25 Anime Pets You'd Want to Keep


They say that dog is mans' best friend. But how about an electric rodent or flying magical cats? In the world of anime where magic exists, flying robots are a thing and inanimate objects can talk, even the pets are pretty dang cool! Whether the pet can be a small rodent living his daily life or a giant wolf protecting her young, pets are just as amazing as the main characters. They are the best friend and family to the main characters.  Here are 25 anime pets that you definitely wish you had. 

1. Pikachu


Anime: Pokemon

One of the most iconic creatures ever to come from Japan, Pikachu is not only Ash's first Pokemon, but friend as well. The electric rodent debuted in Pokemon Red and Blue (Green in Japan) as just any random Pokemon that can be caught. However, Nintendo decided to make Pikachu the mascot of the Pokemon franchise and became the main charater in the Pokemon animated series. With over 7 generations of games, spin offs, 19 movies and almost over 650 tv episodes, Pikachu is Pokemon. Pikachu is stubborn, caring, fun, adorable and oh so many more. Pikachu will always help a fellow Pokemon or person in need.

2. Luna and Artemis


Anime: Sailor Moon

Fighting evil by moonlight and saving love by daylight! One of the most iconic lines from Sailor Moon and years later is still popular today. One of the biggest Shojo anime and manga series, Sailor moon is about a young girl who was gifted with powers from the moon to stop an evil queen from taking over. Along the way she meets several of her high school friends who also happen to get powers based on different planets. Though along the journey they meet Artemis and Luna, Artemis (the white cat) and Luna (the black cat) are the advisors to Queen Serenity and eventually to Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon respectively.  Artemis and Luna are loyal, brave, good counselors, and friends.  Luna and Artemis eventually have a child who advises Chibiusa. 

3. Digimon


Anime: Digimon

Digimon are mysterious lifeforms that were discovered in the Computer Network in 1997.They age via a process called "Digivolution" which changes their appearance and increases their physical powers. Some Digimon act feral, like wild animals. Most, however, possess human intelligence, speech, and personality traits. In the anime, tthe stories tell of a group of mostly pre-teens, the "Chosen Children" (DigiDestined in the English version), who accompany special Digimon born to defend their world (and ours) from various evil forces. To help them surmount the most difficult obstacles found within both realms, the Digimon have the ability to evolve (Digivolve). In this process, the Digimon change appearance and become much stronger, often changing in personality as well.

4. Doraemon


Anime: Doraemon

Doraemon is sent back in time by a young boy named Sewashi Nobi to improve the circumstances of his great-great-grandfather, Nobita, so that his descendants may enjoy a better future. In the original timeline, Nobita experienced nothing but misery and misfortune manifested in the form of very poor grades and bullying throughout his life. In order to alter history and improve the Nobi family's fortunes, Sewashi initially wanted to send a super-robot to protect Nobita, but with his meager allowance he could only afford an imperfectly-made factory-rejected toy: an anthropomorphic robot cat called Doraemon.

Doraemon has a pocket from which he produces toys, medicines, and technology from the future, all of which are referred to as "gadgets". Some of the gadgets are based on real Japanese household devices with fanciful twists, but most are completely science fiction. Thousands of gadgets have been featured in the series with such as the "bamboo-copter", a small head accessory that allows flight and the "Anywhere Door", a door that opens up to any place the user wishes.

5. Ein


Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi whose intelligence was greatly enhanced by a research facility. Ein is known as a "data dog." Ein is stolen by Abdul Hakim  and steals Ein from this facility and Spike Spiegel ends up with Ein while attempting to apprehend Hakim in Session 2: Stray Dog Strut. Ein remains a constant and important fixture in the Bebop cast up until (Session 24: Hard Luck Woman, in which he insists on staying with Ed when she leaves the Bebop. Ein is last seen living with Ed on Earth.

6. Akamaru


Anime: Naruto

Akamaru is a nin-dog. He is Kiba Inuzuka's partner, as well as his best friend and companion. He is also a member of Team Kurenai. At some point, while Kiba was still in the Academy, his mother, Tsume Inuzuka, entrusted him with Akamaru. Akamaru has been described as active and devoted. This can be seen from his interactions with people especially his best friend and companion Kiba whom he has always been with since the two met. They often spend their time going on walks, or more accurately, running through trees chasing one another. His devotion is most often seen when Kiba is hurt in battle, Akamaru will immediately run to his side.

