage holes, these pots are natural, spells out a unique elegance, and are seamlessly handmade. The gracious purple clay found at the bank of the Yangtze river has been used to make this badass pot. If you are a fan of bonsai, you should know that's the best material you could ever use for a bonsai pot.

When it comes to giving room for self-expression in your tree, this pot is set to help you fulfill that dream, leaving space by the side for your tree to spread its roots far and near. Your tiny tree will be free like a bird, just like the owner.

This king is specially made for royalty like yourself, and we can vouch for it.


3. Bonsai Tree Pot 10-inch Green Glazed Oval Shape

Looking for something solid and aesthetic? This 10-inch green-glazed sick pot is your fantasy.

This kinky baby features an outer dimension of 10 × 8 × 3”, made of extremely durable clay that had been heated so hot at a hellish temperature to survive whatever blow might come its way. Come rain, come shine, the color stands tall like the statue of liberty. Sitting on a weighing balance, it reads a measly 3.75 pound.

Being the boss of the market, this sensational pot will fit perfectly into your house, nurturing the hell out of your tree. Its green color exudes the beauty of nature, and its brown base tells of mother earth. Just think of this pot as an extension of nature in your home – how thoughtful.

Either you are looking to start a bonsai, or you’re an expert in the art, this pot is for you. Great as a starter pot and seamless in use for any other plant.


4. Brussel’s 12” Rectangle Bonsai Glazed Ceramic Pot (X-Large, Teal)

Here comes the superb beauty you have been waiting for. It’s a dream come true.

The 6.0-pound god has a dimension of 12 × 9 × 3", that is high quality in its making, with durable rich glazed ceramic. And if you want to keep the plant outside your home, you are free to, only with this pot though. It has a smooth finishing that leaves the body with a glittering appearance, more or less glass-like.

There is always a new feel you need to get with your Bonsai pots, and this product doles out all you will ever need in a Bonsai Pot. There is this innate refreshing vibe it offers, just like plants do. Its green shade brings about freshness and elegance, making your interior look royal. This pot is an unmatchable starter pot that will graciously hold your cactus, succulent, seedling or bonsai.

This pot is the express definition of beauty and elegance, and not getting it would be a sin on your part.


5. MUZHI 12 Pack Matte Finish Black Bonsai Round Bowl Planter Drainage, Plastic Garden Low Planter Pots 7.8”

You won't find any badass Bonsai pot out there that will exude elegance, efficiency, and beauty all at the same time, but this product beats imagination.

This pot has that rolled edge, with a succulent planter that is as gentle as the dove and will never hurt your plant. At the bottom, there is a grid that is perfect for drainage and ventilation, all at the same time. Awesome, right? That’s not all. At the bottom, it has four stands on which it sits, to allow for proper ventilation of your plants. Made of plastic, it features an outer diameter of 7.8 × 3.15 inches with a total dimension of 7.9 × 7.9 × 6.3”. It sits guardedly with a weight of 1.85 pounds.

This pot is highly durable, cheap to secure, you can use it as many times as possible, the edges are rolled, and has adequate drainage. The beautiful shape of its majesty gives your plant a safe haven.

This is the best material out there if you are looking to buy that dapper bonsai pot that serves well and saves cost. Trust us.


6. Oval Bonsai / Cactus & Succulent Pot – Dark Blue Glazed

Clear the way, we introducing its excellency, the Oval Bonsai, damn good at its duty.

The Dark Blue glazed beauty is made of ceramic, weighing a total of 3.1 pounds, with a dimension of 11.5 × 8.5 × 3.8”, glazed to a dark blue shade. It has a space that accommodates 1 gal. of soil, with two mesh at the base each of 5/8” diameter.

The Oval Bonsai boasts of the space it can provide for your plant. With its unique sturdiness and neatly placed ‘well-proportioned’ drainage holes, the Oval Bonsai offers a seamless growth lifestyle for your tree. The solace that this Pot will offer your tree is unmatched, and the beauty it will render your interior? Geez, it’s out of this world. Remember all those ancient with history movies, where you get to see ceramic pots with very rich history? Cool, you don’t need to feel bad if you can’t get one of those pots, get this, and your house with spell out “Classical” to every visitor that comes into your home.

You don’t have to search any further, this is that pot you have been looking all ‘oval’ for.


