The Top 10 Best Korean Catering Companies in Los Angeles

In New York, they have Chinatown. In LA, we have Koreatown or K-Town where you can find some of the best Korean cuisine in the world. Like NYC, LA is home to people that have immigrated here from every corner of the globe bringing with them traditional foods and culture from their original homelands.

We happen to be the happy and proud beneficiaries of so much Korean immigration to LA. You can find dozens of Korean food establishments in K-Town from tiny little holes-in-the-wall-type eateries to fancy 5-Star Korean restaurants.

What we did is something a little different. Catering is big business in L.A. but many times, we get stuck ordering the same old things, never willing to venture outside of our comfort zones. Well, if you know nothing about Korean cuisine, but you want to try something new for your next office party, meeting, or wedding celebration, we found 10 of the very best Korean catering companies in LA!

10 Best Korean Catering Companies in LA

1. Arguably the best Korean Catering Company in LA

It’s hard to say which one is the absolute best Korean catering company in L.A. Everyone’s taste is different. But what we can say is that the best Korean food is made with premium meats. The menu must be filled with actual, authentic Korean dishes and not some Americanized version of it. And the traditional Korean meal is big and comes with an appetizer, soup, salad, and at the best ones, rice paper or noodles.

That’s what we found at Genwa Korean BBQ on Wilshire Blvd in L.A. One of the raviest of rave reviews we and many others give this 5-Star caterer is their banchan and their meat quality. We’d describe all of their meats from the brisket to the prime Galbi as juicy and tender. Everyone agrees; Genwa Korean knows how to do Korean BBQ right!


2. Offers the Best Bunsik Foods

The Kimbap (also the name of this top ten catering company) is part of the traditional Bunsik cuisine. Located on Western Ave. in Los Angeles, this caterer takes authentic Korean foods and gives them their own unique taste and presentation.

If you love tteokbokki and seafood with a lot of kick, you’ll want to try this eclectic menu of original dishes. We also love the creams and sauces that they serve with their food. From their mouth igniting shrimp and pork stir-fry to their mushroom kimbap, your party guests are going to be talking about the food all night long!

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3. Order from an Amazing Menu Selection

First off, for now at least, Go Go Bop is in a “soft open phase” so you may not be able to use them unless you book them months in advance. That’s because they grew so popular as a standalone Koreatown restaurant that they are now expanding into catering.

One of the great things about these caterers is their long list of menu options, though these are subject to change at any time while they are in their soft open phase as are their operating hours. They make their famous bowls to order however you like it. They even have their own non-sushi kimbop rice rolls. Like the name says, this is food to go go and we expect their catering services to match their longstanding history as a top L.A. Korean restaurant.


4. Provides “Memorable Experiences” Catering

Food quality isn’t the only thing that makes a caterer great. Customer service has to be equally excellent. For our money, we bank on Shinmi Catering if you want to make the best impression on your party, meeting, or wedding guests. After building their restaurant in L.A. for four years, Shinmi took their business to the next level in 1991, now becoming one of the first Korean catering companies in L.A.

As much as we can rave about their prompt hands-on service from the moment you call until they take away the last of the setup, their authenticity is the thing that we love even more. Do you have relatives who refuse to eat takeout Korean? Guarantee they’ll think they were back in Korea at halmeoniui house!

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5. Do-It-All Catering Service

What you lose in a little of the authenticity of classic Korean food with Ban Chan al La Carte catering, you get tenfold in their professionalism and style. Their setup is extremely organized down to the last detail – arrangements, impeccable! And, they do it all! They help you plan the menu based on your budget and allow you to customize it based on your preferences.

Located near everything in downtown L.A., they have a standalone restaurant in addition to their full service catering. They host catered events in your house or at you outdoor company event. Whatever you need, they provide reliable, top shelf catering service with a decent selection of Korean cuisine plus standard fruit, cheese, and vegetable platters.


6. Affordable High Quality Korean Catering

Some of the items on Gok Jee’s catering menu are a bit pricey but when you taste their food, you’ll agree it’s worth that and more! This caterer has everything you want from a top L.A. Korean catering company. They have a select list of authentic Korean favorites that your guests are going to love and the portions are huge!

Their menu is robust enough that you can order traditional ham and radish (mussam mari) with kimchi pancakes or you can order a classic California roll and fried chicken. On top of that, the service is exceptional all for an incredibly affordable price. You can go pick up your order from their restaurant or you can have it delivered and setup for only $40 more.

Credit: Gok Jee Food

Credit: Gok Jee Food

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7. Caters Large Group Events in L.A.

Are you looking for a full-service catering company that can handle a large party or event of 100+? Call Palace Catering on Venice Blvd. They have catered some of the biggest private, business, and special occasion events in L.A. From corporate meetings to graduations and birthday parties, you get white glove table setup plus a healthy menu of genuine Korean food.

You’re going to pay for the kind of service you get from this team but you get more bang for your buck. In fact for all of their services, you’d pay a lot more for the top event packages at comparable caterers. They provide extras on everything like seat covers and desserts. More than anything, it is the quality of their foods – top of the line ingredients – that truly sets Palace Catering apart.


8. Prepares a Variety of Asian Cuisines

One of the things that we love about Nak Won Catering is that they serve exceptional Korean food but they mix in a bunch of other Asian dishes like shrimp teriyaki and eggrolls. They cater all kinds of private events and offer a vegetarian catering menu option. Plus they allow you to customize your menu and food items – anything to make your event!

Their service is very prompt and the food arrives beautifully packaged and well-kept so that everything stays neatly packed and warm or cold. You can choose from a number of seafood dishes as well as some of their own dessert creations. For an office meeting or small to mid-sized wedding, Nak Won is the best bang for your buck.

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9. One-of-a-Kind Kosher Korean Catering

Ever had kosher Korean BBQ? If not, you should definitely first experience it at Kosher Korean BBQ in L.A. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy kosher Korean BBQ. To tell you the truth, you can’t really tell the difference between regular Korean BBQ and the kosher kind.

But if you are kosher, you can still enjoy authentic Korean short ribs. We picked KK BBQ because they offer cute little bite-sized appetizers that can fill the menu if you are trying to squeeze as much as you can into your catering budget. If you are catering for vegans (not the same as vegetarian!), they are one of the few Korean places in L.A. that serve vegan catering dishes.


10. Best L.A. Korean Food Hole-In-the-Wall Now Caters!

We say this completely without malice or sarcasm, Gushi may be the best hole-in-the-wall serving Korean food in L.A. You’ve probably heard of it even if you’ve never had Korean food. Everyone who lives near or has eaten in Koreatown knows about Gushi – Korean and non-Korean Los Angelenos alike.

Up until now, you had to go there to try some of the food that their customers go on and on about but now they are offering catering! Here’s the caveat, no one claims that Gushi’s food is made of premium meats. In fact, some kind of talk about it as the White Castle of Korean food – good to soak up the liquor at the end of a night of hard partying – but it tastes SO GOOD! Are we all wearing liquor goggles? Don’t think so. Even sober people say that Gushi’s food is cheap but delish!

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