Akamaru's heightened senses, such as smell and hearing, along with Kiba's ability to communicate with him, makes him a powerful ally for gathering and sharing information. He can 'sense' chakra with his nose, which allows him to judge an enemy's strength. In combat, Akamaru often takes Kiba's form using the Beast Human Clone technique, or combining with Kiba into a single entity for more devastating attacks. Akamaru also makes use of the Dynamic Marking technique- urinating on a target with great accuracy, allowing either Kiba or himself to easily track the target by scent. This is especially useful when they are fused together.

7. Jiji


Anime: Kiki's Delivery Service

Jiji is Kiki's pet cat and her closest companion in Kiki's Delivery Service. Jiji is Kiki's companion as she is training to become a full-fledged witch. In the American version, Jiji is a chatty and sarcastic cat that likes to act proud whilst In the Japanese version, Jiji is a cautious and cute cat that acts humble and is always ready to help Kiki.



Anime: Princess Mononoke

Moro is the god of the wolves, as seen in Princess Mononoke. She is three hundred years old and possesses divine power and intelligence, as well as being capable of understanding and speaking human language. When San was just a baby, Moro caught her parents violating her forest and attacked them. San's parents then threw their baby at Moro's feet as a sacrifice and ran away. Instead of eating her, Moro raised San as her own daughter. Because of this, San acts and behaves like a wolf, and despises humans as her mother does. 



Anime: My Neighboor Totoro

Totoro is a forest spirit that lives in the largest camphor tree in a small village. He is featured in Studio Ghibli's film, My Neighbor Totoro. Totoro has grey fur and beige belly with grey arrows on his chest. He has pointy ears, long whiskers and large paws with long claws. In the movie, there are three Totoros. Big Totoro is thought to be King of the Forest. He often sleeps, and is the main Totoro, also being the logo for Studio Ghibli. Medium Totoro is featured much less. He is small and coloured a mixture of blue and grey with a white belly. Otherwise, he is physically the same as Big Totoro. Small Totoro is the smallest. He is white and his features are a lot simpler, being limited to ears and eyes.

10. Happy and Carla


Anime: Fairy Tail

Happy is a small blue Exceed with a white underbelly. He has a rectangular head, with pink ears, big black eyes with small, thin eyebrows, and light blue cheek marks near to his tiny whiskers (two on each side of his face). Happy has a triangular nose that leads to semi-round upper lips on the sides. Happy's body is rectangular too, and being an Exceed, it has a structure that allows him to walk erect unlike normal cats.

Carla is a small, white Exceed with pink ears and brown eyes, which are smaller than Happy's eyes. She also has two whiskers on each side of her face. Carla wears a pink bow near the end of her tail. Carla's usual top consists of a mustard yellow and pink top with a pink bow tie. She wears a pink skirt with this top. Carla, like the other characters, seems to switch outfits every arc. When Carla uses Magic, she sprouts two angelic-like wings to fly. Her pink Guild Mark is located on her back.



Anime: Youkai Watch

Before Jibanyan died due to a car accident, he was a normal cat named Rudy that was adopted by a girl named Amy. As a Yo-kai, he resorts to possessing people to fight on-coming trucks after numerous failed attempts to do so by himself. Luckily, he is stopped from doing this and is then befriended by Nate and Whisper, whose house he later decides to move into. He initially shows a mischievous and carefree side, easily breaking the rules and nearly being exorcised and having to be saved by Nate. However, he quickly makes amends shortly thereafter. 



Anime: Hamtaro

Owned by Laura Haruna, Hamtaro is a Ham-Ham who's always ready to help out his friends and his owner Laura. He can't stand being ignored by Laura. He is often seen as the real leader of the Ham-Hams. Due to his innocent nature, he is clueless about many things, most notably love, and it would appear that Bijou, Barrette, Sparkle, Lapis, and Oshare all have developed a crush on him at some point. Hamtaro makes the most of his life as a small hamster and lives each day in happiness hoping to make more friends and to have fun. Hamtaro cares deeply about others. He loves to help his friends and is very selfless and kind-hearted towards everyone he meets. He is also incredibly brave, as shown when he saves Penelope from a cat in one of the first episodes. This is of course only one of many instances of his bravery and willingness to help friends.



