The Ultimate DIY Guide - Jubilee Costume

Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee is a mutant superhero from MARVEL Comics’ X-Men. Jubilee was first introduced in the issue #244 of Uncanny X-Men in 1989. From there, she had multiple showings in X-Men: Wolverine’s sidekick (1991), squad member of Generation X (1994), became a vampire (2010), and having her own self-titled show (2005). Her mutant powers include being able to detonate energy plasma called “fireworks” from her hands, absorbing energy, and explode matter. 

Jubilee is your typical mall rat teenager that's anything but normal. She's swift, agile, and always causing trouble! Jubilee’s talents in gymnastics almost lead her to road of becoming a world known olympian. In a turn of events, Jubilee’s parents were the target of an assassination. With no home, Jubilee went to every teenager’s second home, the mall. As per usual, she is causing a ruckus with her mutant powers of sparking “lights” from her hands and the security guards are forced to summon the M-Squad, a group of mutant hunters. In a mere coincidence, Jubilee was saved by the women of X-Men that happened to be at the mall. Thus, starting her kick ass journey of using her powers for the greater good as her goal for the upcoming years is to join the X-Men.

Here’s how you could bring out your inner rebel! With a DIY Jubilee guide!


Jubilee has relatively short hair.

hair image.png

If you have a bob, flaunt it! If not, then here are some options:

These wigs resemble Jubilee’s hairdo the best. You should always try to adjust the hair and cut it as you please to best represent the style that compliments your face and head shape. And, as to any cosplay, you could make it your own interpretation of the character!

Here is Lana Condor as Jubilee in the recent X-MEN: Apocalypse movie rocking the 1980’s styled big hair!


For sunglasses, Jubilee wears these futuristic, monoblock, wrap around sunglasses that were popular in the 80’s. She usually wears them on the top of her head as a headband for her bangs. Here are some options for the sunglasses to use.


Jubilee has had several earring styles throughout her appearances. She’s had these circular earrings and these hoop earrings. You could also make these circular earrings with your own supplies!  


Jubilee is best known for her long, oversized yellow jacket that almost touches the floor. She is almost seen in every iteration with her iconic yellow jacket! Here are some options depending on your style (make sure you choose a size that gives you a bit of breathing room)


Jubilee wears a simple pink t-shirt. Whether you choose a crop top or a plain pink t-shirt is your choice!


Jean shorts are what Jubilee rocks while fighting monsters! A belt isn’t a necessity but it does add a better look to the jean shorts. Some costumes even have the X-Men belt buckle to compliment!


Her blue shoes may be one of the hardest to style. Here are some options of finding your costumes best fit:

The last thing Jubilee has are her gloves


Jubilee has had different gloves throughout her appearances. Sometimes wearing blue gloves. Sometimes wearing yellow gloves. Sometimes with biker gloves! Here are some that may peak your interest:

Extra accessories

You may also get some patches to put on the shirt if you want!

Jubilee Make Up Tutorial

Fristine Chua is a 21 year old Filipina that is new to the YouTube make up scene! According to her blog, Fristine is very passionate about food, fashion, and beauty. With her knowledge of make up, Fristine is hoping to break into the scene to help others reach their prettiest form with tips and frugal practices! Here is her make up tutorial inspired by X-MEN's Jubilee


1. To start, Fristine uses the Myra Vitasmooth Facial Moisturizer to use as a base before applying make up. Blend the moisturizer around your face and let it absorb into your skin. Make sure to check the ingredients to see if you are allergic to anything!

1 makeup.png

2. Next, Fristine uses the Nichido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown to fill in her eyebrows. She brushes out the harsh lines and adds volume to her brows. Don’t worry about it too much! Concealer will be used to touch up on the shape of the eyebrows.

3. Then, Fristine uses her Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier as a primer to compliment the next step: contouring. For contouring, she uses a MeNow Contour Cream Series Palette to color correct her blemishes. Her technique is using fingers to control the amount being used. Fristine makes sure her under-eye circles and eyelids are covered. She then uses a Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation as a foundation and blend the makeup on her face. Try to blend as best you can!

4. Again, Fristine uses her MeNow Contour Cream Series Palette to use as a highlight for the sides of her forehead, cheeks, and insides of her eyes (next to the nose bridge). It is a slightly darker color than your skin tone to flaunt your facial features. Blend away! And to close out the facial blending, Fristine uses a EB Advance Blush Duo in Rosy Chic to compliment her cheeks with some blush.

5. Upcoming are the luscious lips. Fristine applies the Maybelline Clearsmooth Cake Powder to neutralize the colors of her lips. For a better lip shape, she uses a MeNow True Lips Lip Liner to outline and fill in the lips to her desire. Make sure to use some petroleum jelly to make those lips pop! If any mistakes happen, don’t sweat it. Use some concealer to reshape or even clean the edges of your lips.

6. Eyes, eyes, eyes! On to the eyes, Fristine goes back to using the Maybelline Clearsmooth Cake Powder as the base for her eyeshadow. She then uses the Nichido Eyeshadow Palette for a neutral coloring eye shadow. Jubilee does not have that strong of eye make up. After the neutral coating, apply a light purple shade over the creases of your eyes. To contrast, add a dark brown to the outer edges of the eyes to put emphasis on those beautiful eyes. As usual, use a concealer to fix the edges and clean out the sides of the eye shadow.

7. Continuing on the eyes, Fristine uses a Fashion21 Dipliner to add an eyeliner wing. Use the eyeliner for your style of wings, whether it may be thick or thin! For the bottom of the edge of the wing, take your time on the shape to compliment the shape of the top part of the wing.

8. Last but not least, the false lashes! Take your time to place the lashes in the creases of your eyes. It’s quite difficult but you got it. After the hardest part is done, use a curler and apply mascara to your pretty eyes. 

That’s it!

Here is the final product!

Check out the entire video:

Products used: 

(you may find most at your local makeup drugstore, feel free to use alternatives)

MoisturizerMyra VitaSmooth Facial Moisturizer
Eyebrows: Nichido Brown Eyebrow Pencil

Mattifier: Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation in B1
Concealer: Shawill Stick Concealer
Blush: EB Advance Blush Duo
LipstickMeNow TrueLips Lip Liner 057
Palette: Nichido Naturally Beautiful Palette

MascaraMaybelline Volum ExpressMaybelline Volum' Express
EyelinerWet n' Wild Black eyeliner, Fashion 21 DipLiner
False Eyelashes: Taiwan Falsies in 214
Eyelash Adhesive: Nichido Eyelash Adhesive

Extra: Apollo Petroleum Jelly


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