The Ultimate DIY Guide - Jinx

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online videogame where teams duel it out on the battlefield for total power. The goal is to destroy the opposing team’s “nexus”, a defense structure. LoL is an adventure packed game that relies on teamwork and strategy to win. It has become one of the most popular videogames in the world with its’ launch in only 2009. By 2014 there were 27 million players daily. LoL maintains its’ popularity due to the fact that players are able to prove to themselves and their team what skills they are capable of, in an exhilarating and fun environment. 

Within the game there are a number of unique characters with different roles. The roster for each of these roles are compiled of different champions, some stronger than others. One of the strong leading female champions is definitely Jinx, also known as “the Loose Cannon”. What makes her so strong is her increase in power and speed after she damages any opposing champion, tower, or inhibitor. She also packs heat with her weapons such as a super rocket, shock pistols, and flame chompers. Her character is mischievous, daring, and always up to no good. Her menacing grin is a sign she is not someone to be messed with. Harley Quinn, who?

Jinx’s outfit is as bold as she is. The first thing you might notice is her electric teal dutch braids that almost touch the floor. Or is it the risque two piece set with bullet trim? Whatever it is that gravitates you towards Jinx’s, heads are going to be turning if you debut this costume at your next con!

How to DIY - Jinx Costume

First off, if you just want to skip the DIY effort and just buy the costume all ready to go, here is a killer option.


Jinx’s hair is braided in two long vibrant teal dutch braids. She also has a few pieces of side bangs that frame her face. 


For a quick and easy Jinx hair-do, purchase a long teal wig like down below. Part the hairline for some bangs and add styling gel to cover up any mistakes. Complete the hair with two braids starting close to the scalp.

Check out the tutorial below on how to achieve the perfect dutch braids!

Dutch Braid Tutorial

You can also just purchase a Jinx Wig all ready to go!


Scroll down to the bottom of the post to get a detailed tutorial on how to achieve the perfect Jinx makeup look!


Jinx wears a two toned halter bra top in pink and black. If you can’t find this combination, the easiest way to DIY this look is to take a bright pink bikini top and paint the left chest with black fabric or acrylic paint. On the right chest, paint vertical stripes no more than one inch thick in a lighter pink color. It is also best if you choose a top that has a thick band on the bottom because we’ll be attaching detailing to that area. To finish your top, with a glue gun or super glue, take fake bullets and attach it along the bottom of the top


Pair your top with any bright pink shorts. We found these that would go perfect with this look!


Jinx accessorizes with a wrap choker similar to the one shown below. We also linked a DIY video to make your very own wrap chokers for future occasions. 

Wrap Choker DIY


Protect your hands with some fingerless leather gloves. However, on your left hand layer a bright pink compression arm sleeve over a longer length black arm sleeve.


Make a statement with a bullet belt that fits loosely around the waist. 


For Jinx’s outfit, she only wears one thigh high neon pink fishnet like the one below on her right leg. She also wears a black bans around her thighs where the fishnets start. You can use two pieces of stretchy fabric and fabric glue to make these two inch thick bans. 


Complete your look with black lace-up combat boots! 


If you're really going for it, you gotta pick up Jinx's Fishbone Rocket Launcher to complete the outfit!

Here is a 3D and handmade option for Jinx's Pow Pow mini-gun.

Jinx from League of Legends Makeup Tutorial

Promise Phan, goes by the username “dope2111”, on Youtube. She has over 4 million subscribers due to her viral makeup transformations of characters and celebs. She has done the sweet characters from the hit Disney animated movie Inside Out, grossing over 154 million views, Mystique from X-Men, and even the 6 God himself, Drizzy Drake. There’s no one she can’t impersonate! Promise especially kills it with her tutorial of Jinx from the multiplayer adventure game League of Legends. Jinx is eccentric, ballistic, and causes a lot of mayhem and chaos. Promise totally nails the vibrant pinkish red smokey eyes and bold lips to get Jinx’s signature mischievous look. Let’s see exactly how she does it!

1. Promise first uses a primer all over the face to prep the skin before putting on any makeup. This will make the makeup last all day and night. She then begins to apply a liquid foundation with a buffing brush. Blend as evenly as possible for an airbrushed appearance. It’ll also makes applying the rest of the makeup look a lot smoother.

2. Next, Promise takes a concealer slightly lighter than her regular skin tone to brighten up the face. She takes a concealer stick underneath the eyes, onto her forehead, and the center of her face, such as the cupid’s bow, down the bridge of her nose, and on the chin. Use the same foundation brush to blend, blend, blend!

3. To lock in the base, dust some setting powder all over the face with a big fluffy brush. This will keep your foundation from slipping and sliding everywhere.

4. For the brows, she takes a brown eyebrow pencil and make a thin, high, arched shape. Jinx’s eyebrows are also blue so you can skip the brown pencil and go straight in with a blue pencil or shadow. However, it does look more natural with a defined natural brow first before applying the electric blue color on top.

5. Now, for the eyes, take a pinkish red eyeshadow and apply it to the crease with a tapered eyeshadow brush. Blend to soften it out! Next, brighten the middle of the eyelids with a lighter iridescent pink color using a flat shader brush. Then, take a black shadow and blend the two previous colors together, but mainly focusing it in the outer crease. Lastly, drag that black shadow down to the bottom lash line to create larger animated eyes.

6. To pull the eye look all together, Promise takes a black pencil liner to line the top lash line with a sharp wing and again, lining the bottom lash line. Complete the eyes by curling your lashes, applying mascara, and falsies to dramatize the look.

7. Now that the sultry eyes are done, contouring is really going to add some dimension. Chisel out the cheeks, temples, and re sculpt the jawline to get a heart shaped face. You’ll go from potato to a perfectly defined french fry.

8. Although she doesn’t mention it, it looks like she applied a rosy blush after she contoured. Lightly dust the blush on the apples of your cheeks.  

9. Lastly, Promise takes a cranberry colored lip pencil and outlines the lips. Now, this step is crucial if you’re trying to get the perfect Jinx look. Take the same lip pencil and extend the outline outwards to create an evil smile like the Joker! Fill in the rest of the lips with the same pencil and top it off with a matching lipstick.

10. If you want to add more details to the look feel free to draw on some cloudlike tattoos with a blue eye pencil and then shading it in with a blue eyeshadow. You can even add a pink bullet on the shoulder using a pink lip pencil.

And there it is, Jinx in the flesh! Promise did a fantastic job getting this look down. The pop of color in the smokey eyes and deep lips really intensifies this sadistic look. Put on a crooked smile to really creep everyone out!

Here are all the products that Promise uses in the video:

Lipstick: Dirty Little Secret Satin Lipstick in Vengeance
Concealer: tre’Sti'Que Mini Concealer Crayon in Bisque 
Eyeshadow: City Color Eyeshadow Trio in Falling Leaves
Eyebrow Pencil: OFRA Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil
Nail Polish: Formula X Nail Polish
Foundation (Liquid): Too Faced Liquid foundation
Foundation (Powder): Loreal True Match Powder Foundation
Eyeshadow: Makeup Geek Foil Blue Eyeshadow
Eyeshdow: Semi Chocolate Palette Black Shadow
Eyeliner: NYX Tres Jolie black Liner
Contour: It cosmetics Contour Kit
Lipliner: Mac Lip Liner 'Night Moth'
Eyeliners: Colourpop Cosmetics Liners (Blue, Pink)

Check out the entire video here:

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