7. 8-inch Bonsai Tree Pots with trays

We call it feather-weight due to its very light nature, a weight of 1.05 lbs, a plus for its 8.7 × 6.5 × 4.9 in dimension. This kid is extremely economical and reusable. The drainage is super lit, with a drainage mesh fit into the small holes which prevent soil from falling off the pot. This Bonsai tree pot is made of a heavy duty poly-resin plastic, which neither cracks or bends to ambient conditions. Its dark color retains its shade under any form of weather.

With this pot, you can groom any type of tree to bloom, perfect as a starter pot for seedlings as well as for other plants. The pots are made of grace to deliver a top-notch, high–end service to your tree. Gracious in its stand, the 8-inch pot offers simplicity and quality to your interior, giving you all you would ever want in a bonsai pot. Your bonsai is precious, and this is the pot that will help you draft that gem of a tree you want.


8. Modern Unglazed Round Ceramic Succulent Cactus Planter Pot with Brown Matte Finish

This freaking awesome pot might look simple, but it readily dethrones all the seemingly classic pots out there. No kidding!

Most pots might have undergone glazing for them to look elegant and beautiful, but this right here is unusual, changing the standard to elegance. It has a contemporary round design and remains unglazed, but with a brown shade and a textured matte finish. It has a dimension of 3.5” H × 7.75” diameter. And in prioritized consideration of the plant, the pot features a cool single hole just at the center.

This pot is just perfect when it comes to housing multiple small succulents, cactus plants as well as herbs or bonsai. And just like a chameleon, it will blend into any décor it finds itself. No need to run miles or make endless calls to find its right type to fit your décor. Get it, and let it start work, simple.

There is no need to further search for that small, cute and perfect Bonsai pot, this will fit like a round knob in a circular hole, on your roundtable, desk, and even your coffee table.


9. Bonsai Tree Pot Unglazed Rectangle Shape

It’s simple. This is the goddamn pot you need in your home. Don’t be a doubting Thomas!

Have you been searching for that striking and beautiful Bonsai pot, with a dimension, not more than 6 × 5 × 2", then this is your man, oops, sorry, pot. Weighing a light 1.4 pound, with a contemporary style of production, greeting the market at a very affordable price. Made of clay, the pot was subjected to an inferno that has taught it to be solid and unbreakable. Bring it out into the sun, its color stays. Leave it in the rain for eternity, the color goes nowhere. This pot has a total of six holes at the base, for maximum aeration and hydration. Two big holes and four small one. What else do you need in a pot?!

This pot is effective for any plant you might have in mind, and it exceptionally perfect for Bonsai. You shouldn’t be considering getting this; if you are, you are wrong. It’s yours, claim it.


10. Dahlia Driftwood Stump Handmade Concrete Succulent Planter/Bonsai Pot

We are featuring this genius for its unique make and natural wood-looking body.

Stemming from a company with a rich history in making superb products, the Dahlia driftwood is made of vintage wood- or driftwood-like concrete planter, made just for your plant. This Driftwood stump handmade bonsai pot is made of durable concrete and has an efficient drainage hole, with protective pads at the base. One beautiful thing is that, other than having this as your bonsai pot, you can use it to hold pens, candles and even keys. It has a measurement of 7.9L × 4.3W × 3.4H, and a mouth dimension of 5 × 2-inches.

This pot looks cute in that its body is like that of wood, just a piece of nature that holds your live plants, supporting its growth seamlessly and effectively. Unlike the seemingly rough body, the interior is smooth which allows for ease of planting. This design is inspired by nature, and it's specifically made from beautiful, long-lasting material to give your interior that natural look.

What begat nature better than nature itself? Nothing.



And there goes our list of awesome bonsai pots you should get. Nature is peaceful, I’m sure you know that, and this is why you should consider getting your own bonsai. When you consistently nurture your plant, you get to develop a sense of patience that you never knew you had and you become a more peaceful person, just like nature. Your stress will be gone over time. Just imagine, how would you feel when nurturing a cute little plant right in your living room? That smile that escapes your lips, that love you feel: that’s what having a bonsai does to you.

In this polluted world, having a number of plants indoors will do you no harm, but will rather help in the purification of the air, so you can breathe pollutant-free air. Hey! Nervous breakdowns are real; you need to breathe in clean air every once in a while. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Fatigue, coughs, sore throat, all will be long gone from your life when you get to keep your own bonsai. The sense of accomplishment too, oh my God, it’s exhilarating.

You shouldn’t just read about Bonsai pots; you should get yours now. The pots in this list are of varying prices, cheaper than you think, get yours now, and let your body pray for you. Peace!

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