Anime: Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko

The other title character is a male cat and the narrator of the film. He is a stray cat before the woman finds him outside her door. He admires her and falls in love. Since he is a cat, he does not fully understand what happens in the human world. The OVA is depicted through the view point of a young white cat named Chobi, while miniseries focuses on the life of an older, black cat named Daru.

14. Cheese


Anime: Sonic the Hedgehog

Cheese is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a neutral Chao owned by Cream the Rabbit and the twin brother of Chocola. He is often used as a method of attack by Cream in the many games they both appear in. Cheese is mostly referred to as male. Cheese is a very loyal Chao and is always ready to help Cream. Cheese's mood also tend to reflect Cream's: whenever Cream is happy or upset, so is Cheese. Cream is Cheese's best friend and partner. The two are rarely ever seen apart from each other and they share a close bond. The two of them work well together and even give each other courage.

15. Mieu


Anime: Tale of the Abyss

Mieu is a young cheagle from the Cheagle Woods in Tales of the Abyss. Cheagles, considered holy by the Order of Lorelei, normally live in herds in forests, but fate brings him to join Luke fon Fabre and the others on their adventure. The Sorcerer's Ring Mieu wears around his waist allows him to communicate with humans and breathe fire. As the story progresses, he gains the ability to tackle objects and fly as well. Mieu was the cause of the fire that burned down the forest north of the Cheagle Woods, angering the ligers that lived there. Normally, young cheagles do not have the ability to fully breathe fire, but Mieu, having recently discovered his ability, was unable to control it.

As a result, the ligers moved into the Cheagle Woods, and forced the cheagles to supply them with food or be hunted themselves. In order to meet these demands, the cheagles stole from the people of Engeve. Mieu accompanies Luke fon Fabre, Tear Grants, and Ion to serve as a translator, so that they may communicate with the Liger Queen. Afterward, Mieu is exiled from the tribe to serve Luke for a full cycle of the seasons. 

16. Chopper


Anime: One Piece

Tony Tony Chopper, also known as "Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper, is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. Chopper is a reindeer that ate a Devil Fruit called the Hito Hito no Mi. He came from Drum Island where he learned how to be a doctor, which also makes him the only member of the Straw Hat Pirates who was born on the Grand Line. He is the sixth member of the crew and the fifth to join Luffy, as well as being the youngest member on board. He has a bounty of Beli100 due to being mistaken for the crew's pet. Most of the time, Chopper is a toddler-sized human/reindeer hybrid, but his Devil Fruit abilities allow him to change his appearance depending on the situation.

17. Pen Pen


Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Pen Pen (sometimes Pen-Pen or Pen²) is Misato's pet, a warm-water penguin, who lives in a second freezer she keeps in her apartment. She apparently took him with her when she left her previous job. Pen Pen clearly possesses retractable claws (three on each "hand"), which no living bird species actually has. He also appears to have noticeably increased intelligence: watching television, reading newspapers, taking baths in hot springs, eating human food and drinking beer, and it seems to be subtly hinted that he has a near-human understanding of events around him. All of this suggests that Pen Pen is a new species, created through advanced genetic experimentation.

18. Panda


Anime: Shirokuma Café

A lazy, somewhat dimwitted, and kind-hearted giant panda who works part-time at a zoo. He enjoys lazing around and eating bamboo and only orders iced coffee at the café until Polar Bear adds bamboo to the menu only for his sake. He is obsessed with all panda products and has a tendency to point out his popularity at the zoo and his own cuteness. He is a lazy character and loves eating, particularly bamboo and bamboo grass. Panda is also seemingly partially dim-witted, refers to himself as "cute," and is obsessed with panda-themed merchandise. He has a habit of being brutally honest, but doesn't seem to notice this. 

