Top 10 Best High Tea Rooms in L.A.

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Native to the Los Angeles area and seeking some calming spots to sip some tea and take a break from the nonstop traffic? Or are you instead, visiting California and in desperate need for the perfect spot to stop and relax on your vacation? Well, regardless of your situation, we've found the top ten high tea rooms right here in L.A. that will no doubt transport you to both a whimsical and calming experience!

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City: Los Angeles

Top of our list is a tea room that really knows all the ins and outs of tea, so much so that they carry and offer over 300 varieties! With multiple locations that vary from inside the Japanese American National Museum to right in the heart of Hollywood, you're able to find one of these amazing tea rooms fully immersed in the Los Angeles culture. Not only can you choose tea from their expansive menu, but you can also order delicious savory sandwiches, scones, and slices of mouth-watering cake. Have you always wanted to experience the entirety of tea culture? Then we think the Chado Tea Room might just be the perfect fit for you!

Located: 79 North Raymond, Pasadena, CA 91103, 369 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012


City: Pasadena

If you're seeking the utmost classic experience when it comes to a tea room, then you have to check out the afternoon tea offered at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena! The very first Langham hotel opened up in London, establishing itself as one of the first hotels to serve luxury tea in Europe. Since then, it has become a custom for every hotel in the chain to serve afternoon tea to keep up the tradition! With that same fancy vibe, you're welcome to dress in your best attire and enjoy a day out with a cup of tea! Paired with creme brulee, mousse tortes, and the loveliest of views, you can't go wrong with spending an afternoon at The Langham!

Located: 1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue Pasadena, CA 91106

2 the langham.jpg

City: San Marino

Your surroundings can play a huge role in your overall experiences, and when it comes to enjoying tea, they play an even bigger role! At the Rose Garden Cafe Tea House in San Marino, the scenery will absolutely take your breath away as you a cup of freshly brewed tea. Encompassed by elegant gardens and art from the masters, this tea house is one that really knows how to transport you from the smoggy outlines of L.A. to a small rural area of Europe. Don't worry, this tea house doesn't forget to provide ample amount of snacks, all native to California too! Take a walk through a true tea wonderland at the Rose Garden Cafe Tea house!


City: Beverly Hills

You can't get any fancier than Beverly Hills right? Well, that's exactly what we thought, which makes this next tea house worth every penny! The Peninsula hotel, located right smack in the middle of Beverly Hills, offers daily afternoon tea in their classic living room. In this living room, you can enjoy your tea with the accompaniment of a real-life harpist on big couches next to a fireplace. Sounds too good to be true? Not for the Peninsula! This experience also includes an entire pot of tea made just for your party along with freshly baked scones and other appetizers of the sorts. Experience tea in the highest of standards at the Peninsula today!

Located: 9882 South Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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5 wolfgang puck.jpg

City: Bel-Air

We've looked at some pretty magical tea houses already, but nothing quite compares to the afternoon teas held at the Wolfgang Puck in the Hotel Bel-Air. When you enter, you're immediately surrounded by lush foliage, a romantic wooden bridge, and actual living swans, which makes the whole experience absolutely otherworldly, if you ask me. If the views weren't already enough, the tea here is brought out with a number of signature finger foods, such as the smoked pork belly Wellington, cream puffs, and even cherry scones. You simply can't help but fall in love with the romantic setting of the Wolfgang Puck as it's an experience you need to see for yourself!


City: Pasadena

Often, when you think of a tea house, you get that classic image of an English cottage and European decorations. Well, that image wouldn't be too far off from The Rose Tea Cottage here in Pasadena. This tea house, more of a smaller, more local environment, really brings out the British side of tea. Traditional foods like sticky toffee pudding, roast beef, and basically anything you would expect from a British household are freshly prepared to your liking. The environment can only be described as quaint, as it has that traditional architecture, both inside and out, the tea is served on beautiful china, and lovely gardens surround the entire property. To jump through time to a simpler day in England, venture on down to The Rose Tea Cottage!

Located: 801 South Pasadena Avenue Pasadena, CA 91105

6 the rose tea cottage.jpg

City: Los Angeles

You can drink tea from any type of cup, just about anywhere, but sometimes its nice to add a bit of sophistication to the experience! At the daily afternoon teas held at the Tres by Jose Andres, sophistication is everything this restaurant has to offer! Designed to be secluded and cozy for your enjoyment, this tea house combines traditional tea methods with modern appeal. The menu features foods you would not ordinarily see, like chocolate pop rocks, bagel and lox cones, and even crispy bonbons. Chef Andre aims to add a true element of creativity to your tea experience, and we can say with certainty that he's successful in doing so! With modern flair and exciting foods, be sure to stop by Tres for tea experience like no other!


City: Downtown Los Angeles

You might not expect a 24/7 steak joint to host one of the best afternoon tea spots in Los Angeles, but with the Pacific Dining Car you'd be surprised! Ready to take a break from more of the upscale and pricey tea houses, then we definitely think this one will be the perfect fit! At this tea house you get to take in the old-school vibes of the restaurant, first built in 1921, and go for that more cozy tea experience. The Pacific Dining Car is famous for their hot sweet cinnamon tea as well as their sherry and champagne that pair well with the scones, if you're in the mood of course. Experience that rustic setting combined with delicious cinnamon tea at this hole-in-the-wall tea house!

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9 the t room.jpg

City: Montrose

If you're aim is to feel right at home while you enjoy you're tea, then we think we've found the place for you! Family-run and quite frankly adorable, in every sense of the word, The T Room is the perfect location to take your family or even host a bridal shower. With an intimate environment, you can feel cozy as you enjoy classic English brewed tea and snacks! On top of that, the china both used for drinking tea and on display is absolutely stunning and worth a visit all on their own. If that's not enough, the price is very affordable and includes all of your favorite tea-time desserts and snacks! For an at-home experience at a tea house filled to the brim with lovely china and friendly staff, check out The T Room!


City: Sierra Madre

Charming is one of the first words you think of when you think afternoon tea. To exhibit just that, we have The Four Seasons Tea house. This tea room, nestled in the foothills of Southern California, prides itself on creating a worthwhile tea experience for every individual! Stacked with sandwiches, scones, jams, and sweets of every kind, this tea house will truly feel as if you've just walked through a Disney film. The Four Seasons Tea house is not only spacious and inviting, but also transports you to a little European town while you enjoy your tea. Take an adventure to a whole other fairy tale realm in this lovely tea house!

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