The 10 Best Otaku Keychains

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To be an Otaku is to really show your love for all things Japanese! And while you can't necessarily cosplay everyday, you can still show your dedication through keychains!

Keychains have become rapidly more popular over the recent years in the Otaku world, especially as fans continually find new ways to show them off. Whether they simply put them on their key rings or display them on these new transparent backpacks (found here), fans are always looking for new keychains from their favorite anime! To help fans with their search, we found the best keychains out there ranging from an array of shows, movies, and Japanese characters for every type of Otaku!

1 sailor moon keychains.jpg
sailor moon keychains.jpg

As a lot of you might already know, Sailor Moon was the start of a whole new generation of the magical girl genre in anime. These iconic characters are still seen just about everywhere, and continue to make a huge impact on the average Otaku. Whether you grew up watching the original series, or are just now being introduced to the new Sailor Moon Crystal, there's no denying how enjoyable these characters are! Designed with intricate details and appeal, each sailor scout possess a beautiful wand that you can now hold in the palm of your hand! This keychain set, made from real metal, includes the wands and mirrors of the main cast of Sailor Moon. If that weren't enough, you can easily switch these keychains into adorable necklaces at anytime! Ready to fight evil by moonlight? Then get a hold of this beautiful Sailor Moon keychain box set today!

2 studio ghibli box set.jpg

Even if you know very little about anime, you'll have definitely heard of the famous Studio Ghibli. This Japanese animation studio has brought about many memorable classics such as Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and many more! Studio Ghibli Complete Box 6 Figure Mascots with Key Ball Chain Ver.2 by Big StarIt's pretty difficult to pick out one favorite film from this studio, especially since they each have their own unique cast of characters that are lovable in their own way! As so you don't have to decide, we found this charming Studio Ghibli box set of plush keychains that comes with six characters, each from a different film! Now you can hang the sassy cat, Gigi, from Kiki's Delivery Service or even the eerie forest sprites from Princess Monoke on your backpack or lanyard! If you're a fan of Studio Ghibli and the wildly imaginative stories each film presents, then this keychain set is most definitely for you!

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3 eevee ball keychain light.jpg
eevee keychain.jpg

Are you a fan of Pokemon, but already have a lot of the mainstream merchandise sold in most stores? Then we think we've found something pretty cool for you to add to your collection! Out of approximately 800 different types of Pokemon, a lot of us can agree that Eevee might just be our favorite, and not only Eevee, but the awesome variants such as Vaporeon or Sylveon that your Eevee can evolve into!  Well, this specific keychain features all these evolutions and more in a special Pokeball that not only is lit by LED lights, but displays a hologram of the Pokemon itself! With these lights, you can also toggle through three different modes that can either flash, fade, or flip your chosen Pokemon. Now you can have a poke ball that both lights up and shows your favorite Eeveelution, so you can truly catch them all!

4 naruto ninja keychain set.jpg

I think we can all agree that at some point in our lives, we've wanted to be a ninja like Naruto. The long-running show has most definitely inspired a lot of us, and like Naruto, given us the desire to set out on our own adventures to write our own stories! What made the anime memorable was not only the funny and relatable characters, but also the weapons those characters used to fight against the forces of evil. If you've ever wanted to own these weapons, even if just to show them off and not necessarily to fight off enemies, then take a look at this awesome keychain box set! In it, you can own a miniature set of weapons actually seen from the show, all the way from daggers to throwing stars! Not only can you use these for all of your keychain needs, but you can also use them for cosplay props and purposes as well! What better than to have a keychain that not only looks cool, but is practical as well! Go forth and live out your ninja dreams with these Naruto weapon keychains!