19. Monokuma


Anime: Dangan Ronpa

Monokuma is known as the symbol of Junko Enoshima, the Ultimate Despair and the true main antagonist of the series. He is a robotic stuffed toy who acts as the avatar for the mastermind in both Danganronpa and Danganronpa 2, being an AI in the second game. Monokuma's personality can be divided into two separate parts: his “right”, or “white” personality resembles a normal teddy bear who will act cute, innocent, or even patronising. As such, during the times where this side of Monokuma is active, he may come off with a polite demeanor. Monokuma's “left”, or “black” personality is a malicious, evil, and cruel bully who would do anything for the sake of despair. He can switch between these traits at the drop of a hat, making him unpredictable for his students to deal with.

20. Momo


Anime: Avatar

Momo was a winged lemur and a loyal companion of Avatar Aang and his friends. By late 99 AG, he lived at the Southern Air Temple and was the only known specimen of the winged lemur species to still be alive after the Air Nomad Genocide. Momo's personality was typical of his species: curious and intelligent. He was an asset to the team with his friendly and playful ways, and often helped to feed Sokka's humor as the straight man. This brought much needed levity to the group from time to time.

Although rare between different animal species, Appa and Momo possessed a special bond,which may be due partly to linguistic similarities, as they were capable of understanding one another's speech. Momo was also adept in many situations, such as when the pygmy pumas chased him for food only to find themselves on the menu. Momo showed compassion and intelligence, and aided them in their escape while at the same time making valuable allies. He was also something of a glutton, and would often gorge himself on any available fruit.

21. Appa


Anime: Avatar

Appa was Avatar Aang's loyal sky bison, who shared a strong bond with Aang and with Momo, as they were all some of the few remaining traces of the Air Nomad civilization. Appa was most noted for his ability to fly in spite of his heavy weight, a feat achieved through airbending, which made Appa the primary means of transportation utilized by Team Avatar. Being a sky bison, Appa possessed the ability to fly. He utilized his airbending for this purpose; his tail appeared to be the main driving force behind his bending,but he also had shown the ability to accomplish it with his mouth. Despite the tranquility related to his personality as well as his species, Appa had shown himself to be capable of fighting when necessary. With his bending, Appa could create powerful gusts of air with just a flick of his tail and could gain an advantage over his opponents by hovering. He even defeated Long Feng, Ty Lee, and Mai.

22. Puar


Anime: Dragon Ball

Puar is a shapeshifing animal and Yamcha's lifelong best friend. Puar attended the Southern Transformation Kindergarten, along with Oolong who used to bully him. Some time after that, Puar met Yamcha and became his companion in Diablo Desert. When they first met Goku and Bulma, along with Oolong, Puar says that he and Yamcha have been together for exactly two years, one month, and three days.The two were originally a pair of desert thieves, robbing capsules and money from travelers who would cross the area where they lived. On one such occasion, after a little more than two years together, the pair meets Goku, Bulma, and Oolong. Puar recognizes the last of these characters as an old schoolmate at the Southern Transformation Kindergarten.

23. Natsu


Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Natsu, Tsuna's exclusive Vongola Box Weapon, was created by remodeling a Sky-attribute Sky Lion and is imbued with the Vongola's latest technology. His figure is that of a small, immature lion that acts like its master in and out of battle, going from a serious, powerful animal to a timid, easily frightened cub. As they are both based on the same Box Animal, Natsu has some similarities to Xanxus's Bester. 

24. Tokugawa


Anime: Miracle Train: Oedo-sen e Youkoso (Miracle Train: Welcome to the Oedo Line)

The pet dog of the stations. While he cannot talk, he has the same intelligence as that of a human. He often seems annoyed at the antics of the train stations and often has biting, sarcsastic remarks about their many antics and actions.

25. Kilala



Anime: Inuyasha

Kilala is Sango's faithful nekomata companion and main method of transportation and currently Kohaku's traveling partner and companion. Since Kirara was a cat demon, she acted similar to regular cats: eating cat food, treats, fish, and playing with cat toys, as well as having cat-like weaknesses. Kirara was shown to be very intelligent as well as sentient. She was fiercely loyal to Sango, but with time, she showed loyalty to all members of the group. Kirara demonstrated exceptional patience, often honoring the requests of the group and their various friends.

For example, she allowed Inuyasha to practice the potentially lethal Kaze no Kizu attack on her, leaving bald spots on her fur. In addition, she helped Miroku impress village women and ward off the undesired advances of the older village women. Kagome admitted to playing dress up with her, and using her to return to the Modern Era without the knowledge of the rest of the group.

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