DIY Guide - Marvel Quicksilver Xmen Costume

Quicksilver is a X-Men Character also known by the name of Peter Maximoff from the Marvel Comics series. Quicksilver’s name basically describes his superpowers. He is able to speed to different locales at incredibly fast speeds. He is also able to think at warp speed. Originally he appeared as an enemy to the superhero team but he later becomes a superhero himself. 

Peter is troublemaker, he caused mutants to be banned from professional sports as he easily broke many world records in track and field. He’s also got a little problem with stealing, it’s so easy for him! Quicksilver is able to talk his way out of many situations with his witty and outgoing personality. He’s a fun character to cosplay, you can show off some of your swag! 

We will be detailing how to DIY your own version of Quicksilver from the big budget X-Men Feature. Old school comic versions of Quicksilver have him sporting a much shorter, slicked back ‘do and a one-piece shiny blue jumpsuit, which would frankly be way more difficult to DIY. This is a perfect cosplay or costume for Halloween or the next con!


Quicksilver is best known for his fabulous mane of silver hair, did he inspire the recent Granny Hair fashion blogger trend? 

Was Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model's hair color inspired by Quicksilver?

real image.png

I digress.


The easiest way to achieve that memorable crop of silver hair is to purchase a wig. Quicksilver has bangs that are swept to the left and his hair falls just below his chin

Hair Dye

Silver hair is so of the moment, perhaps you just want to dye and cut your hair in the style of Quicksilver? You can always head over to your stylist to get your hair professionally done but you’ll have to shell out at least $150 or more for your new look. Since we are all about DIY, you can achieve the look at home for a fraction of the price. Note that you will need to bleach your hair first before you apply the silver color. Below we added both a permanent and temporary hair color option

We love Buzzfeed’s tutorial for Gray Hair

Another fantastic Gray Hair Video Tutorial


Quicksilver moves at superhuman speeds, so he wears goggles to avoid any debris that he may encounter while running at hyper speeds.

If you don’t have any swim goggles lying around, here’s a great option to grab.

Ear Phones

Quicksilver is a music fan and loves to have music playing as he is traveling quickly from location to location. For authenticity, we would recommend grabbing a silver marker to get rid of the brand logo and playing around with duct tape and a black sharpie to get more of a custom look for the headphones. 

Silver Jacket

With his granny hair and rock inspired style, Quicksilver is a bit of a badass, and his leather jacket completes his look perfectly. The style of his jacket is a basic leather jacket but it stands out because of its unique gunmetal silver hue.

To save money you can pick up any other colored leather jacket and simply spray paint it silver.


Since it’s in the 70s, Pink Floyd would be an obvious choice for our rocker superhero. Luckily for us, it's super easy to pick up an exact copy of the t-shirt that we wears.


Quicksilver's a bit of a cocky fellow so we assume that he wears a watch because he is super impressed at how much faster he can arrive somewhere compared to regular people. Even if that's not the reason he wears a watch, here's a good option for the ensemble!

Utility Belt

What does Quicksilver carry inside his utility belt? We actually have no idea, but it sure does look cool! Maybe he just wears it for looks?

BTW, if you just happen to have your own 3-D Printer, here’s how you can DIY a super authentic Quicksilver utility belt or you can purchase it below

belt 3.jpg

Black Jeans

QuickSilver definitely doesn’t wear skinny jeans. Also, his jeans are definitely used and worn, so make sure to get some dirt and dust on those jeans before you put on your full costume. Hopefully you have a pair lying around, otherwise here are some great options. 


We’re almost finished, phew! That Quicksilver sure has a lot of little accessories. We love his killer silver sneakers customized with blue laces. Here are some great silver sneakers that you can pick up online. 

Ok, we know that the light up silver shoes aren’t the most authentic to the character, but we thought they were to die for!

Another option is that you can super DIY Quicksilver’s sneakers with some old kicks that you have lying around by spraying them with the same spray paint that you used for the silver jacket. Or you can pick up some cheapie white sneakers to spray paint

Last off you just need need those blue laces. If you have some blue yarn lying around that would working great too

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