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5 yuri on ice figure set.jpg
yuri on ice keychains.jpg

Yuri!!! on Ice is one anime that just recently skated its way into many individual's hearts! This anime follows the struggles of Yuri, a professional ice skater attempting to overcome numerous obstacles all with the help of his newly enlisted coach, Viktor. Romance, action, and comedy, this anime has every thing you would want when on the hunt for a new series to binge! Already a lot of merchandise is being sold for Yuri!!! on Ice, but instead of settling for a plastic 2D keychain charm that you can find just about anywhere and might even break easily, check out these 3D figure keychains of your favorite characters from the series! These keychains are not only super cute, but also include characters like Phichit and Yuri's dog, Vicchan, that you don't see as often! It's hard to watch this amazing anime and not become completely obsessed. So, to show off your love for everything Yuri!!! on Ice, these keychains make the perfect purchase!

6 gudetama blind bag keychain.jpg

Sweeping the nation comes a little egg (yes, we said egg) that is just entirely too lazy! From Japan comes a relatively new mascot, Gudetama, an egg that is both relatable and Image result for Gudetama the Lazy Egg Blind Bag Danglers Keychainadorable in every way. This little yolk comes with a big personality, and there's no way you won't fall in love with him. To help start you on your Gudetama craze, we found the perfect mystery pack that includes one keychain, out of five different styles, for you to own. From Gudetama slipping out of the grasp of chopsticks, to laying dramatically in a frying pan, each keychain is lovable in its own way, and truly shows the lazy personality that is Gudetama. Say goodbye to Hello Kitty and Pusheen, and say hello to the laziest egg from Japan you've ever seen!

gudetama keychains.jpg
7 funko pop hatsune miku.jpg
hatsune keychains.jpg

If you label yourself as an Otaku in any way, then you'll have no problem knowing all about the famous vocaloid Hatsune Miku! With her catchy music and eye-catching design, there's a lot to love about this Japanese pop sensation. Although we've seen a lot of cute designs of her produced as keychains from Japan, it's refreshing to have that familiar American twist. Funko Pop! has become one of the hottest trends here in the U.S., and the company continues to make their unique figures from a plethora of shows, video games, bands, and even sports. This time they've made a super kawaii keychain design for Hatsune Miku herself, and it's an absolute must if you're a fan! With her signature outfit and blue, flowing pigtails, this keychain is a wonderful addition to any Otaku collection. 


There's something about watching school idol animes that both inspires and captivates you! Love Live! Sunshine!! is no exception to those feelings. The sequal to the popular anime Love Live!, this story follows the journey of schoolgirls, all of different backgrounds and personalities, who face a number of challenges to create the ultimate idol group. Creative dance choreography and beautiful songs await anyone willing to watch this lovely anime! To celebrate the world of school girl idols, we found these sturdy rubber keychains for you to collect and trade as you please! Each one is a different character from the show, and since it's too hard to simply pick a favorite, this mystery pack does it for you! With nine characters for you to receive, these keychains are quite honestly kawaii to the max. Don't wait to start your idol collection, grab one of these Love Live! Sunshine!! mystery packs today!

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9 tokyo ghoul mask keychain.jpg
tokyo ghoul keychains.jpg

For those of us who tend to stray from the kawaii side of anime and enjoy something a bit darker, Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that comes to mind. Full of blood, drama, and vampires (or ghouls), this anime will not disappoint fans of this particular genre. The most iconic symbol portrayed in this anime is the mask that the main protagonist, Ken Kaneki, dons once he finds himself suddenly transformed into a half-ghoul. Full of haunting scenes and wonderful character development, there's no way you can watch this anime and not want to show off your love for it! With these matching pair of keychains, both based off of the mask of Kaneki, you can do just that! High quality and carved with intricate detailing, these keychains fit perfectly with the dark atmosphere that is Tokyo Ghoul.

10 senpai and kohai keychains.jpg

Being an Otaku, we say all sorts of phrases from things like waifu to kawaii, but probably the most common of them all is "notice me senpai"! Derived long ago from an anime, we all say the phrase to someone we admire (or who we like) that's older than us. There is no way you watch anime and haven't heard of this catch phrase, so now you and your senpai can have matching keychains! This adorable matching set is hand carved and even has the option for added texture and hearts (if so desired). Are you the kohai trying to get the senpai's attention? Then these keychains might just do the trick! Celebrate your Otaku dictionary with keychains like these!

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